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Meet the woman who has forever transformed the way we dress ; enter Stylist turned fashion entrepreneur Safiyya Laframboise. A Canadian native with Thai origins, Safiyya has been building a brand for under a decade — yet in that short time has managed to break glass ceilings in a male dominated industry. Custom tailored suits […]

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Kimberly Hajaj | Building a Beauty Empire Meet the resilient, courageous Kimberly Hajaj, Founder of White Orchid Cosmetics. Originally from Lebanon, she now lives in Vancouver, Canada pursing her love of fashion and beauty endeavours. Her story will resonate with you for so many reasons ; she is an advocate for empowering women, she works […]

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Entrepreneur, influencer , artist, mother and wife. Ekaterina Lambert launched FashIcon, an application build for fashion enthusiasts and art- ists to build a community to support and empower each other. This chan- nel inspired her to create Ekaterina Lambert, the designer. Lambert will showcase her exclusive collection in Shanghai, the city that brought her dreams […]

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Meet Elissa Honaizer Founder of Coccola Beauty.a beauty salon out of Toronto. What started off as a passion project took a life of its own, creating a space for all women to feel beautiful. An expert in the industry, she started off as an apprentice at the age of 17 years old for Cabellos. “I love […]

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Sultanas Fashion On Building a Fashion Brand, setting goals and achieving success Meet Shuaa Basalom. A ray of sunshine! Literally, and also what her name means in her native Arabic. She considers herself a global citizen, born in the Middle East to multiracial parents of Arabic and South asian races. She lived in Germany before […]

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The journey of having it all. Meet Emily Gair fashion designer from M Clothing Boutique. A former burlesque performer who has been designing costumes for over a decade, she decided to take the leap of faith and start her own online fashion boutique. Having designed custom pieces, including dressing an artist nominated for a Juno […]

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@GrandCartelActivewear Jennifer is an entrepreneur at heart, with a creative mind which led her to build her own Fashion brand. A mother of two, who believes in hard work, dedication and following your passion. She created a luxurious athleisure brand all about empowering women and making them feel confident through her clothing. Here’s the story […]

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Nishi Pearls is a jewellery brand based in Montreal, QC. What started in the 1800’s by Francis Papazian has followed through in a real time legacy. Four generations later, Alique and Arka Akkelian are continuing the family heritage with a brand never seen before in their family tree. From Armenian descent, Alique and Arka joined forces […]

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In 2005, Rebecca designed her first handbag, which she soon dubbed the “Morning After Bag,” a.k.a. the “M.A.B.” This iconic bag ignited Rebecca’s career as a handbag designer and inspired her edgy, feminine creations in the years to come. Rebecca’s success was further enhanced by the support of her brother and the company’s CEO and […]

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