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From Granola to Granolust! Meet Julie Wiener, founder of @Granolust_ – a food porn fantasy. Granolust is revolutionizing the entire granola industry and it all happened by accident! Her collection of sinfully addictive premium granola made with the finest vegan & gluten-free ingredients will keep you craving more. No wonder it’s the talk of the […]

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Meet @HaleyMarieWellness an entrepreneur, business woman, mindfulness coach, and Reiki Master. Her mindful journey began after spending almost a decade in the corporate world; being burned out and overworked she vowed to never work for anyone else but herself. Thus came the creation of Haley Marie Wellness, a multi disciplinary platform that encompasses both professional and […]

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Meet Jenika Trunzo, the Founder of Massage Therapy by Jen Trunzo a mobile and in-person massage service in Montreal, QC. Her passion developed over time, and she became one of the top massage therapists in the city. Her technique is unlike any other, with a blend of deep tissue for active clients to a relaxation […]

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Founder of BodyFit, Arleta Mykolyk spoke to us about her journey as an entrepreneur. A decade in the making, she’s been revolutionizing an industry with the newest integration of technologies on the market. Arleta’s approach is refreshing, accessible and inspiring. She is a mother, a wife, a business owner and she understands foremost the importance […]

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When we talk about energy, I want you to understand that everything in the Universe is energy.  Human beings, animals, plants, rocks, your glass, and even the wall behind you has a specific energetic frequency level.   We are nourished and fed from living things that feed and grow from one of the most potent […]

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