Goss Magazine No.1

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Our very first print issue, that outlines women who have become successful on their own terms. Within these pages you will meet Leah Lipkowitz, a self made multi millionaire, philanthropist, mother and business owner who has taken herself to unimaginable heights by believing in herself, and always giving back. Artist Alexandra Nechita, Artist deemed prodigy whose artworks are comparable to Picasso. Alessandra Salituri, Interior Designer with a special gift of intuitive design. A piece by scholar Dr Brackett who talks about emotional intelligence.

From the Editor Rebecca I Perez : “This manual will change your life, as it did mine. Welcome to the Goss Club. Get inspired and live the life you deserve. Because destiny is in your hands, you just have to create it.”

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Inspire, empower, #BeGossy

By women, for women.