Goss Magazine No.5

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Introducing our Fifth edition LOVE. When we were crafting this issue, we thought really hard about what would be the underlying theme. What did the number five represent? At first it was the five elements, outlined by Chinese culture as earth, water, fire, metal, wood. The natural essence of what we are essentially made of. It was too esoteric and needed to be more tangible. More meaningful. We searched deeply for what connects us all, and unfortunately what the world is missing the most right now ; love. We wanted to fill it with people who resonated pure love, in every way possible. The ones who were deeply in love with their lives and who lived in their purpose fully each day.

That led us to interview artists, authors and designers such as Dre. Sophie Maffolini, Myka Meier, Rob Pennino, Rebecca Minkoff, the GORSKI family and so many more. It also brought us in the sky, getting to know the aviation world and its many pilots who fly us to our favourite destinations. It led us to discover that only six percent of pilots were women. Which led to launching the WIAA mission in association with IPA, International Pilot Academy with a goal to directly fund the education of women in aviation. All this, because we went looking for love... We found it everywhere.


Inspire, empower, #BeGossy

By women, for women.