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Nezha Tedjini, a Montrealer at heart, is a real estate broker with a keen eye for home staging and interior design. A residential and commercial real estate broker who considers herself more of a real estate investment advisor and consultant aiding clients through the entire process of a real estate transaction from start to finish. When asked about how she finds balance she says : “you have to be organized. Delegate the least important tasks if possible and be able to spend quality time with the ones we love and recharge your battery. I would take less contracts to give the time where needed. I don’t work halfway. I like to be hands on and to make sure I am present the entire way through”. Here is her entrepreneurial journey.

Tell us what brought you into real estate?

I’ve always been passionate about real estate, and knew one day I would become a real estate broker. I also have a degree in Home Staging Pro, because I wanted to be able to offer my advice in a professional way and give my clients the best service possible. It’s a service best suited for a seller who wants to show his property in the most refined way for it to be attractive to others.

I worked for the government of Quebec for the last fifteen years. It made me analyze and connect with the psychology of people, their profile and getting to know what are their motives. I took some business professional coaching to understand better the psychology of people. If for example someone is more analytical, you’ll understand how he functions better by asking certain questions – and also knowing what field they’re in – for example an accountant is very detailed and perfectionist so they want to know more about those things – whereas if it’s a business person who likes to make decision quickly and if you give this person details, it might challenge their patience. So, if needed, you might have to skip this step and go straight to the point.

Do you use this technique in real estate?

The difference for me is I also have a legal background. Working with me, means you get to cover yourself. I am constantly training myself to grow – I don’t stop. And the market has changed. For example, if you purchase a sixplex and it goes on fire – you find out that you can only rebuild a quadriplex in that place. So you just lost 2/6 rents per month right there. Sometimes, I go to the city and I do the research. You have to go in person, people don’t respond to the same by phone. That’s the type of quality that I provide. It’s not just selling, it’s our job to take care of the legalities as well and protect our clients.

What would you say that you specialize in?

On the commercial side, I will take up to 5-8 plex revenues. I love doing residential as it is mostly peoples homes. At the moment, I focus on some specific areas, but I would be ready for some new challenges. It’s important for me that I place my clients in the right investment. If for example, you’re a professional who likes to enjoy their life, then you are better to start with a small investment or get an administrative to deal with it for you.

Your key to success?

For me it’s passion, resilience and perseverance. Just keep moving forward. Keep going towards your goals. I have a daughter who is six years old. That is what keeps me moving, I want to be an example for her.

How do you find balance?

You have to be organized. Delegate the least important tasks, to be able to spend quality time with the ones we love and recharge our battery. Sometimes, I’ll take less contracts to give the time where needed. I don’t do work halfway. I like to be hands on and to make sure I am present the entire way through.

What inspires you?

I’ve always wanted to do this and life took its course. So I am happy that today I get to live my passion. To be in investments, real estate and to work with truly exceptional clients.

What is your five year goal?

I would like to be international too. Eventually, I would like to become a developer.

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