101 Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs

This list is long overdue! We’ve met so many talented women entrepreneurs over the last five years at Goss Club and the last three years at Goss Magazine. This is a tribute to YOU. To all you working moms, single moms who support their families and then run a business, women of minorities, women of diversity, women with dreams. We love you, we see you and we support you. We recognize you Queens, here’s to YOU being #GOSSYAF!

*This list is in alphabetical order and in no way chosen by priority sequence*

Photo Credit – Liana Luz 

Abeille Gelinas

Sparkling, lively, both urban and trendy hippie, she takes pleasure in communicating and sharing her experience and her vision of happiness. Her reputation as a DJ is well established. With more than a hundred performances per year, we understand why we often see her with headphones on, behind a turntable. Abeille is as passionate as ever to tell a story with her music and above all to connect with the world through her musical choices. Between her appearances in youth television series (Watatatow, Zap, Chambres en ville, etc.), her role as DJ for the Musiqueplus channel, through columnist for the Journal de Montréal, the 24heures newspaper and the Loulou magazine, Abeille has also made studies at the Stella Adler Academy of Acting where she lived there for 5 years. Her boundless creativity has allowed her to participate in several artistic and cultural events as a host and DJ. Combining her talents, Abeille Gélinas combines music, dance, yoga and conversation with “Fridays State of Mind”. And it is through its media platforms that it can be read and … heard. Abeille cultivates a closeness with her audience, and she does not hesitate to get involved with the brands she loves in order to share her favorites and her discoveries.Finally, because nothing stops her, Abeille passes through the project in project with its own dynamism and good humour. Welcome to her world of DJ, host, influencer and entrepreneur in her spare time!

Instagram : @abeillegelinas

Photo Credit – @ValerieGB

Alexandra Cosentino

Coming from a communication and art background, Alexandra is an artist, entrepreneur, and eclectic yoga teacher who loves to democratize the universe of well-being! Throughout her 13-years career, she has supported nearly 10,000 students in search of a more zen life with yoga. Through her community on social media and her online yoga platform, she teaches and shares daily tips taking care of the #mindbody&soul. Author of several eBooks, speaker, and wellness coach, she is also the co-founder of Essence Station. She is proud to have her positive impact being recognized by the media such as ELLE Quebec, RDS, Mitsou magazine, HuffPost Quebec, Narcity, and Hollywood PQ. Her mantra is to make yoga accessible to busy people, always in a creative, fun, and authentic way! About Essence Station Essence Station is an online yoga platform presenting a new and inclusive approach to yoga. No matter your age, your education, your background, your strength, or your flexibility. In a time where taking care of both physical and mental health is paramount, it was important for us to create Essence Station to focus on accessibility, quality, and being affordable for everyone. We’re proud to be people’s focused and happy to serve thousands of members monthly on our platform. The plan is to bring this platform Internationally. 

Instagram : @EssenceStation

Alexia Dayan

I had a background in HR an operation  previously, yet I was still searching for fulfillment. Coming from a generation of Entrepreneurs, Mother of 2 and wife to a loving husband, I always knew this would be the path I would one day take. Fast forward to 2019, I’m now married and pregnant, reminiscing on my own childhood  and the years I spent volunteering as a youth counselor. I found myself looking back in time wondering how I could incorporate fun and engaging activities in my own life with my daughter. My search led me to WOWMOMS and I was instantly greeted by a sense of magic and nostalgia.  It was the perfect getaway combining the best of both worlds: a relaxing environment for parents and a stimulating environment for children. I loved the concept, the setting, but mostly the brand’s philosophy. On the surface, it’s a place for children, but I look at it differently. It’s about shared experiences with your child and creating your own magical memories. I did it for our daughters, to be able to provide them with a safe and stimulating environment but more importantly, to show them that women are resilient and that we can do anything we set our heart to.

Instagram : @wowmomsworld.laval


Andy Alain

Andy Alain was born in Quebec City, and moved to Montreal’s suburb two years ago for love and decided to be a full-time artist. She started painting at a young age. Throughout the years, she has developed a unique style of her own to stand out from the other artists. Her abstract style is colorful, full of contrasts and textures. This integrates very well in any modern chic decor. From Montreal to California, her art is traveling to homes and businesses. Andy’s available artworks are on her website as well as social medias, and she also does custom paintings. In that case, she goes with the collector’s desire. First, she will come on-site or the collector sends pictures of the decor. Then, Andy makes suggestions following her strong knowledge about interior design. Finally, they choose together both the size and the colors of the painting. The only thing that the artist isn’t derogating from for custom pieces : her own style. Not only she’s an artist, but she works hard to be a better entrepreneur and individual everyday. Her weeks consist of painting, learning, marketing, networking and supporting other women entrepreneurs.
Instagram: @andyalain 

Photo Credit – Kayla Del Greco

Anna Saviolakis

Anna Saviolakis is a Montréal-based photographer. Her passion for photography began at Dawson College where she studied film and communications for two years before embarking on a journey of self-discovery. The venture resulted in a deeper enthusiasm for the medium and in 2018 she founded The Sav Collective, conceived to provide branding strategy, art direction, social media management as well as—most importantly—photography services. Though she works on an array of different projects with various clients, her passion lies in portraiture and fashion.

Instagram : @SavCollective

Anne Lovely Etienne

Anne-Lovely Etienne is renown in Montreal press, having worked for 24 Heures, Journal de Montreal and guest appeared on multiple blogs. She is a sensational writer who always pushes boundaries and speaks about all areas of being a woman in a leadership role. She is an advocate for change, speaking frequently about body image, self esteem and building confidence. She calls herself the next Oprah, and we’re all about it. A force to be reckoned with, with a gentle feminine side that defines a woman in all her beauty.

Instagram : @anne_lovely_e

Photo Credit – Matthew Perrin

Alex Kertzer

Founder of NRTHRN. After graduating from Lasalle College with a degree in fashion Marketing, she headed to the Big Apple to land a gig with a top retailer Beyond the Rack. She applied right away, as a Sample Manager – wanting to be a buyer and wanting to be in shoes. That department wasn’t available, but home decor was. In just four months she generated a million dollars in sales. Looking at all home trends, she noticed that a lot of what was existing in the market was missing quality, care and just the right product. That’s what sparked the initial idea of Nrthrn ; your bedding concierge specializing in everything bedding!

Instagram : @TheNrthrn

Alesya Kornetskaya

Kite surfer, mother who is taking the world by storm!

Alyssa Archer-Cooper

Alyssa Rae is a multimedia visual artist-entrepreneur based in Montreal, Canada, who created Art Today by Alyssa Rae to showcase and sell paintings that evoke happy, free, feel-good energy. Her artwork expresses elements of flow, structure, balance, and details, which are influenced by her backgrounds in dance and martial arts. Alyssa enjoys using her art as a tool to connect with others but understands that the freedom to let her own experiences, thoughts and connections guide her work is paramount. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts (with distinction) from Concordia University and works as a cultural officer for the City of Dorval. Alyssa is in the process of creating new artwork, participating in virtual group exhibitions, and experimenting with new and creative ways to promote and expand her business through online platforms.

Instagram : @arttodaybyalyssarae 

Photo Credit – M Immobilier

Betty Ouellet

Betty Ouellet is a real estate broker with M Immobilier. With decades of experience in customer service, Betty’s first priority is to make her clients happy and absolutely confident about their buying or selling choices. She is known for listening to her clients wants and needs to achieve the best outcome in every transaction. Betty strives to ensure that the home buying or selling process is fun, easy and stress-free. Her clientele can count on her any time of day when they have questions or concerns — Attention to detail is of utmost importance.

