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Meet Nadia Salmi, mortgage broker with Multi-Prêts Hypothèques. Just a year into her own practice, and she is already doubling her income and proving that success equals nothing more than perseverance, hard work and persistence! originally from Algeria, she studied for three years in medicine before coming to Canada. She continued her studies in sciences in a biochemistry major at University of Montreal. After her arduous training, she decided she wanted to pursue a new challenge which led her to the path of entrepreneurship. Having a natural knack for it, she decided to embark on the journey of self discovery and becoming her own Goss! Here is her story.

Tell me about your story that led you to the mortgage industry?

I actually studied for three years in medicine  in Algeria before coming to Canada. I’ve always been very studious and love to learn. When I emigrated to Canada, I continued in science because we can’t get directly  to med school we need to do another bachelor or  more I did biochemistry than a bachelor in  chemistry at University of Montreal , it was amazing the learning and I was excellent at it  but after the training (professional aspect) ,  I decided to change and get a new challenge. I worked in the banking industry for close to a decade and I did a certificate in finance at the same time. I built a huge network from there, and learned so much about finance and investments, which is something I am also passionate about. From there I decided to go off on my own and to partake in the path of becoming a mortgage broker.

What was the biggest challenge for you since you decided to go the independent route?

Building a loyal customer base. A lot of my business is referrals, networking, it’s what I have to do to get known. I love to meet people, and I don’t mind working hard – I’ve always been the type that sets goals and achieves them. It’s nothing new for me. Whether in a different industry, or when I worked at the bank for years, I always gave it my all.

What is a goal you would like to see accomplished in the next five years?

I definitely want to grow my business, to a point where I can hire employees. I want to have someone to work on my files while I can focus on the bigger picture, maintaining my business relationships and giving the best service possible to my clients. I also facilitate transactions all around Quebec, and would like to expand my database of network. To be able to give my services in the Greater Montreal area and be recognized as a top mortgage broker.

My goal is to develop a personalized mortgage strategy with each clients needs. Whether that is a new mortgage product, or renewing an existing mortgage, I specialize in complex files and that is what I love to do most. Help people get their needs met.

How do you find balance in your every day life?
I’am accepting the fact that I’m not a super human or robot. I’m a cyclic being. Achieving perfect balance—being able to live up to an ideal or standard that I set myself, which is nicely reflected in my goal. I also embrace social time that I now consciously choose to make time for—compensating my personal development and productive time with moments of heartfelt connections. I realize that being in balance is being in a state of evenness, at peace, in flow and motion. It is very important for me to have that in my life.

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