Caroline Cecil, known as WHIPPED CREAM is a music sensation that has exploded in the EDM scene. Originally from Toronto, growing up on Vancouver Island, and taking the wold by storm. The artist takes us through her journey as a musician, her evolving sound, new releases and what’s coming up next.

What inspired you to take on this musical path in your career?

My grandfather was an extremely talented pianist, and my uncle’s been very musical his whole life, my brothers always been making art. There’s a lot of artists in my family but in my household not really. [Although] my father, from the minute I was born put a radio next to my bed. From the first song I could hear, and that’s probably why I could feel music the way I do – since I came out of the womb there was music playing. He thought music was extremely powerful.

He had instilled in me from a very young age that whatever you want in life, you can do it. If you’re passionate about it Caroline, you can do it.

I used to be a competitive figure skater, until unfortunately at 18 I had an accident on the ice and I broke my ankle. I got into surgery and they said, you might not walk again normally. Having 100% recovery – if you don’t have constant triples they don’t care how passionate you are – it’s very technical. If you look at figure skaters you might think, it’s about the art but it’s all technical that’s why I love making music – it’s not all technical. You can look at something whistling and feel that. The more you study your craft, you can produce better “technically” but the most famous musicians didn’t have musical training – they just felt it.

Making music is about learning.

If I taught a production class, I would tell them “you can watch what I do but I’m not telling if you’re right or wrong. For me, every day is like going to a playground and picking up something new and learning. It’s all about learning.

When did you discover your love for music?

It was at my first music festival. My favourite band called Active Child. Six years ago, I saw him play at the Gorge, I spent every penny I had saved and I got a computer, I got some equipment and I started making music. It was pure energy. I wanted to provide that type of energy to other people. He gave me this gift and I’m going to start spreading it out.

I was sheltered growing up, when I’m passionate about something I don’t do anything except that, I was passionate about figure skating so I missed a lot of things in high school, I didn’t express myself. I didn’t do a lot of things the kids were doing. When I broke my ankle, it was the biggest trauma of my life and it made me realize so many other things. Which is why today I’m so expressive about other things. How I dress, how I speak, everything. 

Being open, being able to feel it, life is the most beautiful thing ever. If you don’t go through things you won’t be able to grow. Everything happens for a reason. I wouldn’t have met some of the loves of my life if that didn’t happen. Something magical happens to me every day – people say “Caroline you’re in your flow”. If everyone could be in their flow and not fight it, this is when the magic happens. We can all achieve it, we are all our own little geniuses and our own universes, we just have to believe it. It all starts with the mind.

How did you develop that mindset?

I think what helped me the most this year was giving myself positive affirmations, and meditation has really helped me. We are our biggest worst critics as they say but it’s important to stay positive and believe in yourself.

I’m so stubborn – If I wasn’t so stubborn I wouldn’t be here because I would listening to all the “no’s” I got, or the people who said “you’re not going to do that” but then it ends up happening. If you want to progress in something, it’s really mind power and deeply believing it in your core. Even if the biggest person in the industry tells you “you are crazy” maybe you’re about to change the way everything is.

My father always said : if it’s got to be, it’s up to me. I’m accountable for my life. I’ve worked so hard for this. I’ve watched people who don’t understand, change and come full circle. Music is objective you don’t have to like it. At least I’m giving you a feeling. 

I’ve had people tell me “I brought all my friends to your show, and they were in awe and couldn’t believe It” or I get security guards at my shows who say “I was not expecting that”.Because I’m a female, who’s 5’3 with blond hair. I’m here to break all the borders with what I’m doing. I don’t get offended when people say I wasn’t expecting that, and I get it every single show that I play. I hope next time you see a girl on stage, you are expecting that because she is going to kill it.

Have you noticed more women entering the industry?

There are more women coming in. As managers, as agents, as participants, as DJs, because people are looking at the Rezz, the Alison Wonderland. I’m seeing a lot of new faces at festivals. In female rap too. We’re changing. I can only speak positive about this.

It is proven that women can tap into different emotions than men. It doesn’t mean we’re better than men. It doesn’t take away from how compassionate our men can be. When a woman is in her element producing music, she can tap into emotions that have never been felt before. I have impacted so many people through my energy. They believe in it, and can feel it. I want to be an example for people who can’t do it.

Where do you think EDM sound is headed?

I feel like electronic music is not even close to where it’s going to be. The hottest genre right now in EDM is dubstep. Everything comes full circle and everything changes. What happens now might not be what it is in two years from now. From trap music, to house. I feel like there’s going to be a lot more emotion in electronic music. More feelings in heavy energy phases. People come to my sets for the energy. Music is going beyond that, what are you giving to the Universe.  

I think what’s going to pop next, drum and bass is coming back right now. More “bassy” dubstep. 

Shout out to Reaper who’s bringing it back right now. I really think he’s going to start making a movement which is really super cool. I think we’ll start seeing that in the next months. Side trance as well.

Where do you get inspiration for your next sound?

My biggest goal is to impact as many people through music. I’m bringing vocals on my sound. My biggest thing is making songs.  Songs that will go in your favourite movies, go on your radio, I want to impact the whole world. I believe the way to do that is through vocal tracks. I grew up on a lot of different music, and my favourite genres was hip hop, R&B and rap music. People are going to start hearing, my sound electronic cinematic producer with rap.

Music festivals and tours?

I will be at a lot of festivals this coming year. I’m touring a lot but also in the studio producing my music.

Check out her latest single Ft. LIL XAN “Told ya” out now!

For more information on her latest appearances, shows and music here.

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Photo Credit – Jora Frantzis

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