Instagram : @bzbettyo

Carole D Ro

Carole D. Rogero was born and raised in Montreal. In October of 2019, she packed up her family and moved to Florida. In her early twenties, she took her passion and love for dance and art and turned it into a thriving, decade long professional business. That passion was bellydancing. In March of 2020, that same passion led her to discover Macrame. After such a big life change, being in a new country and missing her loved ones back home, knotting became her therapy. As a fiber artist, she was pushed to learn a new form of art as well as having to challenge her creativity in new ways daily. She specializes in making home decor and lifestyle goods such as clutches, plant hangers and wall hangings. “I’m so thankful to have had great success and support in my first year of knotting. I’ve met amazing boss women who have helped me excel. The phrase “strong women lift each other up” has never held truer meaning. I look forward to see where my small business takes me. Stay Knotty &  BeGOSSY”

Instagram : @the.halfknot

Photo Credit – PBNJ Photography 

Carina Groombridge

Carina is a Mindset and Success Coach for Mompreneurs.  She loves to support moms to start and grow their own business so they can create the income and flexible schedule that works with their family life. No mom should need to choose between taking care of her family and making a lot of money. You can have both and Carina shows her clients how. Carina is an engineer turned entrepreneur and knows what it’s like to juggle a corporate job, 3 kids, a business, and the rest of life. Her business has allowed her to leave her 9-5 corporate job, make 10k$ months, sell-out offers and grow an engaged community of raving fans. She has supported her clients to sign clients on repeat, ditch overwhelm, create a 6 figure business and so much more. Carina’s 1:1 coaching program allows her clients to get the support they need to fast-track their business success.

Instagram : @CarinaGroombridgeCoaching

Photo Credit – Genevieve Labrosse Photographe

Caroline & Laurence

Arbore was born out of a handshake between Caroline, business lawyer, and Laurence, social media strategist, two best friends who gave themselves the challenge of acquiring their first rental property. They jumped right into the world of real estate investment while working at their respective jobs, and made it their mission to promote women in real estate. Why? Because at each step along the way to their first acquisition, they felt something was missing: women! Indeed, it’s a fact that women are still a minority in the real estate industry and are less prominently featured than their male counterparts. It is therefore via their Instagram platform that the two investors started documenting their real estate projects and shared their thoughts to inspire the next generation of women to dive into this adventure with them. They do not claim to be specialists or advisors in this sector. Their objective is to humbly and simply share their learning experiences while creating a forum where each woman can find motivation, help and comfort. If you want to connect with other women interested in real estate, we encourage you to join their recent Facebook Group. Stay tuned for their next adventure!

Instagram : Arbore Quebec

Photo & Make Up by- Natasha Racquel 

Carolyn Boisvert

Residential Real Estate broker at REMAX, DJ, and model. Carolyn’s confidence is her signature look. She does not live conventionally to social standard and does not care to follow the norm. She has her own way of seeing things and will only allow in the people who resonate at that level. A musical talent, who has performed in various music festivals her sound is synonymous with her attitude. With the love of arts came her current passion of real estate. She works under the Remax banner and joined her mothers team three years ago today which she calls the “perfect partnership” given her mothers 20+ years of experience in the game.

Instagram : @caroboisv

Cynthia Phenix

Cynthia Phénix is ​​a woman dedicated to succeed by embodying the ‘phoenix spirit’.  As a survivor of anorexia, she decided in 2019 it was time to turn her life around, and became a certified nail technician. CLUB PHNX was born and came to fruition in the quaint space of her apartment, where she then hired, trained and  guided her new employees to become accomplished nail technicians. The business quickly became a reference in the Montréal nail industry, leading them to expand and open a storefront in October 2020. In December 2020, Club Phnx launched a food bank campaign for the families of the Saint-Henri borough. In March 2021, The Phoenix Academy, with much anticipation, finally opened, offering a gel nail certification for everyone eager to learn this profession. Club Phnx will soon be launching a clothing line reflecting their femninist values, and empowering message, as well as its own line of nail products.The core mission of the PHNX is to give back, to help, to encourage and to empower women who desire what may be a fresh start or simply another chance, like a phoenix, to rise from their ashes.
Instagram : @clubphnx

Chantal Gallant

Chantal Gallant is a self-taught photographer from Montreal. She was raised in the country surrounded by nature, always a strong influence in her work and in her life. Chantal is the most grounded when she is free to roam and to create, so she uses photography as a mean to explore the world around her and its people. Being a natural optimist, Chantal quickly bonds with her clients, even the most camera shy. Her creative mind always seeks to capture the original, the natural and the beauty. She is known for her unique approach to portraiture, family editorials and maternity photography.

Instagram : @chantalgallantportfolio

Christina Esteban

Christina Esteban is a serial entrepreneur. She calls herself a “Montreal Portrait and Events Photographer and builder of your next chalet rental: L’Origine Nord”. March 2020: As part of 8 MTL women entrepreneurs, she raised $80k donated by communities + networks to deliver meals, PPE material to health care workers daily and directly to every hospital and CHSLD. I knew the general public were losing jobs and mid career change, so she offered deep discount LinkedIn headshots at her Old Port Studio. August 2020, I partnered with a group to bring 360 tours to small-midsize businesses. We photographed over 200 businesses to give them Google visibility. November 2020, Maxim Perrault changed my life. Max invited me to partner to create a POP UP studio at Club Atwater with Tenué de Soirée + Joe’s Prop house. Since then, I’ve continued this POP UP project supporting MTL local businesses. Including café/bakery Bar Á Beurre + most recently, The Ritz Carlton. Allowing safe fun the opportunity to exist in a pandemic. My latest project is the biggest one of my career. I bought 1 acre of land. I am building a contemporary short term rental for everyone to enjoy. Rentable: September/October 2021 in La Conception, 10 minutes from Tremblant.
Instagram : @cepstudio

Photo Credit – Melissa June Walsh 

Dora Mazzeo

Dora Mazzeo Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams Urbain. Before venturing into the real estate world. I hold an information technology degree. Being the only girl in the IT department felt like I was one of the few women in the tech industry, it felt nice proving that women can also be tech savvy. After spending 4 years in the tech industry, I decided to do a switch into the real estate world. Because it’s the kind of career where it depends on your personal potential, discipline and motivation. I wanted to test myself and see if I was up to the challenge! I remember my first year in real estate it was not easy financially and mentally but “without great sacrifice there can’t be victory” I told myself. I was able to get through the hard times because I really love what I do. My true passion for real estate came when I bought my first condo when I was 19 years old, I was scared and had no idea what I was doing but it just felt right. I love helping my clients do the first step in becoming homeowners. I always make sure to provide a significant service. It’s very important how you leave others feeling after an experience with you, it becomes your trademark. 

Instagram : @dora.mtl.realtor

Donny Simon

Donny Simon loves to socialize. She takes great pleasure in inviting her friends and talking about various hot topics. Its goal, to know the substance of the thought and the different opinions of the people. Her career as an animation and event planner began unpredictably. Word of mouth quickly made Donny one of the most coveted animators in her community. In recent years, she has had the opportunity to host “Le Festival International de Reggae de Montréal”, an event that welcomes more than 20,000 visitors per year. She works closely with the Wyland Brothers, a large firm in the event industry in Montreal. In addition, she has animated and organized more than forty events such as weddings, engagements, galas, shows, “showers” ​​as well as birthdays. Donny is a person with a strong personality that people appreciate. She attracts them with her dynamism, her aura and her positive energy. Her biggest dream is to share her passion for communication with the general public. She created with her partner Barbara Laurenstin her web TV project Point D’Vue (Pointdvue.ca) in 2014. Having had great success and more than 23,000 views over the two seasons, Donny decided to continue the adventure by creating her own own web TV, the Donny Show.

