Goss Club Celebrates 25,000 Social Kits Sold

The hottest product on Goss Club, the Social Kit went VIRAL reaching over 25,000 women in the USA and Canada. What started as a way to promote women and encourage them to get visibility during these unprecedented times, turned into a massive movement on its own. We sat down with Shareholder, Rebecca Perez who spoke to us about growth hacking and how the company reached over $15,000,000 in revenues in this short time span. Keeping it Gossy as per usual!

Did you anticipate this to happen when you launched the product?

We really didn’t! It was a spur of the moment creative idea from Sofia, our longtime Editorial Coordinator. She saw an opportunity when approached by a previous client who asked if we would be interested in helping her promote her brand. We didn’t have an initial offering at the time, and so I told Sofia to judge what she thought would be appropriate to charge as a service fee. We had never done anything like this previously, focusing more on advertorial campaigns in our print magazines or just sponsorships for events. We gauged based on our following and reach that $1,500 would be a reasonable price point. The client came back to us saying it was over her budget and if there was any other types of kits available. 

What did you do then?

I had to figure it out, and crunch the numbers. We decided to offer payment plans and it was a hit! I didn’t have an Editorial team at the time so put it in action, so I just decided it would be something Sofia would take care of from start to finish. Before we knew it, that one initial client turned into 100, then 1,000, then 10,000 until this month we reached 25k! It all happened SO fast. We hired ten girls full time on our team in a span of a few months. I was training them weekly on this new product that we just developed out of thin air. 

Would you call this the power of social media?

Absolutely. There’s such a phenomenon happening right now with the online world, and we’re just getting started around the potential of it. We’ve been closing these clients non stop daily, without ever interacting with them over the phone or in person! Can you imagine that? All by just email or DM interaction.

How does the process work for the Social Kit?

We send you a questionnaire to fill out about your company goals and aspirations along with your offering and product line. Then there’s a delay of 5-10 days for production and voila! We send you the url to your unique link and then your boost will last for 30 days on our social medias. Everything is done my email, sometimes we do interviews via zoom but we try to avoid it. It’s much better to have the client “tell their story” which we’re really big on. 

Do you think that’s where the future of marketing is headed?

Absolutely! I’ve never been more confident about the power of owning your brand and telling your story.

Did you develop new products since?

I thought of it at first, but you know the saying “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it”, that’s my philosophy at the moment. Just riding this wave has allowed us to reinvest capital and inject it into so many other avenues of our brand. We’re coming out with Masterclasses in the fall, digital courses, our podcast. There’s just so much we were able to do because of the Social Kit and this massive following we have now, that I don’t want it to change. 

How about the price point?

We did add on, because of high demand the 3-in-1 price which is $1,500. So you can still get the simple article + boost for the initial $550 which only offers you one social media re-share or you can save $150 off the bigger package. Our next offering from there is $2255 which includes some more stuff and longer promotion.

Anything you want to add?

I’m just SO grateful and happily surprised. It’s our fifth year in business and to have made over $15M during this time is out of this world. THANK YOU to all the women who have participated in it and who keep on supporting us! We are so grateful to be able to share all this knowledge learned and give it back to our community and highly driven women entrepreneurs. We love you!


Sign offs?

Stay Gossy, of course. 

For more information on the Social Kit, visit our website gossclub.com


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