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Meet Viviane of @ViviGoDivah_mtl an online sensation that is taking the food and drinks industry by storm. One of the upcoming influencers in gastronomy, she is leading an entire new influencer industry with her artistic videos and fresh reviews. A food and wine critique who is always collaborating with restaurateurs and wine brands to showcase their latest  products. A buyer in aerospace private jet industry in the day time, a mother of two, a savy  businesswoman who proves you really can have it all! 

How did you get into the culinary influencer industry? 

I like wine very much. I got my wine certification WSET2 from ITHQ. Most of the food that you see on my page is home-cooked by myself. I do have that taste bud and have a passionate interest in the artistic side of the food. It’s still homemade but it looks almost like restaurant-grade. People are amazed by how I can do it at home. The passion for wine is a personal interest. In my regular life, I actually work in the aerospace Industry, private jets.

When you’re passionate about things, people tend to feel it and they like the energy that I provide.

Is that something that you see doing for restaurants? Do you want to do it for products,  where people come to you and give you something to review? How do you see it  blowing up in the next five years?  

In the next five years, I would like to be able to get paid for all my reviews. Right now it’s only  collaboration. I do have a few contracts, and I get paid top dollars for having my smile with  the product. I would like to, in the coming months to be paid per post and review more  interesting material.

My audience does have a lot of money and are ready to spend those dollars on bottles. They don’t drink every day, so when they drink they want a quality bottle of wine.  The second audience I have are the 50-year-olds and up, who are ready to buy whatever it takes to have a nice bottle. I stand by all my products. I’m very honest. If a product was given to me that I don’t like, I will tell the importer that I can’t publish it, and we make a decision  together. I am very honest with the public, and they follow me for my integrity. 

Do you see yourself transitioning into this full-time or do you see it as always being a  hobby?  

Eventually, I would like to move full time. I think I can attract attention and I can sell within one  post. There’s one post on Brandys I did, where the gentleman bought two cases after one  hour of posting. He contacted me after I posted. I don’t know that gentleman. I have never  spoken or chatted with him. Whatever I say, he would buy. I have a few fans who really trust my taste buds and my style.  

How would you describe yourself or your page in three words? When people think of  @ViviGoDivah, what do you want them to think?  

Food and wine influencer reference. I’m still the only one who does this type of style in Montreal.  A lot of  people do wine reviews and it stays very technical and not as polished. I want to invest myself into a food and wine magazine of my  own branding. People like my style. They want to know where I go, where I eat. The image I  project has some elegance and class. They would like to feel my lifestyle.

On top of that, I do  a lot of exercise. I do cycling. I don’t know how to incorporate it into my page and make it  pretty enough, but my 50-year-olds and up audience bikes a lot. I bike 30-50 km two or three  times a week. I also did foodie and wine tasting events. In the past, I did Le Grand Salon Des vins  du Portugal ,Nov2019 . Montreal A Table Nov2019 ,in Montreal. I do alot of wine tastings with the importers and private imports.  The quality of wine for private imports is a little different. (removed) I’m very busy and I like it.   

Do you ever see yourself coming out with your own wine in the future? 

Depending on how everything evolves, maybe. I like to do some branding on different  accessories for different products. Products and accessories for wine. Selling wine is also a lot  of management, transactions, and delivery. I don’t know how many different aspects  I can  cover and make a living out of it. Making a pay-for-post is more profitable. For 5500  followers, is a small account for Instagram.  I like to work with those marketing companies because their contracts are more profitable and interesting.

How do you find good wines?  

Right now, the importers are reaching out to me and they want to push different wines. It’s not  my selection. But, I do review them. After I choose my words to describe the wine. Every wine  is for a different occasion. It’s just like a pair of shoes. You have sneakers for going shopping  and you have high heels for going to work. You have different types of shoes for different  occasions. You also have different bottles with different prices and taste. They’re all very good but they serve different purposes and occasions. You have picnics and poolsides, or you’re having dinner with a wine connoisseur, or you’re celebrating your ten year anniversary. It’s different. It doesn’t mean that  you always have a fifty-dollar bottle. You have a whole range for different occasions.  Therefore, you can’t say, “this bottle is not good.” It is good, but serve a different purpose. A lot of  samples are given to me, I review them and give my two cents to my fans.  

You were telling me about balance. How were you able to find balance? Do you have a  schedule? How do you manage everything?  

My day starts very early in the morning, between five and six before my family wakes up. I’m  on my computer on my phone answering my fans. After working hours, I go to different  events or different exercises, like cycling, which I do two to three times a week. I take pictures  whenever it’s sunny. Before, I did used to  have a fashion page, but I pulled it down. You do see a few nice outfits, but the forefront is the wine, and the fashion is in the back.  I am sure you can sense through the page. I haven’t explored that  avenue yet. Fashion is something that I could easily incorporate. For the overall look of the page, I don’t  want it to be fully luxurious, but still accessible and nice items. Simple, sexy, and elegant. 

When you say food and wine, would you also become a culinary reviewer?  

Yes. I do get invitations to go and review different restaurants. I do collaborations with  different restaurants in downtown Montreal. One of them is Ikanos on McGill for Montreal a Table. Fans ask me where to go eat and what to drink. I also have restaurants who are asking me for wine lists and pairing suggestions. Fans ask me for motivation to exercise, so I have  to find a way to incorporate that on the page without damaging the image. You’ll see more of  that type of activity in my stories. I’ll work around the concept of ‘ bike and wine’. So you need to do a lot of physical activity  in order  to eat  and drink more. That’s where I get the balance.

For more information : Follow on Instagram @ViviGoDivah_mtl 

To collaborate with Viviane Hoang on a wine/restaurant review contact her directly : vivigodivah@gmail.com

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