Instagram : @Donny_Show

Emilie Dallaire

Emilie Dallaire is 30 years old and her passion is to grow businesses. She studied marketing and business start-up and was formerly founder of the magazine Ongles Addict Québec & Europe which sold in four countries. She is now dedicated to her new company Ongles POP’ Nails. In five months, this company, includes four  nails technicians and a trainer, offers ready-to-wear nails in reusable resin, a distribution centre for nails technicians and it’s also a formation center. She also focus on offering business development training and mentoring, as it’s her favorite thing.
Instagram : 

Emilie Tardif

Émilie Tardif is the owner of Kalypso Concept Spa since 2011. “I invite you to come and meet our team of 12 people including stylists-hairdressers, beauticians, beauty technicians and massage therapists chosen for their expertise, professionalism and commitment. I am called a professional through and through! I make sure that the services offered at the spa are personalized and of superior quality. Inspired by my parents who own a natural products store, I developed a business vision in line with sustainable development. At Kalypso Concept Spa, you will have access to products and services that are good for your health and that of the planet. I also continue to perfect my development by following advanced training. In 2017, I added a string to my bow by becoming the owner of ZAO Canada where I import and manage the organic makeup distribution network. Come meet us and let us take care of you gently while minimizing your environmental footprint. It is with pride that we embody the future of healthcare.” – Émilie and her team.

Instagram : @kalypsoconceptspa @zaocanada @Emilie_tardif

Photo Credit – Michael Dupe (@dupe.png)

Emily Rose Vachon

Emily Rose Vachon, is a tattoo artist as well as a small business owner. From the time she could hold a crayon, art has been an integral part of her life so, becoming a full-time artist was of no surprise to her family and friends. When not holding a tattoo machine, she’s probably holding a paintbrush, pencil,  or other medium to express herself. People can visit her online shop to purchase her artwork and merchandise, such as clothing and car accessories. Also, they can follow her on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. She specializes in illustrative colourful designs, as well as black and grey. She is currently located in Gatineau, Quebec but you can find her at conventions and doing guest spots all across Canada. She has been featured on different media platforms for her work including a 2018 article by Narcity in which she was named one of the top 15 tattoo artists of Quebec to consider for a tattoo. Going forward, She hopes to further her talents on the international stage and expand her products to a greater client base. In her words: “Tattooing is my biggest passion and hopefully I will be marking people with my art for many years to come.”

Instagram : @emilyrosetattoos

Photo Credit – @SilkSavvy

Emily Bono

Emily Bono is the Founder of Silk Savvy. A company that focuses on silk-made products. From silk scrunchies, face coverings, sleeping masks, ribbons, and pillowcases all handcrafted in Montreal, Canada.

Instagram : @silksavvy

Photo Credit – Marcel Cristocea 

Esther Brzezinski

“My Age Is Not My Cage” At 61 Esther Brzezinski made the career pivot from small home based entrepreneur ( Esther B Accessories)to voiceover artist and actor. After an acquaintance pointed out the quality and tone of her speaking voice, she decided to take some voiceover classes. From there, an interest that had been buried since young adulthood re-emerged and began to take acting classes, while still having her business. In the meantime, her adult son who is on the Autism Spectrum was beginning his career as a singer/songwriter. The Business of Acting, given by the Montreal School of Performing Arts ( MSOPA)led by Josa Maul. Here she found a community of likeminded people.  Eventually, she got cast by a fellow classmate in a Web Series. That same classmate, a seasoned Podcaster himself, convinced her to create her own  , and Esther’s Breeze was born just 2 months shy of her turning 64. Live streamed on YouTube and available in audio on Spotify and Apple Podcast . The sixties Esther says ,  “Is my best decade yet!! “

Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/show/4o6Ra7IpHeguUuNQcllrUb?si=z6oN_qjZQe-QV1qzZ1xHOA

Photo Credit – Above the Sky Studios

Francesca Sacerdoti

Francesca Sacerdoti is an Italian-born freelance writer, music publicist, project coordinator, radio host and producer. Her studies span from visual communication, photography, fashion, show styling, fine arts, music business and marketing. In Italy she interned at Mila Schön’s press office, as event coordinator for the Fendi family, and at FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations). She wrote for art, culture, music blogs and journals. She was art director for various arts and music festivals. She curated several personal and collective art exhibitions. In Montréal she worked for an art and music event company and for a music PR company. Currently she is writing for the Italian paper Corriere Italiano, for the music blog Montreal Rocks; she is also project coordinator for the non-profit organization Sincop8ed Noize Foundation, and she is a radio host and producer at CKUT FM 90.3, Latin Music Mondays. Her own music PR company is set to officially launch in May 2021. The company aims to provide artists with a professional, economically competitive and attentive environment: from branding to artist development, artist management, music marketing and promotion, its goal is to support emerging and independent musicians.

Instagram: @francy_scd

Photo Credit – Avril Franco

Frederique LeGrand

Frédérique Le Grand, is the owner of the Koza beauty clinic located on Nuns’ Island. She is someone who has always been naturally interested in the field of beauty without really thinking of making a career of it one day. She is very aware of the natural feminine beauty and with time, realized that the most valuable thing is to work without feeling like you’re working. In January 2020, she took the leap and opened her business. She decided to relocate the clinic to a medical center on Nuns’ Island and today she can offer a place that reflects her vision. A place that is focused on beauty but also on inner health. That is to say, healthy and non-invasive options to enhance natural beauty while accompanying them towards a healthy lifestyle. At Koza, she offers non-invasive and affordable options to give each person confidence. Her priority is and always will be to support women in achieving their best image and self-esteem, one day at a time.

Instagram : @cliniquekoza

Gabrielle Bucchianico

Gabrielle Bucchianico started her own personal training business when she was 25 years old, the passion for training, health and helping others overcame her. She is a woman who always loves to push herself with new challenges and that is what drove her into learning about real estate. She started to study the market and the workings around it when she happened to fall upon being a mortgage broker. She fell in love with the fact that she can help people find their perfect property, whether it be for starting a family or investment opportunities. Both fields of work demand a lot of discipline, time and hard work which she believes, helps her balance the two different occupations. She has big goals and bigger dreams for her future, and she wants to do it all the while helping as many people as she can. 

Instagram : @The.Mortgage.Whisperer @GainzbyGabi

Photo Credit – House Of Socials

Gabrielle Breton

Photo Credit – César Ochoa

Honey Benjamin

I’m Honey Benjamin known as a model from Montreal . I am also a mother , artist and CEO of my modeling agency called HoneyB Management . I have been modelling for 11 years now and I always wanted to help upcoming models to find a place in an Agency where they can feel included and accepted but also to know ahead the industry . I focus on diversity and versatility and especially passion and drive !! Without that there is no magic !!! I believe that Anybody can achieve their dreams as long as they work hard to get there . Hard work does pay off and also helping out does . I am very happy of what I was able to accomplish as a woman entrepreneur.

Photo Credit – Jester Tshiyoyi 

Ikrame DK

I am Ikrame a health and fitness coach based in Montreal, Canada. I am also the founder and owner of Mika Athletics a fitness apparel company. I have been in the fitness industry all my life from playing soccer, flag football and basketball to training at the gym. It’s been 5 years now that I do what I love the most which is teaching women to become their own body goal and to adopt a healthy lifestyle. In 2020, I created Mika Athletics a UNISEX brand designed to make people feel good and look good no matter their SIZE, their WEIGHTS or their AGE. It was important also for me to create a line that people can wear out of the gym and become a larger part of people’s everyday wardrobes. As an entrepreneur, I put on a different hat everyday! I am the web and clothing designer, photographer, customer service, content creator, editor and many more behind the scenes! I started my business in my bedroom and have been expanding ever since. It is truly amazing what you can accomplish when you just have passion, determination and faith.

