Nadine Muller | Multi 7 Figure Impact-led CEO

From a diverse bloodline that integrates Philippines, Spain, Scotland, Ireland – Nadine embraces her multicultural heritage, weaving a tapestry of resilience, magic, and strength. In a landscape where few voices echo the diversity she embodies, Nadine is on a mission to redefine the narrative. Her journey is a testament to the unique blend of cultures coursing through her veins, contributing to the magic that defines her approach to personal and professional development. 

While her expertise extends to business mentorship, Nadine’s focus transcends mere business strategy and scaling. She is dedicated to the deep omni-directional development of the women she works with— her zones of genius in Identity Work, Self-Mastery, Emotional Intelligence, Energetics and Frequency, to deep conscious and unconscious healing, and fostering true inner and outer transformative growth. The businesses that emerge from her guidance are a reflection of th e empowered, WHOLE woman who emerges from this journey.

What are some fun hobbies or passions of yours that people wouldn’t know of based on your work alone?

I’m about women leading empires their way, and doing exactly that whilst living their ultimate time-location-freedom life. Time is paramount and the most expensive currency so I lead others to investing their TIME wisely – especially when running heart-led empires! Serving  thousands of humans daily whilst also being a VERY present mother and wife gets to be the NORM. I built this empire around my LIFE, desires, priorities and values.

My husband, two boisterous boys and I travel full-time and do entrepreneurship from WHEREVER, HOWEVER, WHENEVER… we live a very nomadic lifestyle with intention, you’ll see us either traveling the outback of Australia in our RV or abroad overseas experiencing the richness of many different cultures, we homeschool our children and love choosing the simplicities and doing life and true-entrepreneurship our way! So whilst yes on one hand you’ll see the vibe of the boss-mum wearing the power suit making multi-millions at luxurious events and gigs, I’m also the everyday mum choosing with intention to LIVE A BIG LIFE simply and wildly and not missing the moments that matter most with the little humans I’m raising and my life accomplice; after all that’s what this life is all about – She’s an old soul in this new age, new paradigm, wildly generating huge wealth in impact-led businesses and legacy building. I’ve been dubbed ‘the greatest paradox who creates her own rules and does the integration of self, life and business her way”’ and quite frankly I love it (laughs).

How did you get started in this business particularly?

Formerly, almost a decade ago I was Health, Fitness and Mindset Coaching many women and men both online and face-to-face, naturally I saw significant (in fact PROFOUND) improvements in ALL areas of their life through my mentorship, omnidirectional leadership, unique tools and methods. Similarly for those in career and business they also went on to rapidly experience monumental upgrades and shifts in their professional lives and personal lives, relationships, doubling, tripling, 10x their income, climbing the corporate ladders – EVERYONE was moving fast globally with me in their corner. I knew back then, I couldn’t merely stay confined within that Industry, I was here to lead in a much bigger bolder capacity. I continued to upskill in my studies and went onto sit at power tables investing half a million dollars to my personal and professional development as a Life Strategist and Business Mentor. I left no stone left unturned. It was a very natural flow of personal and professional advancement and progression, I had overcome and traversed many things personally and professionally, I had birthed and scaled a number of successful businesses and online brands, I had led countless others to do the same. This was always part of my IKIGAI. All of it, divinely leading me to here showing other women how to BE THE ONE.

You’re about to be a published Author – what is your book about? 

I’m ecstatic to see my book on bookshelves and on audio very soon – It’s so close! Trust me when I say this is THE book the modern day woman needs! I am here to push an agenda and I make no apologies for it. I am here to activate, lead and ignite countless women to claim their birthright—to live their authentic and untamed freedom life and stand in their full feminine power. 

How do I know this is possible and so boldly preach what I do? Well, I went from thinking I was “meant to struggle” and “work to the bone” to realizing my potential and moving from financial pittance and scarcity to now running one of Australia’s fastest growing multi-million dollar coaching and mentoring empires positively impacting lives worldwide. I went through a marriage crisis to a marriage breakthrough. We decided to sell our house, homeschool our kids, travel Australia and the world, and live our best life on my terms with my family in tow. No matter how we choose to live and adventure, I wake up every day with purpose, self-actualized power, and zest for life. 

It’s a book that takes many wild quests and turns, though one that shows you in so many ways that where you start doesn’t have to be where you finish. I can guarantee that after you read my book and do the exercises, you will not be the same person. There are things I’ve written that I’ve never publicly shared and the world is ready for it.

Let’s face it, whilst we are busy making plans, life is busy screwing them up or SETTING YOU UP! That’s what happened to me. In one foul swoop, a cascade of events turned my world upside-down. In a few short tumultuous years, I experienced what I call my life collision – me and my second-born baby nearly died, my fathers dementia hastened and later died, my husband experienced significant mental health challenges and wanted to end his life, my father in-law was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and I was juggling my career while still burnt-out from carer’s fatigue among a sea of much much more. That’s the brief version; the details are laid out in my book, and you’ll totally get the reason why rising is the major theme of the book, and why rising is the best option to take when circumstances aren’t playing fair. As Viktor Frankl said, “When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” Or as I say, when we hit rock bottom, we are forced to rise. 

