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Presenting the absolutely brilliant and bold Gaby Sadler, real estate investor, business woman and International sensation with @ExpRealty_  Ranked the number 1 real estate influencer with International connections that span through Central America, Europe to the United States, her extensive knowledge in real estate is astounding given her short time in the industry. Her story of hard work, dedication and passion will inspire you. 

 Tell me about yourself ; education, background.

I was born in São Paulo, Brazil and raised in an Italian household. My grandparents are Ignazio Mammana and Alzira Finotto Mammana, well known Italian family in Brazil. My grandma has always been my inspiration, as a person and also a businesswoman. She was a mom, a wife and an entrepreneur. She was one of the strongest women I have ever met and always had a sweet smile on her face not matter what was taking place in her day. There was not a problem she could not resolve, she was the pillar of our family. After Graduating in 2009 with a degree in International Marketing in Brazil I came to USA and studied Fashion Design.

I’ve been in the Luxury Real Estate Market for almost 12 years. An Entrepreneur at heart, I now own The Elite Partners – brokered by eXp Realty. We specialize in high-end homes and luxury high rise properties.  In addition to the creation of my real estate company I also enjoy investing in the Unites States, Italy and Brazil. My 15 + years of International Marketing experience and a proven track record of success in sales, business development and marketing, contributing a skill set to assist my clients with all their real estate needs. With extensive experience of technology and social media, I can provide an added advantage when it comes to marketing properties globally.

When did you join forces with eXp Realty?

After taking the time to research and compare organizations I determined in late 2021 it was time to make the move to EXP.  It was EXP where I realized I would be partnering with a powerful company that knew, as an agent and international investor, where I wanted to go and what I wanted to achieve in building an international virtual brokerage. A brokerage that has the ability to work both residential as well as commercial, something that is important to the direction I am heading.  They truly have the technology and platform to support all my professional aspirations.  

Tell me about your path that led you to the real estate industry?

From my education in international marketing to working closely with a luxury developer for almost 10 years I’ve gained a lot of knowledge of real estate market and the needs to this particular niche within real estate.  That in addition to many of the other opportunities that came my way through investments allowed me to harness a vision for what I could achieve.

Can you tell me about a challenge you have surmounted recently?

It brings me back when I lost my grandma, cancer took her from me and six months later I lost my dad and was now being raised by widowed mother at 9 years old. Growing up and watching my mom raise me on her own instilled so many of the virtues I lean on to this day. It was her compassion towards life and dedication to success no matter what obstacles she faced that truly molded me into the person I am today. I find myself often leaning on the lessons she taught me to get through the challenges that can pop up on a regular basis in the world of real estate.

What is the concept behind your brand? What differentiates you from the marketplace?

Service and Impact are key forces driving our brand! In today’s world, with the tools available you can reach anywhere in the world and touch anyone in the Real Estate market.  We then asked ourselves, what is it we can do/ offer for those entering the real estate market both near and far.  Our Mission:  Be Passionate, Be real and be of service! Here at The Elite Partners it’s all about serving and impacting globally!

How do you set goals within your team and achieve them?

 Setting and achieving goals are key within any company and we have lofty ones! Early on we realized the importance of goals setting and immediately incorporated a business building component into our company. We’ve partnered with Elite Training Enterprises LLC to work and train with all our team members around the world to enhance their skill-sets and put them on a path to success!  From vision, to strategy to implementation of key actions to overall achievement, we set our team members on a specific path to ensure their success!

What does success represent to you?

Personal Fulfillment!  The laurels we sit on from achievements alone is difficult to sustain, however when you reach the goals you put in front  of yourself and allow those successes to represent who you are and what you can do in this world and the things you can then bring to this world to help others, I consider that success!

What is your long term vision to grow the company?

Limitless is the word that usually jumps into my mind when I look to the future of my company.  With the tools and platform EXP delivers to myself and it’s members, I know I have both the components and backing from a top notch company in which I will be able to offer my talents and services anywhere in the world starting now Brazil, Italy, Mexico and USA!  We are excited to continue to work and serve in countries all around the world; it’s such an exciting time to be involved in the realm of real estate! Of course it can’t be done without proper mentorship.  Joining EXP, I felt like there are many open arms within the company that look to ensure my success through their knowledge.  This most recently includes Biagio Montaiuti, head of The Global Alliance Group.  I look forward to his mentorship as my company continues in its growth.  

What inspires you to think bigger?

The power of positivity, serving and doing good in this world!  Knowing the efforts we put into our company will have positive effects on those we serve around the world. As we grow our opportunities for success gets bigger as well, the opportunities to give back get greater! The impact we can have on those we serve excites me to think what lies ahead!

How do you define work life balance? How do you apply it in your day to day life?

Balance is so important! Often times more important than we realize.  Balance cultivates momentum to move forward towards all we look to achieve.  Without balance it’s challenging to sustain the momentum needed for success. Of course, work / personal life is a big balance point for any working professional, especially those working within an international realm.  Balance is created by giving both these areas your time, your attention and your love.  In the end the areas of our work and life spheres are there to support one other and can truly enhance what we look to accomplish both personally and professionally if we allow ourselves to be present in each area on a regular basis.

Finish this sentence : I want to be remembered for…

The legacy I’d like to leave is of the positive impact I’ve left on the world both professionally as well as personally. That is, what effects did my direction, as a woman and entrepreneur have on the International Real Estate Market as to the way business is done today and into the future.  Though it is a large space, I still believe each of us can make a difference if we listen to our heart and allow it to speak to the world.

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