Instagram : @itsiikrame @mika.athletics

Illandra Page

Illandra Page is a South African-born Canadian Entrepreneur, and Founder of ListaLive, a mobile-first video advertising platform catering to the local community. While pursuing a career in Real Estate, with a strong focus on Property Management and Marketing, lllandra quickly discovered that very little innovation has taken place in the local advertising Industry, and she has since been determined to build the next generation of classified ads. Illandra is driven by her mission to create a safe, reliable and centralized platform that the community can turn to for all their local needs, and where small businesses, property owners and creatives can leverage the power of video to gain the exposure they need in order to reach, and engage with their primary target audience. lllandra believes where there is a problem, there is always an opportunity to innovate, to learn or to grow, and with consistency, drive and passion, anything can be achieved. There is no better time than the present to lead with passion and purpose, and as a South African female entering the North American tech Industry, Illandra strives to empower young women in particular, to know that regardless of demographics, circumstances and credentials, we are all capable of making a difference.

Isabelle Forand

Recognized for her decision-making and mobilizing leadership over the past 20 years, Isabelle has been able to build and lead efficient and committed teams thanks to her focused approach. On valuing skills and listening to the needs of the people around her. 8 years ago now she joined TD Bank and envisioned further developing her personal network and continuing to grow to give her clients added value. She completed her master’s degree in business administration from the University of Sherbrooke in May and will begin her certification in financial planning in September 2021. Passionate about music and outdoor activity, she makes sure to live each day to the fullest as if it were her last. Mom of an autistic child, she had the chance to discover her interest in behavioral analysis. She used her skills to stay attuned and understand her clients in order to respond to their concerns. In her own words “I really enjoy being involved in my community and I am sensitive to the well-being of children and people with mental disorders.”

Follow Isabelle on Instagram : @IsabelleForand

Jasmine Maisonneuve

Jasmine Maisonneuve is a medical aesthetician who has always had a passion and strong interest for the beauty industry. She graduated from aesthetics and started working in the industry. I realized my passion and interest was more towards the medical side of aesthetics. I have now worked as an accredited medical aesthetician for a number of years. I do everything from the basic Manicures and Pedicures to MicroNeedling and Medical Grade Peels. The biggest reward and accomplishment I can receive from what I do is making my clients feel and look there best from the inside out!!

Photo Credit – Amelie Boucher

Jennifer Fellegi

Jenni Fellegi is a Montreal based photographer that specializes in portraiture, lifestyle photography and boudoir. With a special accent placed on women, Jenni supports her community by equipping women, local businesses and brands with photographs that truly reflect the story they are trying to tell. Her goal is to offer her clients an experience where they can be themselves, unapologetically. With over 10 years of expertise behind the lens, Jenni has a keen eye for aesthetic and an energy that inspires confidence. A session with her is more than just snapping shots… she’ll help you see yourself in a way you’ve never seen yourself before.

Instagram : @jennifellegiportraits

Photo Credit – Lonely Girl Productions

Jessica Di Re

Established and recognized as a lifestyle broker, Jessica is known for her professional and personalized service that is offered to each and every one of her clients throughout every stage of their real estate journey. Her dynamic and friendly disposition turns what can be a stressful situation into an enjoyable experience. Jessica is revered by her clients in large part due to her digital marketing skills & her personal relationships, both locally and internationally.  She is also very attentive to making sure every home is well represented, more specifically the home staging process, photography, client care and after sale service. Jessica predominantly works in representing properties in trendy locations, waterfront homes and in revamping your everyday suburban household. Ensuring to always inform her clients and her audience of current market trends, Jessica hosts seminars on various real estate related topics.

Instagram : @jessicadire

Josianne Brousseau

Josianne has been working in marketing since 2006. Her goal is to help people achieve realistic, honest and above all creative results. In 2006, Josianne started as a marketing consultant when web marketing was just beginning. She first learned SEO, the use of blogging platforms that allowed her to create a blog from 2010 to 2019 called Etre Radieuse. This blog allowed her to make serious partnerships between 2013 and 2016 with large large companies such as Proctor & Gamble, Church & Dwight, Subway Canada and many others. In 2017, her husband and her decided to launch Neomedias Agency in order to create real marketing strategies with the rise of social media. They advocate transparency towards their customers as well as creativity. Josianne also created a badass french marketing course platform Neocademic and she owns softwares and technology.
Instagram : @josybee.me

Klara Bilemdjian

Klara is a holistic practitioner and energy worker, a certified clairvoyant offering intuitive energy readings and energy cleanses, and a certified Reiki Master, doing in-person or distant Reiki sessions. She also practices cranio-sacral therapy, offers guided visualizations, does house cleanses, holds workshops, trainings and group sessions, and offers her signature “Inner Journey Wellness Program”, which allows one to get to the root cause of any situation needing of attention. Her journey began while working in the corporate world in computer technology, while also being incredibly curious of energy work. Through a friend, she was introduced to a natural health institution that taught her how to connect within and heal herself, mind, body and energy. She then started branching out in many different healing modalities, following many incredibly gifted teachers who allowed her to deepen her knowledge. Right after she started working in this field part-time, she went through a major burnout, and a deep depression after the birth of her child. After picking herself back up using the many tools she had learned, she was divinely guided into devoting herself to her holistic work full-time, guiding others on their own journeys. 

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Kristina Boudaeva

Growing up in a small town of east Russia, I moved to Canada at the age of 17 with my parents. Since my childhood I had a passion for innovative stationery and contemporary design.  As a mother of two boys, I noticed how little is available in the stationery market to encourage human creativity. I believed that we would always be children at heart and I felt somebody had to do something about these mundane agendas and conventional colored journals that were sold year after year. One fine day 12 years ago, I decided to quit my secured government job as a programmer analyst to launch the WAFF line of products. Inspired from the grid of waffles, my favorite dessert, I decided to bring a similar textured surface into the stationery world. “            

Instagram : @waffworld

Laura Laoun

Photo Credit – Sokhan Sim

Laurence Labrosse-Heroux

“Hello everyone, my name is Laurence LH, I am the Co-President and founder of LLH Marketing. We specialize in training, consultation and social media management on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Our specialty is content marketing (for our customers and for the influencers we work with).  I am also a ‘practice leader’ at Anekdotes, where my team and I are in charge of all elements regarding social media for the firm and its customers. LLH has an official partnership with Entreprendre ici, through which we’ve committed to support start ups with their online visibility. Our workshops are available to them once a month. Now let me share a bit of my professional background: I finished my Bachelor in Management, with a specialization in the food industry and marketing back in 2015. As an addition to that, I have cumulated over 9 years of experience in sales before I founded LLH Marketing, 3 years ago. Outside of the business realm, I am  involved in a passionate project with the École supérieure de Ballet du Quebec, as the official director of the next Bal for 2022. PNP is a huge event that happens every year in order to raise funds for regular and excellence scholarships to students. A project very dear to my heart. My definition of success? Being able to do what you love while exploiting your full potential. Let’s reach the galaxy ladies.”
Instagram : @laurencelh

Lauren Pearson

Lauren is a freelance Illustrator, mixed media artist and graphic designer located in Toronto, Ontario. She specializes in custom illustration and branding for both large and small companies as well as individuals across the world. After graduating from Ryerson University with a Bachelor’s Degree of Business, she began creating custom artwork for friends and family, quickly realizing a demand for customized design. Lauren has now worked with over 40 companies including Google, Amex, L’Oreal, Nespresso, Holt Renfrew, Umbra and many more, as well as over 1,000 individual clients worldwide. Take a look around to learn more about recent projects, and feel free to get in touch regarding any questions. I would love to hear from you and discuss how we can partner to add a personalized touch to your brand or create the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love.

