Hair Artist, Business Woman Laurence Poirier-Pichette of Haircoast

Building a Brand Using Social Media

Meet Laurence Poirier-Pichette, owner of Haircoast Extensions. What started off as a passion quickly became a business idea.   “I started to be really passionate about hair extensions and found my love for business at the same time”. She utilized social media to grow HairCoast, amassing a following and a fan club of girls that organically promote her quality hair products.

Where did you develop your entrepreneurial traits?

I’ve been working since I’m 15 years old. My first job was at Browns. I never perceived work as a task but something that I would look forward to. I worked in the sales industry for the rest of my teenage years. Working at renown companies like Browns and Aldo definitely helped me develop my work ethic. It became clear to me at a young age that I wanted to become a business woman. 

Did you always know you would end up owning your own business?

From what I remember I wanted to be successful and work in fashion marketing. My first plan was to get a University degree and then become a buyer for a fashion company. I always had a big vision ; after University my goal would be to move to Europe. I was never scared to have big ambitions. I didn’t know I would own a company, but I knew I was not made for a 9 to 5. 

From a young age I was always passionate about the hair and beauty industry. Although, it was never my intention to work in the beauty industry. I started Hair extensions by Laurence as a hobby. I started to be really passionate about hair extensions and found my love for business at the same time.

I’m definitely a hustler and workaholic and I think people get that feeling when they see me. They know I’m passionate and they know I will put all my heart into their hair. I take time to build relationships with clients. I treat my clients with respect and from what clients told me it makes a huge difference! Haircoast is my new baby. I created this project in 2020. We supply hair extensions for professional. One of the biggest problem in Montreal was to find good quality of hair. I think what make us different is we have an amazing quality that last long ! It was important to me to create something that would be consistently good.

What is a challenge you face while owning your business?

The biggest challenge for me is definitely to balance my personal life with work. It’s really hard for me to take a day off and close my phone. I feel bad when I don’t work. I always want to keep up with my business on spare time but taking time off for myself is important so I really try to practice that. 

My biggest goal was to create my own line of hair extensions. We can check this out of the list! Creating Haircoast was definitely a dream for me. It was three years of hard work and dedication in the making. It was not always easy I went through a lot of ups and downs but I’m so grateful for both of them. I’m always working on something new! In 5-10 years I would love to have employees working with me and supply internationally.

What motivates you to keep growing and expanding?

Freedom. The freedom of being able to make my own schedule and make my own decisions. Seeing what I’ve accomplished in the past three years definitely keeps me motivated. Clients also motivate me a lot ! It’s crazy how you can change someone’s life just by doing their hair. I love to make woman happy and confident in themselves.

What does success represent to you?

Success for me is waking up every morning and being grateful for my life. It’s a blessing to love what you do everyday! Being able to create projects and live from my passion at such a young age it’s really amazing. I never ran after success I ran after my passion and success came after!

Where did you develop your entrepreneurial spirit?

I think you are definitely born with it. I was always surrounded by a lot of entrepreneur around me. My dad is a big source of inspiration for me he’s the most hard-working person I know. He taught me good values about life and working was one of them. It was always in me but I think working at Browns really built me into a good entrepreneur.

I always see big. It’s never enough for me. I’m the type of person who will never be satisfied. I always think what more could I do. Think big or go home that’s my everyday thinking. I always set high goals because I have high expectation to succeed. I definitely see my company growing. We have now our online boutique but we are currently working on a new project that I can’t talk about yet. 

How do you apply work life balance?

Work life balance is really hard when you own a business cause everything relies on you. It’s only after three years that I allow myself to take “real” day off. I always thought that the more I work was the better but in reality, I learned that the smarter you work the more you can achieve. It’s important to take time off and go to the gym and relax.

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