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On Selling multi million dollar homes, balance and motherhood 

Introducing the brilliant and bold Christen Sachs, business woman and luxury real estate entrepreneur who is disrupting the New Jersey market with Jersey Shore Nest Seekers. 

Christen is an award winning real estate broker and entrepreneur that leads with her trendy and unique take on marketing real estate. The leadership skills she has brought with her from her 20+ years in corporate sales and marketing have led to Christen being recognized as a top performing real estate sales professional and well known real estate influencer on social media in New Jersey. Christen believes that everyone deserves a luxury experience when buying or selling real estate.

Christen was coined NJ’s Real Estate Matchmaker due to her success matching clients with their true love in a home. As a mom and business owner, this mompreneur specializes in the luxury and waterfront real estate space. Christen also sits on the Board of Trustees for Catholic Charities, Diocese of Trenton, where she supports the mission to restore dignity and independence to individuals and families; through service, advocacy, and community building. 

An avid world traveler who spent most of her adult years between the West Coast, San Diego and Jersey Shore. Her open mindedness and travel bug has allowed her to view properties in a completely different way.  

Christen understands the marketing strategy needed to net you the highest return on your investment when bringing your home to market.

Her versatility is one of her biggest strengths ; she isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty, and grew up fixing cars with her father yet she can turn it on and glam up for meetings in no time. She’s the epitome of what it means to BeGossy and a force to be reckoned with.

Walk us through your journey to entrepreneurship.

I started by pushing a lawnmower around my neighborhood when I was just ten years old, selling $5 cuts to my neighbors. So it’s been pretty natural for me to be creative with how to make money. I was a very curious kid. I was very creative and unique and was the oddball out in high school. It was ingrained in me that if you want to achieve something, you can do it, go after it, and succeed.

Did you have any mentors in business and more specifically in real estate?

In business yes, but not in real estate until this recent move to Nest Seekers.. After buying my own personal real estate through the years, I figured out that there was an opportunity to provide better client service, and that is something that I know and love.  Now having the opportunity to be mentored by Nest Seekers CEO, I couldn’t be more excited for the future.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Block out all the noise. There are going to be so many people who won’t be supportive of your vision because they themselves don’t understand it. If you are passionate about something, you should jump in with no hesitation and go after it. BET ON YOURSELF.

What kind of challenges did you have to face in the industry that you believe has built your resilience? 

There are always challenges, in life in general. We’re navigating in a vulnerable environment with emotional purchases/sales, so there are always going to be challenges. BUT Being nimble, agile, and compassionate, you can navigate any situation.

What got you to the luxury side of real estate?

For me, it’s about the luxury experience. It doesn’t have to be a certain price point. I want everyone to have a beautiful experience. I want everyone to be comfortable, and at the end of the day, super happy about the process. I don’t focus on just some areas, I’m going after the entire state with a full team to expand. The Jersey Shore is my main focus, and I’m working on expanding my reach and visibility overall.  I started with Nest Seekers back in June ‘22. 

Nest Seekers and Christen Sachs are similar brands. I like to say that it’s a match made in media heaven. Nest Seekers is a media and marketing firm first. And branding and marketing is my niche so it was an easy transition because it’s already how I operate. Coming into such a well-known global brand with an incredible CEO, it was important for me to take the aspirations I have for growth and put them into action. The company is all about agent success, growth and development, and delivering the most  incredible and professional service to our amazing clients. We have a diverse asset division. We have divisions for yachting, aviation, and fine arts — a full 360 offering for all of our clients.

How do you find and keep your inner balance in the midst of chaos?

I like to cleanse my mind in the mornings. I do my workout and then I spend time meditating in the sauna. I take about 30 minutes in the sauna to decompress and find my inner peace so I can start the day super fresh.

What daily routine do you have to set yourself up for a successful day?

Selfcare as I mentioned is very important but what sets me up is planning my calendar. I organize myself at the beginning and the end of the week.  I have all of my time blocks on my calendar. Sundays are very important to me, having that family time for Sunday dinners with my family to reset and refocus. On Mondays, I spend time in the office to get my week together. And then I do that again on Fridays to gear up for the following week.

What big vision do you want to create in the near future?

I feel like I move so quickly that my big visions end up coming to fruition pretty quickly. Vision boards are really important to me. At the end of every year, I put a vision board together and I also do this exercise with my entire team of women. I do that to manifest things and put them into the universe, create abundance in my life, and set myself up for success. That board has a lot of things on it for the future. I add a variety of different goals that I want to do personally and professionally., 

How do you embody that version of success?

It’s all about planning. If I’m manifesting something, I think about how I’m putting myself in front of those things. I run a female networking group called Driven Women NJ.. My partner and I created a platform for women to network with each other, support each other, and meet like-minded women while also giving back to our communities. That was a vision I had over three years ago that we executed in the midst of COVID. So, again, it is all about execution. I don’t plan anything that I’m not going to execute.

What is your superpower?

It’s agility. It’s the only way to be successful in this business. Things change on a dime. I think it becomes challenging for someone that’s more structured. If you’re agile, you can move with the market, move with the economy, move with clients, with different changes that happen.  But my edge, is also being a mother.  My daughter keeps me grounded, grateful and inspired to do my best.

Is that something that you teach your team as well?

I do. Because to be successful, you have to stay level and consistent all the time. My entire team meets weekly, and we go through various skill building. We work on everything from self care and prioritizing to learning every single detail of construction processes or unique offerings in different towns.  I hire specifically to support & coach those that already possess the will to succeed.

How do you see yourself expanding at Nest Seekers and beyond? 

Well, one of my big visions is expanding my office. I opened this office at the Jersey Shore last year in June, which was the fourth Nest Seekers office in New Jersey. And so, I’m continuing to expand my footprint now and support the company’s visibility across New Jersey.

What projects do you have coming up that we can promote?

I have a new listing, a $25 million estate in Marlboro that’s 20,000 square feet and a new development of 219 condo units in Cherry Hill.

Photography by Stephanie Matzek / Anthony Serrantonio

“If you are passionate about something, go ALL IN… and don’t look back, you’re not going that way.”

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Visit her website for details on listings in the Jersey Shore!

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