Dr Carmen Landreau | Cardiologist from Houston TX

Introducing Dr. Carmen Landreau, a Cardiologist based in Houston, Texas. I originally hail from Puerto Rico and have been residing in Houston for nearly two decades. My medical education took place in Puerto Rico, where I attended medical school. Following that, I pursued my residency in internal medicine and completed my fellowship in cardiology here in Houston, Texas. I have been practicing cardiology for approximately fifteen years now.

Is cardiology a field that is predominantly male-dominated?

While I have noticed more women in the field of obstetrics and gynecology, cardiology is still primarily male-dominated. However, I’m pleased to share that in recent years, there has been an increase in the number of women pursuing this specialty. This has been beneficial for both patients and women in the field, as it provides a sense of community and allows for the sharing of similar experiences.

Have you had any women mentors in the field who have guided you?

Absolutely. Although there weren’t many, I can recall two exceptional women who served as my attending physicians during my training. These women have been practicing cardiology for over 30 years, if not more, and can be considered pioneers in the field. They faced numerous challenges and overcame them, all while being welcoming and supportive of other women. They paved the way for us to have positive experiences during our training and continue to do so in our professional practice.

What led you to choose cardiology as your specialty?

I’ve always had a natural inclination towards science, even from a young age. As I progressed through my education, I started exploring my interests and discovering what I truly wanted to pursue in life. During my time in college, I had the opportunity to take an elective class called “Introduction to Stress Testing,” which introduced me to electrocardiograms and basic reading techniques. Additionally, I visited cardiac rehabilitation centers where I witnessed the remarkable recovery of patients who had suffered heart attacks or undergone cardiac bypass surgeries. These experiences ignited a love for cardiology within me, both for the care we can provide to patients and the underlying scientific aspects. It was a perfect fit for me.

Are you also an entrepreneur at heart? We see that you have a following on Instagram and are actively engaged on social media.

Yes, I am an entrepreneur at heart. In addition to my medical practice, I also engage in professional speaking. I speak on topics related to women’s empowerment and leadership. I am active on various social media platforms, including Instagram and LinkedIn. This passion for speaking and empowering women is something I discovered within the past decade, and it deeply moves me. I find great joy in helping other women and showing them how visibility can help overcome obstacles, enabling them to become leaders in their respective industries.

What has been one of the biggest challenges you’ve faced as a woman in medicine?

Initially, I wasn’t fully aware of the numerous obstacles because I never saw myself as different. However, entering a male-dominated field made me realize how others perceived women as potentially less capable or limited in certain aspects due to their gender or roles as mothers. These perceptions are completely untrue. Women are more than capable and willing to work. It’s essential to address these biases and stereotypes. When I discovered that many other women had similar experiences, I felt compelled to make a difference, which led me to start my speaking business. This issue extends beyond medicine and exists in various industries, including engineering, law, and more. Overcoming these challenges is not easy, but it’s possible when we work together.

What drives your passion for women’s empowerment and leadership?

What drives my passion for women’s empowerment and leadership is the belief that every individual, regardless of their gender, deserves equal opportunities to succeed and thrive in their chosen field. I have witnessed talented and capable women facing barriers and biases that hinder their progress and limit their potential. It’s disheartening to see their talents being overlooked or undervalued simply because of their gender.

I firmly believe that when women are empowered and given the support and resources they need, they can achieve extraordinary things. By promoting women’s visibility and amplifying their voices, we can challenge the status quo and break down the barriers that hold them back. I want to inspire and encourage other women to embrace their unique strengths, pursue their passions, and become leaders in their respective fields.

Furthermore, I believe that diversity in leadership is crucial for innovation and progress. Different perspectives and experiences enrich the decision-making process, leading to more inclusive and effective solutions. By empowering women and promoting their leadership, we not only create opportunities for individuals but also contribute to the overall advancement of society.

Through my speaking engagements, social media presence, and mentoring efforts, I strive to create a supportive community for women. I share my own experiences, challenges, and triumphs to inspire others and foster a sense of belonging. I also encourage women to support and uplift one another, creating a network of allies who can collectively drive change.

In conclusion, my passion for women’s empowerment and leadership stems from a desire to see a more equitable and inclusive world. By breaking down barriers, challenging biases, and providing support and resources, we can create an environment where every woman can reach her full potential and contribute meaningfully to society. Together, we can make a difference and build a future where gender equality is the norm.


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