The Inspiring Journey of Lucie Harnošová

Introducing Lucie Harnošová, a shining light in the realm of alternative living and conscious parenting. With a partnership spanning over two decades and marked by entrepreneurial ventures that challenged the status quo, Lucie’s journey is one of unwavering dedication to nurturing familial bonds and personal growth.

Before the arrival of her daughters, now aged 17 and 15, Lucie and her husband embarked on ventures that were pioneering in the Czech Republic. From a pioneering healthy nutrition store to embracing attachment parenting principles, their unconventional approach to life set the stage for what was to come. The birth of her first daughter 17 years ago ignited a profound personal transformation for Lucie. Struggling with fatigue and insecurities, she delved into the depths of self-discovery, paving the way for her immersion into the realm of personal development. Raised in an environment where spirituality and conscious living were paramount, Lucie’s journey was a natural evolution into exploring the feminine aspects of self-awareness, self-love, and self-esteem.

Inspired by her own experiences and guided by the principles of attachment parenting, Lucie embarked on a mission to share her knowledge with others. What began as courses focused on attachment parenting, baby carrying, and cloth nappies soon blossomed into the creation of the very first stone shop catering to contact parents—a testament to her unwavering commitment to fostering a community of conscious caregivers.

For Lucie and her family, life intertwines seamlessly with their business endeavors, reflecting their belief in living authentically and embracing unconventional paths. From choosing alternative schooling for their children to embarking on transformative journeys abroad, such as their year-long sojourn in Bali, Lucie’s life is a testament to the power of intentional living and the pursuit of personal growth. As Lucie continues to chart her course, she remains dedicated to empowering others to embrace alternative lifestyles and embark on their own journeys of self-discovery. Through her pioneering spirit and unwavering commitment to personal development, Lucie Harnosova serves as an inspiration to all those who dare to defy convention and live life on their own terms.

When it comes to your own personal journey of deep healing and liberation, what has been the catalyst for your growth?

Ironically, the biggest catalyst for growth in my life was the sudden end of my previous business. As I mentioned earlier, for over ten years, I had an environment-friendly-goods-for-children business, which was doing very well and really kept on growing under my hands.

 We ran an e-shop, a franchise-network of stone stores, held courses and conferences, educated the public and spread awareness. We were the market leader in our field. At that time, I had a plan to share the project with someone else, so that it could grow even more, and I could free my hands partially at the same time. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out as expected, and instead of expanding, the entire company had to shut down from one month to another. 

A very challenging and turbulent period followed. I’ve had the collapse of a company and huge payments to the banks in my head. I could have either given up or started to deal with this situation and start a whole new business. I decided on the second option. 

And so, I became fully engaged in women’s coaching and online entrepreneurship. I stepped into it intensely and the magic part was that I didn’t face the fears that tend to be so common in this kind of business. I was neither afraid to talk on camera nor bothered what others were going to say. I was very motivated, and I jumped in with even bigger freedom this time. The reason was I felt it was the right thing I should have been doing for a long time, although the path was still unclear. 

Those adverse circumstances made me realise that while I couldn’t lean on the outside world, I had my own inner strength. I dived even deeper. When you’re down, you find how strong you really are. It turned out I was moving in the right direction. Soon, beautiful synchronicities began to form a chain, and that was the proof showing me I should really commit to what I was doing. I felt driven and supported, and soon my business was thriving. Under the Alchemy of a Woman project, I started to create online courses, I wrote two books, and I started hosting offline events.  Already in the beginning, during my first two campaigns, I knew through a $50,000 turnover that my business was well set up and would probably work in the long run. 

Over the following seven years, the company grew to a turnover of $5 million. I accept this abundance with gratitude. The market for coaching business in the Czech Republic is not huge at all/ In the Czech Republic, approximately 5.5 million women reside, while in the USA, the female population exceeds 171 million. /, and yet it still has such a potential! This is a clear sign that it is possible. For everyone. 

This breaking-point experience eventually became a source of great strength for me. That’s why I’m passing on what it taught me. In our country, women often don’t make that much money, and there’s a common unconscious belief that it’s not even desirable for them to do so. I teach them to reset their financial mindset and open themselves up to success.

What advice would you give to your younger self? Other women that are “stuck” in a specific place?

No need to go too far back in time, just reach out to my two-years-younger self. Back then, I had a different system in my business, and I thought a lot for my clients. Since I offer several programs simultaneously, I worked out what I would send to whom, what I would sell to whom, and what path was appropriate for whom. And logically this led to far fewer sales! For instance, the clients who wanted to buy everything from me at one time did not cross my mind. 

Now I sell in many ways in many places. Because I realised that anyone could come to me from anywhere and anytime. I stopped thinking for my customers, and thus taking their responsibility on me, rather I became more confident in them and in myself at the same time. Now my clients choose the products themselves based on how they feel about what is right for them at the time they chose it. This leads to a much higher turnover and sales, apparently. 

I have diversified my portfolio in terms of prices (membership, high / low ticket), which has worked very well for me. I have a wide range of products for my clients: I offer more products at once, I create and sell more, and the audience comes to me through many various channels. For the most part, I have long-term clients who buy from me repeatedly, because my offer still attracts them. In this way, my turnover steadily grows, even though the market in the Czech Republic is small. 

I have a lot more projects nowadays, higher turnover and, despite that, less work. If I had used this strategy before, I could have had an even faster increase in my turnover.

Walk us through your offers and enrollments for women who want to join your space?

I’m starting to create for the English-speaking community. I’m expanding my portfolio on my English website and I will have new products to share. I can already offer various business mentoring formats with a focus on online courses, campaign strategies and energy work as well as mindset work. If you are interested in any format of mentoring, please email me at

I look forward to creating online courses in English in the near future, too.

MANIFEST WITH US : What are you actively calling in now?

We’re currently organising live events designed and visited by 700 women. They tend to be beautiful! I manifest an event in the heart of Europe, in a place fitting 20,000 women. It would be wonderful to experience the energy of female connection and sisterhood in a large space. I really wish to organise a big-impact experiential event for women. One that could bring the theme of female pleasure and empowerment to tens of thousands of participants.

What are your rules / rituals / practices for an abundance mindset?

If we live our mission, we can have a great supply of finances. The more we send our gifts to the world – which is what comes to us naturally and easily, the more abundance comes to us. This is how it goes on the deepest level: when we’re in the service to life, and we let life to be done through us, it absolutely leads to abundance.

What is your magical formula for living a harmonious life?

I would sum it up in the following philosophy of life: 

Our minds have an amazing ability to create dramatic stories in relation to what’s happening to us. But if we can, in a good way, depersonalise ourselves from our own egos, it will make us stronger. The capacity of the nervous system will expand and we’ll get into the flow. Suddenly, we can naturally flow through life. Energy flows to us because life itself recharges us. What’s exhausting is our dramatic responses to incoming situations. When we stop putting obstacles in ourselves, we “flow” through life in harmony.

“I believe in the inner strength and creativity that can drive each of us to make the world more beautiful. Being in Service to Life.”

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