I changed careers, I changed my mindset, I changed my money beliefs, and I changed what I believed was possible. Now I pinch myself daily, this life I’ve created. Of course, this massive transformation didn’t happen because I’m special or have super-heroine abilities, it happened because I found better ways of doing things. Better ways of thinking, believing, and living. I learned some simple self-mastery, emotional intelligence, energetic and frequency methods that flipped my entire conditioning and elevated me to new territory and a whole new trajectory. It gave me an invitation to liberation…and I took it and ran with it!!! Now I get the privilege and honor to lead women all over the world to do the same. To live life wholeheartedly, on purpose, building generational wealth and leaving behind legacies they are proud of!

What is making you do this work today? 

It’s what I’m here to DO – for it’s who I BE. It’s not work, when it’s a souls’ contract AT work. It’s someone who has walked through her own fire, flames and embers, has powerfully transcended that, had her phoenix rising and dark soul of the night moment(s) – yup pleural – has stepped through monumental evolutions of self and emerged the bold leader I am today with a message that can be heard and felt before she even speaks. She has been cracked wide open spiritually beyond this timeline and dimension, awakened where the unconscious and conscious meet – it would be a disservice if I didn’t boldly walk in my brilliance, lead in my brilliance, share my wisdoms and gifts and light up the path for more women (especially mothers!) to come HOME to self, remember who the F they are, discover their innate powers and wisdom, live out their TRUE ikigai and live their dreamiest-wildest-wealthiest timelines yet! 

Would you say your work is primarily speaking to women who are mothers?

Honestly, our unique bodies of work are for EVERYONE, I know that may seem cliche, however I can’t unsee what I’ve see, my work is transferable in any and every industry, for every business owner and entrepreneur, or any human ready to RISE, ready to expand and ready to exponentially elevate in SELF, LIFE, LOVE, HEALTH, WEALTH, SPIRIT. I get a lot of women who aren’t mothers in my force field. We have an entire branch of our empire that is purely for men, our mens work branch is powerfully led by my husband – Heart Led Warriors. We serve and lead men, women, couples and whole family units from all over the world. We have humans that travel internationally from Europe, Canada, US, South East Asia & the UK or who plug-in online to join us on our Business Mentorships, Immersions and Transformational Retreats. 

What was the biggest shift in your mindset that was an “aha” moment for you? 

The biggest shift was when I WOKE UP, and REMEMBERED that I am ‘THE ONE’ just like, for those of you reading this right now, you are ‘THE ONE’ (In fact I have a multidimensional masterclass experience called ‘THE ONE’ teaching women about tapping into true THE ONE energy and frequency, THE ONE Codes, utilizing my potent THE ONE method. I was the one here to heal the things that my bloodline before me didn’t have the tools, resources, capacity, and courage to do. I was the one to draw a line in the sand of financial scarcity. To take the stand of the social construct of the modern day woman and mother. And I’m here boldly leading women everyday to their greatest remembering that THE ONE resides within.

What advice would you give to the younger version of yourself or your children?

You can DO less and HAVE more.

You don’t have to wait to learn from your own mistakes, watch, listen, and LEARN from the mistakes of others. 

Nobody great or who made history or lived wildly successful and freedom-filled lives did it playing it safe – audacious outcomes = audacious action. 

Invest early, hire mentors and way-showers and choose to be the smallest fish in the big sea for it is there that you’ll learn the most, if you’re at the top of the table you’re not going big enough! 

Fear is a WOLF, chase the wolf and you’ll never be afraid of the things you once feared! 

“You can have it all, hold it all, do it all, be it all – it’s choosing what your ALL is.”

What are you calling into manifestation now?

We are globally impacting thousands and yet we are claiming bigger bolder braver in 2024 and beyond. We’re currently a renowned multi-seven figure empire, yet I’m fiercely walking and talking and BEING in the frequency and embodiment of an eight-figure entrepreneur because well #OFCOURSE and quantum leaping and time collapsing is what I’m known for – What I also know to be true, is it always gets to get better! We get to claim every new evolution of ourselves and our empires – right!? 

I’m leaving behind one hell-of-a bold legacy, my purpose on this earth is to be remembered for so much more than being the woman who led thousands of other women and mothers to become financially independent multi-millionaires, living our their purpose with time and location freedom with their families. Though, not only did they have those types of FREEDOMS, they were FREE from their minds, from societal conditioning, from past limitations and frequencies that no longer serves their higher good.. They were free in their souls beyond this physical plane. And they were living ON purpose, so clear of who they are, what they are here to do.  In fact that very FREEDOM OF SELF is the wealthiest part of them. That is what money can never buy. The overflowing bank account, the generational wealth in spades, the time freedom is merely the bi-product of the WOMAN she became. 

