Nicole Beegee | 7-Figure Trailblazer: Breaking Barriers, Building Empires

Nic BeeGee defies societal expectations with her remarkable journey from battling alcoholism to founding a thriving 7-figure company. What’s truly astounding? Her initial success bloomed amidst the challenges of being a high-functioning alcoholic. As the visionary behind The Femme Wealth Engineer, Nic emerges as a beacon of empowerment, serving as a wealth mentor and professional brand strategist for over a decade. With an impressive track record of guiding more than a thousand clients to generate millions in revenue, she’s not just a leader; she’s a catalyst for transformation. Now a celebrated Author, Podcast Host, and Mentor, Nic’s influence extends far beyond conventional boundaries. She pioneers the frontier of self-empowerment, offering profound mindset shifts and dismantling limiting beliefs with finesse. And her journey is far from over.

What’s Nic’s secret to success? Embracing her unique journey as a high-functioning alcoholic propelled her to harness her boundless energy in more constructive ways. Through unconventional methods, she embarked on a profound transformation, delving deep into sales psychology, scalable business models, and brand elevation. As a mother of four and devoted trade wife, Nic stands poised to transcend the confines of time, emerging as a timeless influencer whose impact transcends industry norms.

Tell our readers more about you and the hobbies your audience wouldn’t naturally know about you?

Well, I’m a mother of four and a devoted trade wife. My husband works as a journeyman electrician, grounding our family with his dedication. Despite my roles as a wealth mentor and professional brand strategist, there’s a side of me that I’ve kept somewhat veiled from the online spotlight. While I’m not hesitant to share, there are aspects of my past that have shaped me into who I am today, yet I’m cautious not to let them overshadow my professional identity.

For over a decade, I grappled with being a highly functioning alcoholic. Not in the sense that it didn’t impact me—I made my fair share of unwise decisions—but rather, I persevered, always ensuring my responsibilities were met. However, the toll it took became apparent, particularly in the last five years. In 2020, my husband and I experienced the heartbreak of losing our baby, plunging me into the depths of despair. Yet, amidst the darkness, our rainbow pregnancy brought light and renewed hope into our lives.

Fast forward to 2022, a pivotal moment marked by a monumental decision. On September 5th, I took my final drink, embarking on a journey of sobriety that catalyzed profound change. The very next day, I committed to a complete overhaul of my business, igniting a transformative process that touched every aspect of my life. It wasn’t merely a shift in strategy—it was a seismic redefinition of my potential. While my journey to sobriety is a significant part of who I am, I’m mindful not to let it overshadow the breadth of my accomplishments or define my professional narrative.

So, while this facet of my journey may not be widely discussed in my online presence, it’s an integral part of my story—one that I’m increasingly open to sharing as it has played a crucial role in shaping the woman I’ve become and the success I’ve achieved in my business.

So this is why I stepped in because there are so many factors at play. I never wanted it to become my sole identity or the driving force behind what I do, because it truly isn’t. It’s the amalgamation of all my experiences that shapes my motivations and who I am today. To answer your question, that’s probably the aspect I don’t often discuss in my branding, and it’s something I’d like to explore further.

You’re right, it shouldn’t define me or be the focal point of my business. It’s just one of the challenges I’ve overcome. I think many people rush to frame their narrative as “this is where I was, and look where I am now,” without truly acknowledging the complexities of their journey. It’s crucial to view stepping away from that past as a positive transformation rather than being anchored by it.

For thirteen years, I tried various methods to address my alcoholism—AA meetings, treatment programs, attempts to drink moderately—until I realized I didn’t want my identity to revolve around being a recovering alcoholic. I wanted to honor that part of my life without letting it define me. So, I made the conscious decision to break free from those labels and embrace a new path. Now, at 17 months sober, I’ve moved beyond the need for constant reminders of my past struggles. I’m not defined by my addiction; I’m defined by my choice to pursue recovery and the person I aspire to be. That’s where I choose to focus my energy and identity.

When did your journey in this industry really take shape as a career?

For me, it was a pivotal moment of self-reflection and commitment. Around five years into running my service-based branding business, I found myself at a crossroads. Despite some success, I realized I had built my business around external validations—chasing after money, followers, and validation through hustle culture. It wasn’t until I started taking my personal development seriously, coupled with my journey to sobriety, that I gained profound clarity about who I truly was and who I aspired to be. I couldn’t fully step into the role of CEO or view this as a career until I shed the habits and beliefs that kept me small and stifled.

Much of my life, I had been told I was “too much”—too loud, too impulsive, not grateful enough, always wanting more. But through introspection, I felt like a newborn, discovering myself for the first time. It was then that I began to grasp the concept of building a legacy, something that would outlive me, and realizing that I had barely scratched the surface of my potential.

What has been the catalyst for your growth?

As for the catalyst for my growth, without a doubt, it’s been my sobriety. It’s not just about quitting drinking; it’s about the liberation of self—freedom to explore and understand who I truly am and why I operate the way I do. That journey of self-discovery has been the most transformative and empowering phase of my career.