Instagram : @bylaurenp

Leyla Ghobadi

Leyla is a Canadian Persian artist, international DJ, art teacher, microblading artist, and real estate investor based in Montreal. She considers herself a “lucky entrepreneur as she has managed to combine her skills and interest to create a diversified portfolio. Artists have been hugely touched by the pandemic, thanks to my loyal collectors I have been able to produce several pieces while reinforcing my art teaching. I realized that art therapy was a growing demand for mental health for the past year. I have a solid background in interior design where it led me to invest in serval properties and renting them after a successful flip. Real estate management is one of my fortes as I enjoy every part of it and love to provide comfortable homes for travelers to rest. My latest interest is cryptocurrency, where I am still in a growing learning curve, but I see major potential in the ongoing trading. I love traveling for music, I have played in Ibiza, Miami, Dubai, and Tulum. I still pursue live music mixing despite the pandemic, I participate in international events online. Making art and playing music is my passion, combined with some real estate investment, it keeps my entrepreneurial mindset busy and happy. I have few projects in the pipeline for the upcoming year, I cannot wait to share that with my followers and every person who has been supporting me since day one. God bless.

Instagram : @leylaisonfire

Leah Koyfman

“Originally from Moscow Russia almost 20 years ago arrived to Montreal and started her aesthetic practice. Continuing her education in Naturopathic médecine field Leah achieved her goals in private practice as skin care therapist. Leah is Aesthetic Naturopatic Physician N.D ,BSc, CMT Doctor of Naturopathy with more then 10 years of providing medical aesthetic services.Winner of 2019 Best skin care provider Oceanic Beauty award. Leah specializing in advanced laser technology in skin care ,working with problematic skin conditions such as Acne ,Rosacea ,Pigmentation, Dryiness,Early aging. As well Leah certified body remodeling and weight management specialists ,helping clients to achieve healthy life-style. Leah is very  committed to provide her clients with personalized treatments and services, that embrace and enhance their natural beauty inside and out. Leah provides the most advanced treatments and technologies for exceptional aesthetic results. Her focus is to educate  patients on preventing and treating the signs of aging as well as maintaining beauty and wellness of their body.”

Lisa Stott

Lisa Stott is the founder of SOSO MIMI, a company created in Montreal, from her kitchen island. Mother of two beautiful girls, Lisa would be described as authentic, curious, tenacious, resilient, and yes funny (even if her entourage do not all agree). It was her life journey and children who inspired the launch of her business. Over the past few years, she had been searching and questioning herself a lot. She had a constant pain in her chest and realized it was her soul that was suffering and had ignored it for too long. After lots of soul-searching, her desire to help others while doing something creative became very present. Unintentionally, she embarked on the study of emotional intelligence and discovered a true passion. She knew this was part of her life mission. SOSO MIMI is an online business with a mission to design educational & decorative products that will help parents cultivate their children’s emotional intelligence and self-esteem. They offer products designed locally with care. Their products are inspired by nature, with their refreshing design and by the material composition. The official launch to market is this Spring!

Instagram : @sosomimi.ca

Madeline J. Ungurain

Madeline Ungurain is a PPL, CPL certified pilot. “If you told me ten years ago my life would look like it does now, I would have replied in disbelief that you must be describing someone else. A teenage single mom, born and raised in Cambridge, Ontario; a high school dropout, living in a women’s shelter with infant twins, not a penny to my name, seems like a foreign and distant part of my past. However, this is the path that led me to where I am today. Since 2011, I have graduated high school and college with honours, started a new life for my family across the country, had a successful career working at world-renowned hotels, and eventually as a chef at a restaurant I helped design. I completed my private and commercial pilot licenses, bible school, started my own private catering business, while also working as a volunteer news editor for the Ninety-Nines International Organization of Women Pilots. Today I live in Squamish, B.C. with my ten-year-old twin boys. I work as a flight dispatcher while studying to complete my flight instructor rating. My long-term goal is to become a missionary pilot and bring aid to remote communities around the globe while sharing my faith with others. Not only have I been determined and passionate, but I have had successful female mentors in the industry who have encouraged me along the way. I now aim to be that influential female image for as many other aspiring pilots as possible.”

Instagram : @madelineungurain 

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Marian Ishak

Marian Ishak is no stranger to hard work. A mother of two little girls, and a top producing Real Estate Broker, Marian is driven, ambitious and a master negotiator. The powerful combination of her incredible knowledge of the market, patience, attention to detail mixed with her strong confidence generates a recipe for success whether you’re buying or selling a property. With just under 22 million in sales volume in the last 12 months, Marian has set a standard that she strives to exceed. She is known to ensure a successful and stress free transaction while always offering high quality service to all her clients. A positive customer experience is her main priority.” 

Instagram : @Marian.realestate

Maria Caruana

Meet Maria Caruana, Mind-Body Life Coach (NLP certified). Maria has dedicated herself over the last few years to understand the connection between the mind and body and how to break negative patterns that are holding your back. She is a certified bodyArt master trainer, Pilates instructor and NLP Life coach, giving you the TOOLS, STRATEGIES, AND TECHNIQUESfor better communication and habits that allow you to achieve the RESULTS you are looking for. The tools she gives to you are so powerful yet easy to understand and she will show you how to commit yourself to a deeper understanding, allowing you to focus on having healthier relationships, and transcend the obstacles that afflict your body and mind, freeing you to live the life you are meant to live.

Marjorie Aimé

Marjorie is an author and columnist for various magazines. She uses her experience to meet the needs of writers, students, entrepreneurs and bloggers. Marjorie is also the mother of 3 teenagers; This is how she learns to juggle different aspects of her life in order to find a balance between her male and female attributes. It is likened to a flower that opens when it blooms and closes to better recharge when needed. Nature is for her a source of vitality and inspiration, from which stems among other things her great creativity. A proud ambassador for autism, she has written three books on the subject. As a mother of two children diagnosed with autism, she co-created the ActionParents.com platform from which she shares tools, tips and tricks with parents of children with autism. More recently, she created TexteSansFaute.com, working as a writer and linguistic editor for entrepreneurs from various fields of practice. Woman of action and heart, she believes in applying beliefs to achieve goals. Her motive : fake it till you make it!

Facebook : @MarjorieAimé

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Marina Paradisis

Marina Paradisis is a certified event planner and the co-founder of Cloud Nine. Cloud Nine is an online boutique that offers a wide range of beautifully handcrafted epoxy pieces. They create unique and custom made pieces that vary from keychains, coasters, jewelry trays, jewelry, and so much more. Each and every piece is handcrafted with love in Montreal, Quebec. Marina started Cloud Nine with her partner as a passion project in February 2020. As the event industry hit an unfortunate pause in March 2020, she decided to focus more and grow Cloud Nine. She graduated in Event Planning & Management at Trebas Institute in 2017 and quickly began her venture in the event industry. As much as she truly misses working in events, this time apart allowed her to expand her creativity and discover new talents. Marina’s attention to detail and love for all things pretty has always played a big part in her creativity, whether she’s working with events or epoxy. She looks forward to combining her love for events and epoxy in the future.

