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Your home base to cultivate an aligned, prosperous and joyful life! introducing Rachel Joy formerly @TheRachelJoy1  and now @official.houseofjoy for a fresh start and brand mission in 2023! She’s an entrepreneur at heart, Podcast Host of Speak Louder, Master Success Coach, NLP Trainer and Money Magnet. Her story is one of true resilience, inner guidance […]

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Creating a business that works for you – MQ Consultation President and Founder of MQ Consultation, Amélie is all business and pleasure. She founded her company two years ago after noticing a gap in the marketplace. Coaching was all about embodiment, but not enough about structure. She set out to offer scalable systems and structures to business owners […]

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Helping People To Alchemise Their Challenges And Create The Authentic Life They Desire Introducing the international presence that is Jana Alonso. Jana Alonso is an integrative healing expert, a best-selling author, and the founder of The School of Integrative Healing. Integrative healing is a multi-modality, multi-dimensional approach to healing, life, and business, and the School […]

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Desire Shifters, Mentors, Activators Power couple who masters the desire shifting keys Meet the powerful dynamic duo that is Karine and Charles, Founders of @Skycrewpro. A Quebec couple who found themselves living the dream in sunny Florida, after deciding to go ALL IN on their passion and heart-felt purpose. They launchd Skycrew as the sky […]

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The catalyst you’ve been looking for to completely embody the next level version of your life! Meet the wonderful Amanda, Mindset and Manifestation Expert. She is re-defining what it means to be a mom, and gives us all MILF Energy just by being herself. She is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, cat-mom, Master Certified NLP Practitioner and […]

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Your Unconventional Money Mindset Coach bringing you to 6 Figures & Beyond! Meet the beautifully brilliant Hibbard. A Business Coach who revels in creating more wealthy women, her path that led her into entrepreneurship was a rocky road, and one with many bumps. Yet taking the path less traveled, brought her to a life of […]

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Meet The Angel Medium, Julie Jancius, a magical, world-renowned spiritual teacher who’s taught millions how to harness their intuitive gifts. If you’re ready to start a spiritual business of your own, she’s the teacher you’ve been looking for! Julie runs the Angel Reiki School, a one-stop-shop for earning your certification in mediumship, energy healing, angel […]

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Introducing the one, the only, Jen Szpigiel, CEO and Founder of Becoming Iconic, a global lifestyle and business brand that sets out to inspire and educate women to lead themselves into a life of fulfillment. Her unique approach blends both the energetics and strategic sides of business and life, allowing women to step fully into […]

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Business Coaching for rule breakers with heart & soul Introducing the one and only Katy Stuart, Holistic and Heart-Forward Multi-Six-Figure Business and Energetics Mentor. She scaled her coaching business to multiple six figures within the first year of launching her career. As she states, “I knew there was something more for me out there. A […]

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Essenessë : Building an Elite Powerful Club for Women to Thrive Hilary Silver is a clinical Psychotherapist turned Master Coach and founder of a multi- 7 figure/year company devoted to women’s well-being and achievement. With her background in neuroscience, psychology and relationships, and her 20+ years of business experience, she serves as private advisor and […]

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Manifesting Dreams into Reality Dr. Jessica Emery is a serial entrepreneur, multi 6 & 7 figure business mentor, and mom to three beautiful children. An international speaker, future published author who has multiple online courses and masterclasses to teach women how to manifest their dreams into reality. Coming from a background in the medical field, as a practicing […]

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Meet Dr. Danielle DonDiego. Your go-to medical specialist when it comes to obesity, as well as Best Selling Author of “Self Care Rx” a book that tackles trauma and mental health. Her journey as a physician has brought her into the mentorship space, and her goal now is to help women in medicine step up and create […]

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