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Meet Mindi Walters, Founder of Mindi Walters Skincare brand that focuses on replenishing the natural beauty of women. Based out of Los Angeles, Mindi started her skincare journey as a facialist. Having done facials for over eighteen years, she became a renown expert in the field. “I felt like it was the natural next step. I knew the line of products I wanted to develop, and was just looking for the right partner to execute”. The brand has exploded ever since, and comes out with a new product line in the coming months. With four kids at home, a loving husband and two blossoming businesses, she is the epitome of a Goss. Her full venture story below!

It’s nine am right now, but I’ve been up since six am because I have four kids. It’s the afternoon for me.

You have four kids and a business?

Technically, I think of it as two different business because I still do facials, and then the product business is its own separate thing. That’s how I started my company. I’ve been doing facials for eighteen years now.

So you really went into it. You just knew what you wanted to do?

Yeah, there was never anything else. When I was in high school, I always said, “I’m going to move to California and I’m going to be a makeup artist,” and I did. I went to school in Minneapolis at the Aveda Institute, and that’s where I found out that I wasn’t that good at makeup. It was the same program as the skincare one, so I just stuck to that and fell in love with that. That’s how I got into skincare.

Were you born in Minneapolis?

 Well, I came from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, but I went to school in Minneapolis. I stayed there for four years and then I hit the road to California.

So, you knew from a young age that you would move to LA?

Exactly. There’s a joke — well, I actually don’t know if it’s a joke or not — but my mother said my first word was Hollywood. No one believes me. I remember giving a presentation in high school in front of everyone and I was like, “I am going to Los Angeles. This is what I’m doing.” And that’s what I did.

Take me down the path of what brought you to launch the brand.

I’ve always been doing facials. It was kind of the next natural step. I knew what product I wanted, and I knew how I wanted it, but I didn’t have the ability to execute it. My business partner and I crossed paths through a mutual client of mine. I was a little skeptical, but we met and hit it off right away. He had skills that I didn’t have. That was in 2015. We launched our first product in 2016. We just launched another product in 2020. I couldn’t do facials during COVID, obviously, but we were able to launch the Brightening Oil, which is like my little baby. Meeting Chris is how I got to take my dream and make it a reality.

I feel like guys have this more action-oriented mindset meant for sales. Is that the position that he takes in the company?

I think so. I think he just had skills that I didn’t have. He had the vision for how exactly he wanted the product to look like. It was perfect. He’s an ingredient specialist, so when I would want something to feel or smell a certain way, he would be able to tell me the ingredients for it. It worked out perfectly.

Are you thinking of coming out with more products? What is the five-year vision for the company?

I would say that the five-year vision for the company is to have at least four to five more products that we absolutely love. It feels like it takes at least a year to formulate and to test, so in five years I would love to see four or five new ones. I also see a retail presence. Right now it’s just online. I would love for my daughters to walk into Sephora and see their mom’s name.

 What would be your ten-year plan, then? Take me further into the vision of your company.

The bigger vision is to keep creating products and to have a very fine-tuned company where I don’t have to be as hands-on and I can be with my family a lot and also be making money. That’s the ultimate goal, to have tons of family time but also to have this company that’s running super well without me run every single thing.

 Accessibility-wise, would you ever come out with smaller products or something that would be for the younger girls?

Definitely. I see that being something that would happen ten years down the road. Five to ten years, depending on how things are going. I would actually love to do that. It would be a lower price point but for younger girls. That would be ideal.

Are your products targeting women over 30?

I would say that the brightening oil is something that girls in their 20s could use for sure. My husband is obsessed with oils. My brother in law buys it like it’s going to run out. Our typical customer is between 25 and 50. Tons of over 50 and tons of under 25 as well. That’s just the general market.

Being a facial expert, do you find that your products target the areas that were issues with your clients?

Yes, exactly. I knew early on that when I created a product, it was going to be oils first. I’ve learned under a lot of amazing facialists, and one thing that I have found is that they all love oil. From early on in my career, I’ve been using it. I know what type of texture I like and how I like it to absorb and all those things. We’re going to venture into eye creams and stuff like that, but the regenerative, brightening oil were must-have products for me. It works great on both people who have dry skin and people who have oily skin.

I’ve always had that misconception that adding oil to an oily face would make it oilier.

So many people have that misconception. When I start adding in oil for them the realization that when they put oil on their skin, their skin doesn’t make as much oil. It works so well. It’s such a great product. If you have oily skin I would start with the brightening oil because it’s a lighter oil. That would get your feet in the water, and you’ll see how much your skin will benefit from that. They’re sold on my website exclusively at mindiwalters.com. We also sell them at my facial studio, but those are the only two places.

You only give out facials in your location right?

I give facials in my location, on sets, and in homes. When I started my own facial business, it was exclusively on sets and in people’s homes, and I did that for two years. I found this little place, and I share it with The Brow Gal, she’s the best eyebrow girl in Los Angeles by far. We each have our own little space. We love it so much and we’ve been there for twelve years. 

What inspires you?

I love skin. I love making women feel good about themselves. I’ve always been a girl’s girl. I’m all about girls. I love helping people get their skin on track to the point where they don’t have to wear face makeup. That’s my ultimate goal for everyone. That’s a big motivator. I also just love spending one-on-one time with my clients. That’s what’s kept me going for all those years. The relationship aspect of it is amazing. In the bigger picture, my family keeps me going. Long-term, I would like to see our kids keep the business going down the road. I have three girls and one boy. I would love to be able to pass it on if they want it.

For more information visit Mindi Walters.

Follow the brand on Instagram @MindiWalters

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