Instagram : @bycloudnine_

Marie Archibald

Instagram : xo.marielynn

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Marie-Annick Boisvert

Marie-Annick Boisvert has been working in the field of communications for over 20 years. In 2000, she launched an event organization company that quickly became a benchmark in the event industry since Marie-Annick was systematically at the forefront of all trends.. Always on the lookout for new opportunities, she embarked in 2010 on a 2.0 shift in social media strategy. In 2013, she returned to her first love, public relations. Her expertise and vast experience in event planning and social media provide her with a complete perspective, extensive connections and make her a public relations officer who understands the various issues in the community.

Photo Credit – Manoucheka Lacherie

Mama Oracle

Mama Oracle is an Energy Healer, Spiritual Counsellor, Doula, and Medicine Woman. She practices three different types of Reiki : two of them are Japanese, and one is Kemetic (from Ancient Egypt called RaSehki). She specializes in Spiritual and Energetic Health, which in turn positively affects your Mental, Emotional and Physical Health. In her words “I love brutally honest people who tell it like it is in relationships and friendships ; honesty is safety”.

Instagram : @mamaoracle

Maeve Mancini

My name Maeve Mancini, the face & founder of Spray n’ Slay, a mobile and studio spray tan business in Montreal! I am passionate about finding the perfect, sunless shade for every skin type, body & personality – simply putting a glow in your step; In other words, Slay the day!

Instagram : @spraynslay_mavayy

Marissa Miller

Marissa Miller is a journalist and editor covering health, nutrition, fitness, style, beauty, travel, tech and mental health with work published in the New York TimesWashington PostCNN Style, NBC News, the Wall Street JournalVogue, USA Today, BBC Travel, CosmopolitanWomen’s HealthGQ and more. PRETTY WEIRD, her debut collection of essays contending with themes of impostor syndrome, body image and self-worth, will be published by Skyhorse Publishing and distributed by Simon & Schuster in May 2021. Several of her poems have won national awards and are published in anthologies by the Poetry Institute of Canada. Miller judges journalism and poetry contests across North America and lectures at universities to aspiring writers. She holds a degree in journalism and creative writing from Concordia University, and a certificate in plant-based nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies at Cornell University. In 2018 and 2019 respectively, Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global named her one of the top women to watch and one of the top female creatives.

Instagram : @MarissaMiller_

Maude Auger

I’m a qualified daycare teacher now working as a full-time nanny. I’ve worked with special needs children for a few years, especially the autistic clientele which is a field I’ve extended my studies in. I love children and education and they are definitely a vocation and a passion. I would consider myself as a really passionate, creative and artistic person. Indeed, I’ve had a passion for art under all its forms since I was a little girl and brushes have always been my thing. I love to play with textures and create art on all types of canvas. I discovered my passion for makeup in my early 20’s as I just fell in love with all the different mediums it offers as well as the art of transformation. I also just love how confident it makes you feel as you enhance your natural beauty! I’ve been a freelance makeup artist for the past 2 years now and I offer my services at my home studio or as a mobile MUA. My mission with makeup is to make women feel beautiful, confident and fierce! I’m currently working on a personal project to give back to my community with #TakingItGlobal. Stay tuned! 

Melina Blais Exantus

Real estate broker with REMAX. Speaking about her journey, Melina says “At the age of 7, I convinced my twin sister to come with me to help me pick up all the rubbish that we could find on the grounds (papers, cardboard, newspapers, etc.), which surrounded our apartment block. Once finished, we headed to the janitor’s office to show him our bags full of garbage and in exchange, he gave us a handful of change ($ 0.05 and $ 0.10), which allowed me to buy myself chocolate bars at the convenience store. From a very young age I said that I wanted to be my own boss without even understanding the meaning of the word “work”. From the age of 19, I worked in the hospitality industry where I worked for over 10 years. I loved this experience. It allowed me to step out of my comfort zone, to develop my personality with clients while developing my network of contacts. When I was 24, I suddenly learned of the death of a loved one who was very dear to me. We were the same age. This drama will change my life forever. It was during the most difficult time of my life that I got to know myself and discover the woman I am today. A woman with great perseverance, with rigor and who NEVER gives up. A woman who is not afraid of anything and who is ready to take on any kind of challenge. This event was the trigger that led me to become a residential real estate broker. I started this job a little less than a year ago and I love what I do. A little girl’s dream came true, that of being my own employer.”

Instagram : @melina.be.realestate

Melodee Brand

Melodee Brand, Founder & CEO Rüut. She is a mother, nail technician, artist and founder. She started my entrepreneurial journey at around 11 years of age selling t-shirts with uniquely designed transfers at my father’s clothing store. That one moment sparked my passion for creating new, unique and useful products. Through the years, I attempted various product and business ideas that although failed did allow me to learn valuable lessons and grow from my experiences. My current venture, Rüut Naturals, focuses on sustainable and eco-friendly based solutions for keeping your home and personal life clean. My current main product, eco-refill cleaner pods offer a no waste plastic free method for cleaning anything and everything. Made with plant and mineral based renewable ingredients along with scents of pure essential oils. Through necessity I opened up an Etsy Shop in 2020 to share my products and innovations with the world. My current mission is to educate people and create a community that focuses on leading a green conscious lifestyle. You can find my company and follow along on all social platforms, @ruutnaturals. 

Instagram : @ruutnaturals

Mindy Shear

Mindy Shear, Make-up Artist and Beauty Consultant, focuses on empowering women with confidence from the inside out. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts, she has merged her artistic skills, background, and experience with values and principles founded on a holistic approach that connect mind, body, skin, and the environment. Always on the forefront of her industry, Mindy combines the best in science and nature with Arbonne products that are known for their certified-clean benefits. For Mindy, beauty and skin care are about today and tomorrow. Looking and feeling your best while safeguarding skin from harmful ingredients is the best way to ensure that skin ages well. An in-demand beauty consultant since 1985, Mindy credits her success to sharing her knowledge and expertise. She believes that investing in one’s own development is key to building both confidence and self-reliance. To meet the demands, she has developed comprehensive courses that focus on helping women to grow their knowledge on self-care and independence. Her courses include make-up application, skin care, business coaching, and developing the right mindset for success. You can learn more about Mindy and how she inspires women to lead their ideal life by visiting her website at MindyShear.com.

Naomy Stern

Naomy Stern is a fashion designer based in Montreal. my fashion label is Naomy Stern Couture, I am a fashion designer with a passion for bridal gowns and evening wear. I grew up surrounded by talent in couture, and was drawn to fashion from a young age.  I followed my passion and went to design school and from there, grew my knowledge in design and fashion. I started off by dressing friends and family and soon enough built my clientele. Everything is custom, from the design to the final look. I truly love making a brides dream come true by designing and creating her fairy tale wedding dress, of course styling her to compliment her to look her best. I know I have achieved my goal when a bride feels beautiful on her special day. My work is haute couture, and I work exclusively with exquisite materials and focus on perfection, down to the last detail. My greatest achievements is dressing the whole family, from the bride to the flower girls, and yes I’ve done the grooms too! Here are a few of my creations…which include ballgowns and cocktail dresses for that special event.

Photo Credit – @mimosa.marketing 

Nathalie Bee

Nathalie is the creator, and owner, of Loved FramesLoved Frames offers unique, and personalized, frames that can suit anyone and will surely make them feel loved and appreciated!I brought Loved Frames to life, in August 2020, with the goal to take my creative and artistic passion from a concept into a successful business. With her current business model, she is proud to say that she is right on track! She has spent countless hours perfecting her technique, and prototypes, before she was happy to release it to the open market. Of course, there were bumps in the road. Her key was to focus on her dream, seek advice, accept criticism, keep pushing and overcome the idea of ‘impossible’. She implores women to pursue their dreams and see them come to fruition. There is fulfillment in doing something you love, and there is no other feeling quite like it! ‘Making people feel Loved’ encapsulates how she works and what goes into every frame that is delivered. Which is why it is more than the business slogan – it is also her personal motto.