It’s like, as I mentioned earlier, I’ve always been told that I’m too much of something. I’m an 88, an ADHD generator. Before I grasped what that meant, I felt this need to understand why I operated the way I did. People kept telling me I was too much, yet I had achieved significant success in my life, not just financially, but in various other aspects as well. The pivotal phase for me was delving into why that was the case.

I began investing in mentors who could help me embrace self-love and comprehend why I was perceived as “too much.” That’s when I stumbled upon human design and discovered that I’m a sacral authority 5/1 Generator. Initially, it was bewildering, but as it was explained to me, everything fell into place. Flashbacks flooded my mind, moments where my behavior suddenly made sense. It was like connecting the dots of my life, and every piece fit perfectly. It struck me how this knowledge wasn’t commonplace, how understanding oneself in this manner wasn’t taught from childhood—it felt like a profound privilege.

Now that I have a better understanding of how I operate, distractions are minimal. I move with conviction because I comprehend myself better, and I no longer question my actions. Instead of trying to diminish aspects of myself that others deemed too much, I embrace them fully. It’s about learning and understanding, stepping out of fear and into self-awareness. That was the catalyst for progress in every facet of my life.

What was the biggest shift in your mindset since  you started doing this work?

It was realizing that I am not a victim of my circumstances. There’s always a solution, always an opportunity for change. Marie, who coincidentally will be joining us, played a significant role in this realization. I had been trapped in a victim mindset for far too long, attracting similar energies into my life. Recognizing this pattern forced me to take ownership and step into my power and leadership role. So, the biggest mindset shift for me was embracing accountability, shedding victimhood, and reclaiming agency over my life.

If you could offer advice to your younger self, or women who are currently stuck, what would you say?

Trust yourself. It sounds simple, but understanding how and why to trust yourself is paramount. We often fear what we don’t understand, yet we hesitate to take the time to truly comprehend it. However, delving into this deeper understanding is where the most profound growth occurs—the kind that sets us apart and propels us towards genuine success.

For me, it took years of seeking external validation—looking for approval, recognition, and affirmation from others. But true fulfillment, true purpose, only came when I began to look inward. When in doubt, always look within. It’s a mantra I’ve come to live by.

I frequently engage in what I call “shadow work,” connecting with my 10-year-old self in a familiar setting. While I can’t fully explain why this practice resonates with me, it serves as a powerful reminder to trust my instincts and intuition.

So, to my younger self, and to any woman navigating the complexities of life, I would emphasize the importance of understanding and cultivating self-trust. It’s the cornerstone of resilience, fulfillment, and ultimately, success. Take the time to explore and embrace the depths of your own being—you’ll find that within yourself lies the strength and clarity you seek.

For women who find themselves stuck in a specific place, my advice is to assess your current circumstances, your aspirations, and identify what no longer serves you. It’s natural to feel apprehensive about letting go of things that once brought us happiness or success. However, hitting walls or feeling stuck often indicates that something needs to change.

The key is to release what no longer serves you without dwelling on it or questioning excessively. If it doesn’t contribute to your growth or well-being, it’s time to let it go.

As for helping women dive deeper into self-exploration and personal growth, I’m thrilled to share my current offerings. Right now, I have three ways to work together:

  • The Divine Pivot Mastermind: This is designed for women who have started their business or experienced some level of success but have reached a point of uncertainty or stagnation. We delve deep into self-exploration, brand strategy, and embodying messaging to help you refine your business and scale to new heights.
  • The Millionaires Quantum Mastermind: This program is tailored for experienced CEOs who have already achieved six figures in their business and now aim to reach their first 500K year. In this mastermind, we focus on self-leadership, breaking through limitations instead of just overcoming them, potent scaling strategies, and embodying advanced marketing techniques. These are higher-level concepts that may not be suitable for those in the Divine Pivot Mastermind. Participants in the Millionaires Quantum Mastermind must have prior CEO experience, mentorship exposure, and a proven track record of income generation.
  • 1-1 Coaching :  I offer various customized approaches to suit individual needs. As a multi-passionate and multifaceted coach, I prioritize integrity, standards, and values over transactions. Each coaching arrangement requires an application process to ensure alignment and commitment. I intentionally focus on mid-level and closer proximity coaching because that’s where I excel, and where my clients experience significant growth and results.

Overall, I’m incredibly excited about the transformations happening within my business and the opportunity to support women in their journeys of self-discovery and growth.

And it’s really about tapping into our internal resources, gaining a deeper understanding of ourselves, and effectively communicating that through our messaging. Of course, brand strategy is at the core of what I do—it’s my expertise.

I’m very selective about who I invite into my space now. My energy has become incredibly sacred to me, and I’m not interested in simply engaging in casual conversations for a fee, if you know what I mean. My standards for the level of work I provide have risen significantly, and it’s crucial that there’s a strong alignment between myself and my clients.

Who would you say is your soulmate client?

