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Dara Huang @dara_huang is the founder of Design Haus Liberty; @dhliberty an international architecture, interiors and design practice established in London in 2013, with global offices in both London and Hong Kong. She holds a master’s degree in Architecture from Harvard University and started her career at Herzog de Meuron, Basel and Foster + Partners, […]

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Peggy Ann Turner is an abstract Artist who started her career in the Architect industry. After studying Health Sciences at Dawson College in Montreal, she was set for a degree in Biology – yet when she enrolled at McGill she realized it was not the path that set her heart on fire. With a refined […]

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Meet Debbi Kenote, conceptual artist with a keen eye for matching colours and patterns together. In our interview, she spoke to us about what it’s like to be a full time artist, get out of your comfort zone and to follow your passion. Here is her beautiful story of chasing rainbows and sunsets. Where do […]

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Jennifer Lynn Weisberg, known in the design world as JLW Interiors is an upscale luxury residential interior designer based in New York. Knowing from a young age that this would be her calling, she graduated from the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago. A Detroit born, Chicago built and New York made interior designer, Jennifer […]

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Passionate about luxury finishings, Elio Mauro and his business partner Anthony, had an idea to create a company based on creating luxury finishings for walls and ceilings. Venilux specializes in unique luxurious finishes for residential or commercial spaces. Creating beautiful spaces using lime-based product directly made from the stones of the Brenta River in Italy.  […]

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Katie Charlotte Bridgman is a British interior designer based out of Montreal, who has completed various luxury residential design projects around Los Angeles, Chicago and all over Canada. Originally from the UK, she came to Canada in 2007 where she first resided in Montreal. Her passion for interior design came from watching her own Mother […]

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A growing interior design firm talks to us about partnership, passion, and managing a flourishing business. Two years ago, Romina Tina Fontana and Jenny Dames partnered to bring their creative vision to life. With their combined design and marketing expertise, they’re a match made in heaven. The dynamic duo spoke to Goss about their future, […]

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Larissa Sorek is a woodworking artist who has created unique pieces that bring together the essence of a room. Through her craft, she was able to bring her passion to life, all whilst creating her own business in the process. An entrepreneur at heart, an artist with her hands, a mother and wife she really […]

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Martha Franco is originally from South American roots, who traveled for love and ended up in Montreal, Quebec. After a successful career in her hometown of Bogota as an Architect, she decided to follow her heart and migrate to Montreal with her now husband of over twenty years to build her career and life here. […]

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Miss Me’s instagram bio reads “ Artful Vandalism.” Admittedly, it’s difficult to describe her and her work in just two words. But, if you happen to be one of her devout followers, you know that her unapologetic presence is nothing short from real and loud.  Her insight on societal norms and how she challenges them […]

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