Instagram : @lovedframes

Noemie Bazinet

Noemie is the founder of Unicorn Scents. She is a 24 year old woman from Rimouski, Québec. She started creating handmade bath and beauty products in her childhood with her mom as a mother-daughter activity. She developed a big passion for skin care and mouth watering scents over the years. She’s always dreamed of being able to do what she loves the most as a living.  Noemie recently decided to put all of her efforts into unicorn scents and move forward to accomplish her dream, of bringing a bunch of amazing, cruelty free, handmade, yummy products!

Instagram : @Unicorn_Scents

Petrona Joseph

Petrona Jacqueline Joseph featured on Breakfast Television is a tri-lingual Linguistics Graduate, operating as a Public Relations Consultant in Montreal and New York. Having worked with brands like BMW, Aston Martin, Jaguar and Range Rover, she was the first Black Woman to ever work for the prestigious Bentley Motors brand in Montreal. However, it was her passion for writing and oration that opened numerous doors for her, namely as Vice President of Marketing for Montreal Caribbean Fashion Week, Honorary Delegate in the Film Festival Views of the World, Ambassador for BMW Canada, and working with numerous Fashion Designers. She is also one of the few Black Women to work alongside the Mega Shopping Destination Premium Outlets Montreal, where she created countless Marketing Campaigns, proving her strength in the Fashion Industry. In 2016, while approached by Breakfast Television, she took the risk and purchased air-time from the power-house Rogers Communications, which made television more accessible to local Montreal Designers. With hard work and infused passion, her fashion segment was the number one in online views on the Breakfast Television platform, a success that continues to follow her today.

Instagram : @iampetronajoseph


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Rosa-Farline Telsaint

For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about fashion. I’ve always been sensitive to art, colour, and texture—as though they are a part of me. Inspired by fashion icons like Jeanne Beker, Rachel Zoe, and Patricia Field, I was drawn to the world of design, creativity, and artistic expression. I embraced this world, developing a unique and constantly evolving style of my own. Under pressure to do something practical I studied accounting, but numbers and office work didn’t inspire me nearly as much as the time I spent creating my portfolio, working with individual clients, and dreaming of the day when I would start my own fashion consultancy. I firmly believe that everyone has a unique personal style. When I work with a client, my aim is not to change her, but to draw out that which makes her unique and express it through fashion. By exposing my clients to new fashion ideas, I empower them to experiment and expand their horizons. Helping my clients through this process of discovery and creation is what I love most about my job. To me, fashion is art, and every new client is a blank canvas.

Instagram : @By_Farline

Photo Credit – @MathildLangevin

Rosiane Larochelle

Rosiane is the owner of Boutique Ousias. She is a a mother of two and considers herself a wellness advocate. She graduated from university in Psychology in 2011 and has also been working for Protection de la Jeunesse. She likes to live fully and have projects that spark her creative side. Wellness in women is an important topic, aside from skincare and supplements, she likes to encourage women to take an active roles in their mental, physical and emotional health. In her words “from saying “no” to opportunities that don’t align with your truest self to not feeling guilty about sitting on the couch binging Bridgeton, I believe that wellness is a broad topic where women can have fun without guilt.”  

Photo Credit – Marcel Cristocea

Samara Archange

Samara Archange is one of the co-founders of DGA Financement Commercial, a commercial mortgage brokerage firm. This Dominion Lending Center’s franchise  is the fifth commercial banner of the group and the second one in Quebec’s area. The core of her business targets commercial clients since she has been developing a solid tie with business owners and entrepreneurs for the last ten years. In the past, she worked on several business development projects and has held management positions in government structures, banking and private companies.  This allowed her to gain a solid experience in management as well as in growth strategies. She studied at the Hautes Études Commerciales de Montréal [HEC] in the field of administration and financial management. She also completed a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Montreal, giving her key knowledge in customer approach given the importance she places on human relations in the professional context. Having the desire to develop her professional skills and her personal skills, she decided to undertake in parallel, a master’s in business administration MBA on management consulting. She lives her passion for real estate daily by bringing entrepreneurs and investors to the next level.

Instagram : @Samara.Archange


Samantha J Hobbs

Samantha grew up as a horseback rider in the beautiful farmlands of the Eastern Townships. She moved to the big city by herself in 2013 to pursue her studies in International Business at Dawson College. Through hard work and dedication, she completed her Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Finance at John Molson School of Business. She and her partner founded their construction business in 2018 while pursuing her full time studies and being a step-mom. She gathered a social media following and grew her community through instagram and her blog Little Mum Book. Fast forward a couple of years and one baby boy later, Samantha now wears many hats in one day. From creating content and working with companies on social media to handling the customer service, accounting, marketing & sales of the family business, Samantha balances work life and mom life on the daily. As first generation entrepreneurs, she and her partner are building the life of their dreams and documenting it on their Youtube Channel One Family One Love. Samantha credits her strong work ethic & perseverance to her years working in horse barns!
Instagram : @samjhobbs

Photo credit – @nve.foto 

Shanna Nellis

Shanna’s clients can expect an ambitious real estate broker who values building honest and transparent relationships while successfully walking them through the purchase or sale of their home. Shanna’s property management, educational background and many years of sales experience have developed her solid negotiation skills, allowing her to execute deals smoothly and successfully for her clientele. Her knowledge of the real estate market is outstanding and she continuously remains current and well informed of its evolution. From the very first time you meet Shanna, it will be clear that she unconditionally adores what she does and will confidently surpass your expectations!

Follow Shanna on Instagram @Shannellis


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Sidra Rubin

Blush & Vyne was born out of a love for every day fashion and beauty. With a laid back view on fashion, accessories and all things pretty, I am inspired by my clients and their day to day lifestyle. With over 16 years experience in the retail industry, Blush & Vyne was created with real women in mind. I have listened to countless stories, laughed at endless tales and felt empowered by all of my client’s accomplishments. With this in mind Blush & Vyne has become a place where I can continue to tell my stories and share with this growing community on the daily. In my personal and professional life, I see a huge need for us, as women, to get back to ourselves and find a place where we can live confidently. Somewhere along the way, we lost ourselves in this crazy world and I am on a quest to find peace and reconnection within myself and my crew.  Let’s learn to love ourselves again, and continue to lift each other up and grow. As a busy mom and solo-preneur I have learned so much from my failures and successes. The best part? I get to keep doing it.

Instagram : @blushandvyne

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Founder of Venice MTL.

Instagram : @soso_sophia

Dre. Sophie Maffolini

I am a family doctor, a multi-passionate spiritual entrepreneur, author of the best-selling Meditating Without Complexity and The Anxiety Without Complexity, and godmother of the Mindful Mafia. I am here to accompany you on the path to mindfulness … and happiness. If the Universe has brought you here, you’ve come to the right place! That you are stressed, anxious, exhausted, I understand. Because I’ve been there. During my medical studies, I developed anorexia. And thanks to mindfulness, I healed. After practicing conventional medicine in the Far North for 7 years, I left to follow the call of my heart and practice a medicine of the soul that brings the human back to the heart of him. I am on a mission to share with you this experience which changed my life, and which could change yours too!

Instagram : @SophieMaffolini

Photo credit – Carolanne Lamontagne photographe

Stéphanie Boulay 

Stéphanie Boulay, born on the South Shore of Montreal, into a large family where I learned very early on the importance of values ​​such as mutual aid and hard work. Founded in 2013, The Stéphanie B. Beauté-Balnéaire-Boutique Group, a company from the greater Laurentians region, is launching its own collection of luxury body products for women and men. Entirely made and designed in Canada by expert hands, the products are elegant, made with natural ingredients, gluten-free, paraben-free and cruelty-free.

