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Meet Margad Otgonzul, Certified Real Estate Broker, Agency Executive Officer, Business Woman. An avid real estate expert who’s been in the industry for close to a decade! Getting the taste for real estate while studying at Concordia University in a Marketing major she decided to pursue her education in the industry. A few years as a broker already and she is taking the market by storm! She credits her tenacity, resilience and go-getter attitude to her ongoing success.

Here’s how she’s building her empire.

Tell me about yourself; education, background. 

I was born and raised in Mongolia. In 2004 my Mother decided we should move to Montreal. When I was studying at Concordia university in marketing, I got the first taste of the real estate industry, I decided to get my broker’s license. I graduated from college LaSalle and College Immobilier du Quebec, obtained my commercial, residential and agency director licenses. 

Did you always know you would go into the real estate industry? 

Not exactly. As mentioned, I was studying Marketing at Concordia, while in school I started working as an admin/marketing specialist with one of the best real estate teams in Montreal. I got inspired by the industry I loved the day-to-day of dealing with amazing clients and helping guide them through a process as important as buying or selling their home! However, being a real estate broker is more than aiding clients with a transaction, we become part of our client’s new chapter in life. 

Tell me about the path that led you to Core Consultants Realty?

The timing of this change was perfect! I was approached with the opportunity to open a whole new residential department in a commercial agency while also becoming their Agency Executive Officer (AEO). When I heard that the AEO position had become available, I went and got my AEO license. This was an exciting opportunity as I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge, helping others grow, and providing knowledge to the new brokers joining the industry. 

What is your mission, core values, brand culture? 

Our dedicated team of professionals’ mission and value: 

HUMBLE. Our success is based on our team efforts, our family and friends and our clients. It will always be remembered.  

INTEGRITY. We conduct highest ethical standards for our clients and our team resulting in mutual success.

KNOWLEDGEABLE. We constantly improving our knowledge to better serve our clients. 

PRINCIPLES. We work as a team, support one another to achieve excellent results.

Where do you think the residential real estate market (in Quebec and surrounding areas) is headed? Are you seeing a shift in the way people are investing today? 

Today’s market is definitely very interesting. I cannot speak for all of Quebec but in the Montreal Area (GMA), Laurentides and Eastern Townships, the market has shifted remarkably due to low interest rates and lack of inventory. The combination of these factors is allowing more buyers to purchase single-family homes. On the other hand, it has also been a strong sellers’ market for single family homes since the beginning of the pandemic due to lack of inventory. The demand for condominiums has been steady as well. I strongly believe that our market will continue to thrive after the pandemic.

What systems do you have in place for internal growth at the company? 

My biggest belief is that growth is only possible with a strong team. I value everyone’s input including our amazing admin, extremely talented marketing team and prominent brokers. Core Consultants Realty is a small family at the moment, but we are eager to grow and add new talent to the team! So, if you are new broker and need help getting your start, give me a call! I’m here to guide you. Or, if you are an experienced broker looking for a non-traditional but exciting boutique agency, our doors are always open! 

How do you set goals within your team and achieve them? 

First off, I think it’s important to note that everything takes time and gets done step by step. Nothing happens overnight! Having said that we make sure to use the right tools and training to work efficiently, correctly and ultimately reach our goals. Real estate is such an exciting industry and it’s very important to set goals and plan a proper path to achieve them.

What does success represent to you? 

This is such an interesting topic, I can talk about it for hours! I was raised by a single mother, however, my aunts and uncle were always present in my life (even when they are thousands of kilometres away in Mongolia) and I have enjoyed watching them succeed in their personal and professional lives. My biggest inspiration in life is definitely them – my mother and my family. They have showed me that woman can do anything! As long as you give 100% in everything you do, there’s no way you can’t succeed. I definitely still have long way to go before achieving my list of goals but I’m eager to keep on learning and growing.

Tell us the difference between your company others? What puts you ahead of your competition? 

We are a boutique agency specialized in the commercial and residential market with a strong commercial tenant and landlord representation in leasing. We focus on our clients’ real estate needs so we can service them and guide them with our tailored approach. We are also expanding our development and property management departments to complete a one stop shop for all our clients.

What inspires you to think bigger? Where do you see the company in 5-10 years? 

The 3 BIG things that inspire me to think bigger are also 3 of my biggest goals. I am driven by the hunger to:

1. Be the trusted real estate expert for all my current and future clients.

2. Assist real estate brokers to succeed. 

3. Make my family proud. 

In 5 years, I would love to see our agency at a National level. It will be such an exciting journey for all of us.

How do you define work life balance? How do you apply it in your day-to-day life? 

At the beginning of my career in the industry, work/life balance was practically non-existent. Real estate could look glamorous but the truth is that it requires a ton of dedication and many hours of work, on week days and weekends! Although a little better now, I am still learning how to better balance it all. Working hard is great, but it’s important got me to spend quality time with my family, friends and my little dog Toby. It’s the perfect way to hit the refresh button and stay fresh and motivated.

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