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Claudia Krinke is a premier real estate agent serving the coastal neighborhoods between Palm Beach and Jupiter, Florida with over ten years of experience. She is a recognized expert in these luxury markets and the author of a quarterly real estate newsletter covering local home sales, market trends, and new construction activity. Clients consistently choose to work with Claudia for her professionalism, honesty, and proven track record of success.

Originally from Germany, she has lived in Spain, and now calls Singer Island, Florida home. Claudia earned her degree in City and Regional Planning in Germany and has a background in architecture and design. She and her outstanding team of designers and contractors look forward to providing you with a full suite of real estate services.

What brought you into the real estate industry?

I have always had an interest in architecture and historical homes which led me to study Urban and City Planning. My experience as a real estate intern made me realize that I really enjoy helping people find their home and led me to pursue my real estate license. I really enjoy what I do, it’s very multifaceted, I get to make wonderful connections with people, I get to see beautiful homes and people trust me with one of their biggest financial transactions in their life. I take that responsibility very serious. To me home is where everything starts, it stands for comfort; it’s a refuge, it’s a work place, its where you and your family make memories. It’s people’s happy place and for me there is nothing better than finding my clients their happy place.

Tell us about your path that led you to entrepreneurship in this field?

The biggest influence on my entrepreneurial spirit were my parents, both had their own successful businesses in Germany while I was growing up. My mom had several woman clothing boutiques throughout the area and my dad sold luxury kitchens. My brother also had a big influence on me, he was involved in all things art and culture, traveled and lived abroad, and really opened my horizons to explore and move around the world.

What is a challenge you have recently surmounted?

The pandemic and its aftermath have created many professional challenges but also some opportunities. I remember the first half of 2020, I had quite a few deals fall apart because buyers panicked with the uncertainty of the situation. The people that went forward and bought property made the greatest deals of their lives because everything took off shortly after that. Homes were bought sight unseen and everyone wanted a piece of the Florida lifestyle.

The demand has not stopped since, and I don’t see a letup anytime soon. We have our locals that need to move, outgrow spaces, etc and we have a massive influx of out of state buyers. I’m currently working with several relocations from the North East, California and the mid-west. People are coming here for the lifestyle, the great weather, they can now work remotely and we don’t have any state income tax which makes it very popular. We used to be the retiree state but this has changed, the secret is out, it’s one of the nicest places to live and still affordable compared to other popular coastal areas like California and New York. And the influx is unlikely to stop. More companies are moving here, we have a massive growth of class A office space and those companies that will move in will bring new high earning residents.

It’s a very challenging market right now, all the demand we are experiencing drove prices up and low inventory causes multiple offers on almost every home for sale. Buyers have to adjust to a new price point and have to act quickly while sellers can really take advantage of this low inventory market. You have to prepare your buyer more than ever, make sure they have their finances planned out, go over potential bidding war situations and make sure you make a competitive offer. Cash and offers with short or no contingencies are king in this market.

Looking back at everything you’ve accomplished this far what advice would you give yourself or other women today?

The best advice I could give is to stay flexible, be patient, and go for it! There will always be challenges and it takes considerable time to get established in the competitive business of real estate. Starting your own business can be overwhelming but my successes have come from persistence, professionalism and building long term relationships. As a realtor it is important to stay connected with my clients and I do this through a real estate newsletter covering the local market activity. I’m also active on social media and have made several great connections and completed many deals through those interactions.

How do you set goals within your team and achieve them?

I have long term goals and I have weekly goals. It helps to sit down every weekend, look back at what has happened the week before, where are you at right now and what do you want to accomplish next. If I work with people its most important to hold each the accountable on the set goals, check in on each other, see where you are at and if you need adjust anything. Communication is key to successfully reach your goals as a team.

What does success represent to you?

I consider it a success every time I’m able to assist my clients in buying or selling their home, especially these day in our ultra competitive market. But more broadly success to me is building a sustainable business that allows me the security to provide for my family and the freedom to live a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life.

What is your long term vision to grow the company? Give us your 5-10 year vision.

The real estate industry is rapidly changing with new technologies and business models being introduced all the time. In 5 to 10 years, I anticipate having an expanded footprint in the South Florida luxury real estate market and a larger team to support my business. I also hope to be a leader in the integration of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies to real estate. South Florida has emerged as an epicenter for these technologies, and we are already seeing their impact on real estate with several new residential developments (Arte, 11Eleven) accepting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as payment and more recently as mortgage collateral.

As someone that has always been into new technologies, I’ve become very involved with this movement, even starting my own NFT (non-fungible token) collection with some Silicon Valley friends. While NFTs are still primarily associated with digital art, the underlying smart contract can represent any asset including the deed to a home. While it can sound overwhelmingly complex at first, the intent of these technologies and their application to real estate is to streamline the transaction process, expand market access, and reduce costs. Digital real estate in the metaverse is another technology I’m very interested in and expect significant opportunity for involvement as adoption grows rapidly over the next 5-10 years.

What inspires you to think bigger?

I’m often inspired by my clients that have the most amazing life stories. I have worked with scientists, athletes, and entrepreneurs that have such incredible achievements that it’s impossible not to be inspired. I’m also fortunate to work with clients from all over the world and learn from their experiences and perspectives.

How do you define work life balance? How do you apply it in your day to day life?

A healthy balance is very important, I definitely work too much. My job requires to be available always but I make sure to take breaks, go for an island walk or yoga after a long work day and stay in touch with my friends and family. I’m very lucky that if I take some time off, I can enjoy the beautiful surroundings and go paddle boarding or plan a boat day.

For more information, visit her website.
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