Instagram, here : @stephaniebeaute.canada

Photo Credit – Alice Xue Photography

Taïna Chalifoux

Taïna Chalifoux comes from a multicultural background (half Quebecer, half Moroccan) and without barriers. Her openness to the world and to culture led her to learn five languages: French, English, Arabic, Spanish and Italian. Having always had a strong inclination for business, after her DEC in Commercial Management at Cégep de Sainte-Foy, she continued her studies at HEC and completed a trilingual BAA in International Business and Marketing. In 2014, she founded the company Incas Di Napoli Inc., offering a commercial coffee break service to offices, shops, and restaurants. Three years later, the company has more than 400 clients in the greater Montreal area. In 2015, the team participated in the famous show “Dans l’Oeil du Dragon” on Radio-Canada. Thanks to the strong business model, Di Napoli received an offer from each of the dragons, which exceeded the initial amount requested by Taïna and her team. She evolves according to her own image of entrepreneurship, which is defined by her passion, nonconformity, and a touch of recklessness. She loves to share and inspire other entrepreneurs by being generous with her experiences, tools, and contacts.

Instagram : coffeequeen_official

Tangelo MTL

Tangelo MTL is a fresh social media business founded by three ambitious women; Hannah, Dayna, and Zoe. They fused their skills to conceptualize an all-in-one social media experience that will allow you to take a more hands-off approach and focus on the other aspects of your business.


Tania Semper

Tania is an International Branding and Marketing Maven, Podcaster, and Media Personality on a mission to make sustainability sexy. With flair and personality, Tania has an innate talent and natural creativity to anticipate new trends and position “green” products and services in the most alluring way. She is the Founder of Pamper & Splurge, a creative agency that targets brands looking to operate sustainably, or those already operating sustainably but struggling to hit the mark. Ultimately her intention is to make what isn’t considered cool, cool, through eye-catching branding, and lip-smacking marketing campaigns. She co-owns Spa Cloud, an eco-luxe spa in the heart of Griffintown offering cryotherapy, massage, facials, and light therapy. She is also the co-owner of Nuru Play, an eco-luxurious massage brand that is helping couples reignite bedroom passion through sensual body sliding. Want to learn how you can live sustainably without compromising style? Subscribe to her “Sustainability is Sexy” podcast to learn more. 
Instagram : @TaniaSemper

Photo Credit – Madeleine Robertson (@madeleinerobertson

Thalia Dabda

“I love inspiring people – it’s what I live for! I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart and what lights me up most is connecting with people and helping them achieve their goals. This began for me after graduating from McGill in Management, when I pursued my love for education by building my tutoring company, Study Buddy. In working closely with teens for over a decade, I became an expert at feeling energy, recognizing blocks, and adapting motivational strategies to each student based on their individual circumstances. By harnessing my emotional intelligence, I had become more than a tutor; I was a mentor and coach. I refined my coaching skills and became certified in 2020 to pursue my calling to assist people in becoming “unstuck.” Positive psychology, mindfulness and the study of habits are at the core of my coaching practice. I have a unique ability to digest spiritual and scientific information and relay it in a fun, interesting way that people understand and want to incorporate into their lives. I feel a surge of pride whenever I witness a breakthrough moment; nothing makes me happier than restoring confidence and sparking joy in my clients. I’m here to help people live their best, most satisfying lives.”

Instagram : @thaliajoie

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Vanessa Dahlia

Vanessa Dahlia is an ambitious, versatile and hard-working entrepreneur who has been performing Oriental and contemporary dance for 16 years. She has a DEC and a bachelor degree in dance which has permitted her to teach and perform various styles for different age groups and different events such as corporate, weddings ,elementary, high school’s, dance camps, International culture Days, festivals private courses ,old folks homes and many more. She has been part of the musical dance show “sheherazade les mille et une nuits” in Paris and Montreal and the Oriental Ballet company of Canada. She is recognized as a very passionate calm, inspiring and charismatic instructor with her students. Recently, she has been interested in a more intuitive and emotionally connected search of movements. In order to deepen this approach, she participates in women’s circles and various spiritual events. To know more about her workshops, classes or events, visit her Instagram as well as her Facebook page.

Instagram : @DahliaVanessa

Vanessa Issaza

I have always believed in taking care of one’s mind, body and soul. From a very young age, self care has been an area of interest of mine and with time, skin care specifically became not only my passion, but my expertise. My life’s mission is now to share this with the world. After studying biology at the University of Montreal, I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a medical aesthetician and completed by training in 2017. I spent the following years working with many great doctors in some of the most renowned aesthetic clinics in the Greater Montreal area. It is during these formative years that I started developing my own unique holistic approach towards aesthetics and skin care. When I treat a person, I focus on every aspect of their lifestyle choices and habits that impacts their skin, and create a personalized treatment plan, including only the best medical grade products on the market, while making sure they achieve their skin goals. Despite this being a difficult year for the beauty industry, I am currently working on a new project to continue my mission of being your go to esthetician for all your skin care needs. I also love putting out educational content. You can check me out on Instagram @skinbyvanessa. 

Instagram : @SkinByVanessa

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Veronica Tamburro

My career to date has been dedicated to making music accessible to all — whether it be fostering a love of music and excellence in my students or providing the live soundtrack to life’s most memorable moments. I am a classically trained violinist and mezzo soprano with over twenty years of experience in the field, and music degrees from Concordia University and UQAM. I have eight years of work experience in music education, a graduate certificate in Educational Leadership from McGill University and I am currently teaching music and drama at The Study. In 2015, I co-founded SoulStation Orchestra with Daniel Di Cintio. Encompassing all genres and styles, Soulstation Orchestra provides live music entertainment and DJ services driven by our members’ talent, dedication and passion. So what sets us apart? We work with our customers to tailor each aspect of our performances to their vision and preferences, promising that everything is handled with professionalism and the highest standards. We put our hearts and souls into bringing our clients’ unique events to life in the most fun and entertaining way. We also support local talent and collaborate with vendors across Canada on passion projects and fundraisers benefiting important causes, like our SoulStars Gala for Ovarian Cancer Canada.

Instagram: @soulstationorchestra @veronica_tamburro

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Viktoria Marich

Born in a small city in Ukraine, Vitkoria came to Canada in 2010 with big dreams. She learned English and French her first year of arrival. She always knew she wanted to be her own boss. While still working full-time she took night classes to obtain her real estate license six years ago. She says that “when it comes to real estate, the sky is the limit”. Her advice? “surround yourself with people who make you discover new things and make you raise your standards. I love being surrounded by like-minded individuals who strive to be wealthy in every way possible; Health, finances, beautiful relationships and friendships and life fulfillment. That’s called being a whole life millionaire.” Having been through her shares of adversities she always stands strong and believes in the power of changing your mind!

Instagram : @viktoria_mtl_realestate

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Zoe Bennett

Zoe always knew she was destined to be an entrepreneur, but she just never knew how. Until one day, three years ago a tarot reader gifted her with a heart shaped rose quartz crystal. That was the moment Zen by Zoe Boutique slowly began to take shape and she didn’t even know it. Her spiritual journey had lead her to a point where she was longing to share it with others, but how?  She had the idea to start making crystal beaded bracelets as a way to bring the joy she herself felt from crystals and spirituality to others. It has since grown from there! Zen by Zoe boutique is a spiritual boutique where you can find everything you need to guide you a long your spiritual journey. They are here to help you with whatever questions or tools you might need to support you on this path.

Instagram : @zen.byzoeboutique

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