My ideal client, my soulmate client, is essentially a reflection of myself. Some coaches speak about connecting with their younger selves, but for me, it’s about connecting with where I currently am and where I aspire to be. It’s not just about what my clients want to achieve—it’s about who they want to become. They must be fully committed to their own growth and transformation, ready to go above and beyond to realize their dreams.

It’s not about superficial metrics or algorithms; it’s about envisioning where they want to be in five years and being willing to pursue that vision relentlessly, even when faced with challenges. Self-leadership is non-negotiable in this journey. It doesn’t have to be flawless, but there must be a sense of integrity and self-awareness, especially when it comes to decisions like investing in coaching. If a client can’t even lead themselves through a conversation about the investment, then it’s likely we’re not the right fit.

As you’re aware, Nicole, manifestation is a big part of what we do here. So, what does your vision look like for 2024, and perhaps beyond?

Well, with Bridget James Ling as one of my mentors, I set my sights on manifesting a million-dollar year back in January. Now, I’m aiming even higher, setting my intentions on achieving a $2 million year. Every single day, I’m actively manifesting this goal, and I’m incredibly confident that it’s within reach. What’s remarkable is that I know I can accomplish this while staying true to my boundaries and standards, without resorting to hustle. I envision more whitespace on my calendar while still achieving monumental success. It’s a conviction that runs deep in my soul, and it’s not just a possibility—it’s becoming a reality before my very eyes.

Looking towards the long-term, my vision expands globally. While I don’t necessarily set specific numerical targets, I am determined to elevate my business into an eight-figure company. My focus is on reaching and serving more women across different countries. Currently, I work with women in 10 different countries, and I’m eager to broaden that reach. The diversity of perspectives and actions I encounter from women around the world is incredibly enriching and enlightening. I thrive on the exchange of experiences and insights, and I believe that mutual growth occurs when we bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds. It’s about creating spaces where everyone involved can contribute and benefit from each other’s unique perspectives and experiences. I had a fascinating conversation with my clients this morning, particularly those from Australia. Engaging with them always leaves me feeling intellectually stimulated—it’s like tapping into a whole new level of intelligence. It’s truly remarkable.

As for my aspirations, I’m driven to become a global brand. I want to expand my reach and work with more women, even as I navigate the responsibilities of being a mother to four children, which limits my ability to travel extensively. However, I’m determined to immerse myself in different cultures digitally, soaking up the richness of global perspectives.

Now when it comes to nurturing your success and abundance mindset, what are your specific practices that you do on a daily basis?

Cultivating an abundance mindset is paramount for me. I recall partnering with other authors on a project focused on high magnetic abundance a couple of years ago, and since then, my perspective on this concept has evolved significantly. For me, maintaining an abundance mindset means constantly refocusing on my bigger vision. It’s easy to get caught up in the minutiae of daily tasks, which can lead to a sense of victimhood rather than abundance. Thus, I’ve been diligently working on reframing my perspective, reminding myself to zoom out and focus on the grander vision rather than getting bogged down in immediate concerns. It’s a practice that requires ongoing effort and discipline, as our human nature tends toward instant gratification. Instead, I aim to draw from all the resources that have contributed to abundance in my life, rather than fixating solely on external markers like monetary success.

​​You know what I mean? Having an abundance mindset means learning how to maximize the resources we already have available to us, recognizing their value regardless of size. So, when I’m not achieving the desired results, I focus on leveraging what’s already at my disposal to amplify my impact. It’s about setting aside ego and acknowledging the abundance of resources we possess, rather than fixating on perceived shortcomings like income or social media engagement. It’s a shift away from scarcity thinking towards embracing the abundance that surrounds us.

Maintaining this mindset involves stepping out of the scarcity mindset, recognizing that we possess everything we need and simply need to channel it effectively. It’s about reframing our perspective, acknowledging that everything we require is already within our grasp. This shift from lack to abundance allows us to navigate challenges with greater resilience and optimism.

How do you find balance in the midst of chaos?

As for finding balance amidst the demands of motherhood, marriage, and business, it’s been a journey of relinquishing control and embracing the temporary nature of all experiences. Rather than dwelling on challenges or trying to micromanage every aspect of life, I’ve learned to trust others to fulfill their roles and responsibilities. This has allowed me to create space for myself, recognizing that I don’t need to be the sole fixer or decision-maker in every situation. By letting go of control and embracing the support of those around me, I’ve found greater peace and fulfillment in both my personal and professional life. 

I do have a set of words that guide my life—passion, desire, love, empathy, direction, intentionality, harmony, wealth, gratitude, balance, and mindfulness. Each holds profound significance to me and shapes the way I approach every aspect of my existence.

“Success happens on the other side of conventional thinking and practical action.” 

This mantra encapsulates my journey, as I’ve discovered that true success lies beyond the confines of societal norms and traditional approaches. Embracing who I am and taking unconventional paths has led me to genuine fulfillment and accomplishment. It’s a reminder that authenticity and boldness pave the way for extraordinary achievements.

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