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Transformational Coach and Breathwork Facilitator Christina Rae Launches Primal Awakening Retreat at Eco-Luxury Resort to Help Women Reconnect to their Bodies A liberating women’s retreat to awaken to our authentic selves. With the starting of a new year in just a few months, women are gathering around circles all around the world to heal and […]

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Create Massive Success in a way that feels exciting and fun! Laura Lorentz is a Business Coach and Human Design Mentor who began her journey of entrepreneurship right in the freshness of motherhood. With a young baby at home, she worked during naps and after her daughter went to bed. Within months, she was left […]

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Creating Massive Impact and Abundant Mindset She’s the Founder and CEO of Freedom Designers, as well as a Spiritual Leadership Coach and Prosperity mentor for high achieving individuals, Intuitive, Counselor. Speaker and Podcast host. With a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, a thesis on happiness, if there’s one thing Carissa knows, it’s the ability to tap into […]

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Business Mentor & Soul Activator  Romy is an Intuitive Healer who channels pure light and wisdom from the Divine to guide others to embody their most extraordinary Self. She is a 7 Figure Business and Soul Mentor, and Wellness Alchemist. Romy has developed her very own therapy called Astral Soul Healing which aligns your soul […]

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Helping entrepreneurs scale their impact and income with online courses Business Mentor, Course Specialist and owner of The Rosewood Agency. She is a mother of two, a wife, and entrepreneur whose key focus is to help entrepreneurs scale their income and impact. Most of her clients are also mothers or want to have a family one day, […]

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Spiritual Empowerment Coach Meet Shirlee Williams, Life Coach, Spiritual Seeker, Podcast Host of “Becoming: Real Conversations for Living an Unapologetic Life” and mother of twin boys. After suffering from anxiety and depression, her life took a 180 degree turn thirty years ago when she decided to take her first yoga class. From that moment on, her life changed. […]

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Activating your inner abundance so you can have it all! Jenna Phillips Ballard is one of the most powerful coaches in the industry, having worked with Hollywood Royalty, Saudi Arabian Royalty, and thousands of people from around the globe through her virtual and in person trainings. After waking up from a coma in 2000 with brain damage […]

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Awaken to your soul’s purpose She’s an empath, a healer, a business coach, a spiritual empowerment mentor, the podcast host of Woke & Worthy, and a light-worker here to raise the frequency of the planet with her magic. Her intuitive gifts have made women transform in multiple ways in their businesses, reaching 6-7 figures and beyond. She’s here […]

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Awakening Kundalini: A fresh, modern approach to activating your abundance Meet Brianna Rose, CEO of the Light Leader Collective, Creator of the Light Leader® Movement and Light Leader KundaliniTM, Founder of the Ascension AcademyTM and the Light Leader® Certification Program. In just a few years, she turned her intuitive idea (one that came through while in meditation) into […]

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Transcend Money and Success Shame Through Spiritual and Personal Growth Meet Anna Gaspari @TheSpiritualGrind Spiritual Life Coach, wife and mother who is taking the coaching industry by storm. From wanting to tap into her gifts, to leading a soul-led business creating multiple six-figure and beyond for her brand, and the women who join her courses. […]

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Guiding high achievers to own their worth and manifest the life of their dreams! Meet Kelsey Mead, Mindset and Personal Development Coach for coaches & women entrepreneurs. She is a Wealth and Worth Activator, and has a passion for helping other women feel seen, heard, understood, and guiding them to step into their greatest power and purpose. […]

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Learning how to embody your intuitive psychic abilities Carrie is the CEO of her Psychic Development Company that specializes in Soul Theory, Healing, and Psychic Skill Development. She is a Soul Prophet, Psychic Healer and Psychic Activator. Her Psychic gifts allow her to support the activation of her clients unique gifts, develop and understand the multiple layers of […]

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