Goss Magazine No.3

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The success of a business stems from the people inside of it. It is a union, a marriage, a community with soul. I’ve been doing business in Shanghai for two years now, living temporarily here for eleven years. Every time I come back, I feel at home. The love from the people, the energy that fills the air is shared organically through the drive of foreign and local businesses alike. I realized very quickly the positive impact the Chinese mentality had on foreigners. Although China carries on as a global super- power because of its outstanding level of focus and undeniable work ethic, that is not their main assets in business. More than that, they have understood the magic formula of success ; failure is not assumed, identified or pondered upon, it just is. They are not afraid to fail because they try multiple things at the same time. They don’t focus on their losses, but instead on constantly moving forward. With this in mind, everything is a learning experience. Enjoy the first issue that represents the DNA of Shanghai. *In both Mandarin and English languages*

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