What Energy Says About You

When we talk about energy, I want you to understand that everything in the Universe is energy.  Human beings, animals, plants, rocks, your glass, and even the wall behind you has a specific energetic frequency level.   We are nourished and fed from living things that feed and grow from one of the most potent examples of energy, our Sun. We all must drink water that is alive and contains atoms, molecules, and energy.  The Earth radiates energy that heats and creates a magnetic field surrounding our planet.  Air, wind, and water have strong enough power to physically produce work, life, and sustainability.  We measure food as our primary fuel source in calories that are a unit of energy.  When we get rundown, overworked, and overstressed, we need rest to be restored, revitalized, and awaken full of energy.   

Energy is all around us, inside us, and is essential to all living creatures and the continuance of creation.  Our power can be increased, cleared, and expanded by engaging in daily practices that control the mind by choosing thoughts that focus on gratitude and living an existence of service.  Energy heals and fuels the body, builds and maintains cells and our tissues, and gives us the ability to perform external tasks.  

 The daily practice is paying attention to how YOUR energy feels in the present moment—being aware of what the mind is thinking, conscious to physical experience internally, intentional to how the outside world is receiving this.   Your energy is an extension of what is going on with you internally, below the radar, the stuff only you can know and understand.  You can raise your vibrational frequency, focusing your intentions on developing your dreams, goals, relationships, and most genuine desires. 

The experience of engaging with another person who is actively participating in personal wellness, development, exercise, meditation, and increasing their awareness is unquestionably different from interacting with someone who is simply on the hamster wheel of life.  Well over half of the population is asleep, unconscious, unaware.  So many are numb to self-awareness, cool to limiting beliefs, senseless to what they are offering the world around them emotionally, spiritually, energetically.  

Let’s get Clear!  

How can we distinguish between someone with dynamic, free-flowing, healthy, positive energy or negative, gloomy, pessimistic, threatening, or guarded?  Honestly, it is a relatively easy skill to practice and refine.  Here are a couple of simple ways to tap into your intuitive self and begin to identify the different types of energetic fields and identify those who share themselves and raise your energetic vibration. 

Start paying attention!  

Have you ever been around someone whose personal energy is explicit, dynamic, intoxicating, and infectious?

Do you have anyone in your life that fills you with enthusiasm, joy, inspiration, ambition, and when you leave them, you feel full, open, seen, and loved?  

What about someone who is always down, negative, angry, anxious, and draining?  Or have you ever met someone who you intuitively felt like you should leave their presence immediately?  How about those unique humans who kidnap us and hold us hostage, while they unload all their garbage, leaving us feeling low, disconnected, and worn out.  

These are two powerful examples of thunderous energetic fields, mindsets, and personalities.  Most of our daily interactions will be a bit more subtle, but if we are awake and present, we can still pick up on the energetic signals and behaviors if we choose to.  Pay attention to the consistent vibration of openness, vulnerability, and authentic qualities.  

Here is something else to ponder. 

Have you ever thought about how your energy can shift SO quickly from a simple phone call, song, falling in love, or getting your dream job?  Energy is one of the most potent forces on the planet, next to LOVE, of course. We can choose to have an abundance of it or walk through life sluggish, ungrateful, and disconnected. These are examples of what I’m referring to when I talk about raising your vibration. Expanding your energetic capacity is as simple as continuing to open your heart, practicing daily gratitude, mantra, meditation, physical activity, eating nutritious food, and engaging in healthy, vibrant relationships. 

Multiple practices provide energetic healing and help open you up to a more profound sense of peace, well-being, and surrender.  For centuries, energy healing balances the flow throughout our mind, body, and soul.  The connection to our mental, physical, spiritual, energetic wellness and disease is undeniable.  Those diagnosed with any disease, mental illness, struggle with addiction, or any ailment causing suffering can find many benefits to energy healing.  Some options are Kundalini Yoga, meditation, Reiki, Energy Touch, Sound therapy, Pranic healing, Qigong, and work with stones and crystals.  If we can heal our energy, we have the power to heal our minds, behaviors, habits, and our bodies.  

Pay attention to what your energy is bringing to the world around you.  Some days you will feel deeply connected, grounded, ambitious, focused, and open.  Other days the mind will get in the way, and you will find yourself fearful, withdrawn, anxious, and feeling a low vibration of lack or doubt.  Remember that this is the ebb and flow of our humanness.  Within both, we can learn, grow, and create a deeper understanding of who we are and what circumstances trigger both very different energetic experiences.  Both are ok; one just feels better.  We get to choose what we feed, lean into, and develop.  We all have one mark to leave on this planet.  Choose to make yours an impact of energized LOVE.

Are you AWAKE? 

Are you awake to the beauty that resides within and all around you?  Do you use and tap into the power that you hold within your limitless being?  Do you recognize the magnificence flowing from creation, life, energy, and the constant state of transformation taking place?  Do you choose to live present in the moment, finding gratitude for all of the things this life has to offer?  

Are you on autopilot, or are you free, wild, and open?  We are in a powerful time as a species, nation, and world.  So many seek LOUDLY a new way of being, thinking, and believing. It is time to heal ourselves collectively, awaken together, and create new space for peace and unity. We are consciously living from our hearts, souls, Sat Nam, Dharma, and TRUE identity.  

The control, fear, beliefs, organization, and conditioning no longer fits.  We split wide open in this last year, exposing how vulnerable we indeed are. The illusion of safety we tried so desperately to provide snatched from beneath us.   Many are still completely lost in the web of fear and isolation.  I want to offer the idea of consciousness.  Being present within yourself, with everything, with everyone.  Being present to your choices, good or “bad.”  Not just running, hiding, hiding, or surviving, but living in the present moment, grounded, grateful, open, AWAKE. 

 Socially we are taught who we should be, what we should believe/think, the correct way to live, and which aspects of who we are are acceptable.  We hide the darkness, keep our secrets, and dim our joy and light just to make others comfortable.   As a child, I remember a brief time when I didn’t question or judge every thought and action I took when I didn’t look outside to others for validation and acceptance.  This need for external approval meant that “I belonged” flipped on me about halfway through my life as I began to walk the path I intuitively knew was mine indeed.    

As I began my unique calling to heal, grow, forgive, surrender, and let go, I found myself looking for ways to check out, seeking any possible experience or substances to numb the rawness of my vulnerability.  I look back with such compassion for the woman who found it necessary to hide her pain, loss, betrayal, distrust, and fear.  I believed that not only did you not want to see those parts, but if I shared them, there would be a loss of acceptance, of understanding, of belonging, of love.  

After many years of living behind the shiny mask I presented to the world around me, I finally hit my bottom.  There was nothing for me to do other than stop living for your validation, your comfortability, your desires.  I choose to reclaim my power, my truth, my strength, my soul, my peace, my joy, and my freedom.  I found myself in the darkness, and I began my awakening, my own perfect love story.   All of our scars are our greatest assets, our gifts, our own hero’s tale.  

TRUTH.  You are wild. We are born of the sun, earth, water, fire, air, heavens, stars, energy, light, peace, unity, and freedom.  We are here to share ourselves, love without condition, and live connected while choosing constant learning and transformation.  We are Gods and Goddesses, life-givers, Lightworkers, energetic manifestations of the Divine.  Our eyes are open; our hearts are ready, our souls are calling.  Sat Nam. 

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