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Energy and Manifest Guide, Corin Harris is a 3x Double Board Certified Master Coach, Practitioner & Trainer of NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy, EFT, Life & Success coaching, and TIME Techniques TM. Her work helps hundreds of women connect back to their inner power and create magnificent brands with huge visions. Here is her success journey to […]

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Adventure, Personal Growth and Finding Paradise Aventure, développement personnel et recherche de la paix au paradis Natacha and Aude are best friends turned business partners who left everything to chase a dream. Originally from Switzerland in Europe, after jobs that didn’t allow them to thrive in their environment, they decided to leave everything behind, leave […]

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The gorgeous Cara Alwill of @thechampagnediet interview is all about being resilient, doing the thing and never looking back! A self published Author of nine best selling books and counting, she has build a remarkably successful brand putting her heart on her sleeve, all while teaching women to stay confident and true to themselves in […]

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Meet @HaleyMarieWellness an entrepreneur, business woman, mindfulness coach, and Reiki Master. Her mindful journey began after spending almost a decade in the corporate world; being burned out and overworked she vowed to never work for anyone else but herself. Thus came the creation of Haley Marie Wellness, a multi disciplinary platform that encompasses both professional and […]

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Mentor of Multidimensional women + femme leaders In today’s interview, we got to dive deep into the purest form of love and magic that is the soul of Kiera Noelle. She shares her raw + authentic story of combatting an eating disorder, falling in love with herself and teaching women worldwide to embrace their inner […]

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Meet Annie Blanchette, personal trainer and life coach who is changing peoples lives with her positive mindset about life. Her uplifting spirit will make you second guess any stress or anxiety that might creep up on you. Her energy is infectious and the reason for her 250 clients and counting! We got to catch up […]

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A woman who needs no introduction, for her work speaks for herself. Caroline Myss is our generation’s peace maven. She has created a legacy that has transformed the way we think, we act and hopefully we be. Her enlightening magic transcribed into words, from “The Anatomy of the Spirit” to “Sacred Contracts” has opened up […]

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Transformational life coach, business consultant and entrepreneur Suzie Carolyne is featured this week! Her story is so inspiring and touches all elements of being a serial entrepreneur. A writer, business woman and blogger. She’s taking her skills to the next level with her blog, and business coaching for women. “One of my goals would be […]

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