What abundance mindset rituals or practices do you do on a daily basis?

I am not the “four o’clock every morning, breathwork journey, cacao ceremony, purge journal, deep meditation-type”. I have absolutely had those early morning rituals in the past especially having to time-manage with my former careers in the military and as a Registered Nurse. Now though, living my true time freedom life, my routine looks very different, and I intentionally live what I call my ‘magic-mornings’. Every morning is SLOW with intention, with stillness, in practice and spaciousness in my divine feminine energy. From a business point of view, I don’t touch my phone or log into anything until after 10am. Early hours of the morning, I spend quality time in my bed with my beautiful husband and my babies and just beautifully having a connection and overflowing in oxytocin. My personal values of love, connection, family and freedom means my magic mornings are or paramount importance to me. We homeschool our children, so generally between 8-10 am we’re immersed in their schooling. 

We get to design how our rituals and practises get to look and feel like and mine have been refined to this current version of me who prioritizes space more than ever. My priority of looking after myself and my family is absolutely a non-negotiable and has had me being the embodied leader of practicing what I preach. As soon as I have that time, we’ve eaten our breakfast, we’ve brushed our teeth, we’ve told our jokes, we’ve had our dance parties, we’ve had our family walk in nature with our puppy, THEN I switch to entrepreneur mode and of service to this world. From 10 am to 1 pm, I get more things done in these 3 hours than many people do in a week! I call this my Hours of Power! 3-4hr work days are where it’s at and I’m leading many women in business and high level entrepreneurs to create EXACTLY that! Once my clients crack this code, their business’ and empires 10x.

How do you maintain balance?

A key thing for many business women who take a seat at my table, is they actually can’t remember the last time they had fun, play, pleasure, their calendars are full of lots of DOING, their spinning the wheels on overdrive and overwhelm for real! The more fun, play, joy, adventure, and intimacy that I have in my life, my empire follows suit and exponentially grows. The more fun that I have, the more I show up in the brilliance alongside my inner child and come back to my roots and play, the more I turn up the dials on sovereign rights of being and harmony – the more the universe rewards me with the courage to come back to what I know is true! This is easily one of my all-time fav things to mentor and activate my clients in, it’s so interesting how much the old-paradigm and ingrained belief is cemented in many, life and business becomes a whole lot more fun and magnetizing when we lead from this place where business gets to be wildly pleasurable too!

What offers do you have coming up?

Velocity – is a high-level multi-dimensional mastermind which includes a business immersion luxurious retreat too. You get to take a seat at a table of high caliber, self-led women in business where limits cease to exist, where elite conversations, crisp standards and high level mentorship is the vibe.. It’s a fusion of 1:1 high-level mentorship with the intimacy of group dynamics where energetic and frequency work with strategy and self mastery meet. It’s a three-month business mentorship and it’s specifically for high multi-six figures or single seven-figure business owners (in any industry) who are ready to claim their seven figures and start moving to eight-figure energy so that they can create the quantum leaps with rapid-velocity. Velocity is for the women who MOVE FAST & DESIRE TO EXPAND EVEN FASTER! The next intake is this upcoming March. Visit the link for details here

Emergence: Emergence is my signature Business Mentorship & Mastermind for Coaches. The space where I share behind the curtain my wildly proven secrets and the BTS of my multi million dollar coaching empire, revealing the strategies that took me from launch to multi millions FAST! For online coaches and service providers (no matter the niche) and ready to ditch the outdated strategies that no longer work, ready to ditch the 24/7 hustle, the launch crickets, the icky sales tactics, and instead ready to have PAY IN FULL clients ready to go. Emergence has been dubbed the fast-track-golden-ticket on the bullet train to your million dollar empire. Visit details in the link here.

Expand and Elevate: Another renowned signature experience I lead. This is the birthplace of any woman ready to transform and meet her 2.0. Expand and Elevate means Expand YOU & Elevate YOUR LIFE, PURPOSE, CAREER/BUSINESS. The 12 week deep-dive journey where self growth, career/business growth, relationship growth, wealth growth, ikigai discovery, networking and net-worthing amongst much much more meet. Includes the renowned Expand & Elevate Celebration Retreat which comes completely complimentary with the group experience. This is the proven cocktail of wildfire success. Visit details in the link here.

What are your words to live by?

GO after MORE, be GUIDED by your WHY, HIRE for the HOW! 

Doing all the ‘shoulds’ means we often don’t do what we ‘must’. In order to live a wildly awakened free life, we must reassess the SHOULDS and focus on the MUSTS. The MUSTS are what your soul is here to DO, your unique mission, your purpose, your lifelong pursuit. I’m here to disrupt the social paradigm of women ‘shoulding’ themselves to death! 

You get to be THE ONE who is the trailblazer, the way-shower, the change-maker, the legacy-leaver. You get to be THE ONE that your lineage didn’t have the courage to stand up for. You get to be THE ONE that draws the line in the sand for yourself, your family and our generations ahead.

Photography by Sumiko Eyears

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