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Entrepreneur, influencer , artist, mother and wife. Ekaterina Lambert launched FashIcon, an application build for fashion enthusiasts and art- ists to build a community to support and empower each other. This chan- nel inspired her to create Ekaterina Lambert, the designer. Lambert will showcase her exclusive collection in Shanghai, the city that brought her dreams to life. 

她􏰁是企业家􏰂意见领袖􏰂艺术家􏰁又同时是一位母亲和妻子􏰃 她是Ekaterina Lambert􏰁FashIcon的创始人􏰃这款APP让时尚爱 好者和艺术家共同组建一个社群􏰁在这里互相帮助􏰁共同成长􏰃 这也激励她创建了Ekaterina Lambert这一设计师品牌􏰃其系列独 家首秀将在上海举行􏰁这是一个将她的梦想带入现实的城市􏰃

How did you start FashIcon ?

I believe everyone has style and no one is an exception. As much as we hate to admit it, our personality isn’t the first thing people see; the way you dress is the first impression others have of you in a business environment. I wanted to cre- ate a community of people who would help each other find their voice in every day fashion and celebrate who they are through their style. Your wardrobe is basically a starting point of your day. Make it perfect and the rest will follow.

FashIcon is not only for me, it’s for people. The goal is to build a community to help each other be more confident, happy, and to think big. It’s a lot of pressure, but I am so happy when I am fulfilling my life’s purpose. It gives me energy and lots of inspiration every day to keep going and make FashIcon a better platform for everyone.

I was always looking at people on the street and seeing how hard a lot of them try to look good but maybe missing a little of knowledge. I like helping peo- ple, or at the very least try to make their lives easier. That’s what my personal and professional ideologies are based around.


我相信每个人都有自己的风格􏰁没有任何人例外􏰃但是􏰁 尽管我们不愿意承认􏰁我们的个性并不是人们一眼看得到 的􏰅􏰅 在商业环境中􏰁外表穿搭是留给别人的第一印象􏰃我 想建立一个社区􏰁在这里大家可以能在日常时尚中彼此帮助 找到自己的声音􏰁用个人的风格展现自我􏰃穿着是我们一天 的起点􏰃先有了完美的搭配􏰁其余的好运都将跟随之而来􏰃

FashIcon􏰃它不是我一个人的成果􏰁而是给大家共同使用的􏰃 我的目标是建立一个互助社区􏰁使社区中的用户更加自信􏰂 快乐􏰂敢想敢做􏰃当然􏰁这给我很大的压力􏰁但我感到自己 在充实生命的意义􏰁这让我十分快乐􏰃我每天都充满能量􏰁 并且有了很多灵感􏰁能够让FashIcon成为一个更好为大家服务 的平台􏰃

这一想法的产生􏰁在我从IFA巴黎时装设计学院毕业之前􏰃朋 友们经常会来问我时尚建议􏰁特别是在购物的时候􏰅􏰅Fash- Icon里的􏰆即时建议􏰇功能就是这个时候想出来的􏰃

What inspires your creations ?

As a designer [in Shanghai] it combines the glamour, sophistication and luxury of Shanghai with downtown Bohemia, casual and practical. Classic with a twist. For me it all starts with the fabric, because fabric talks just like an artist or a sculptor. The luxury of making a garment and making it by hand is the artistic side of me. I can proudly call it Couture as every garment has a lot of embroideries, stitching and fabric transformation.

I’ve learned that inspiration can strike at any point. Once you start to create something your mind never stops. You have to be always ready to catch your brilliant ideas from thousands of thoughts you have every day. Knowing which ones are worth building from, and flowing with the wave.

What does success represent to you ?

Success isn’t measured through superficial metrics such as money. It is the ability to do what you love every day and what you love changes over time and having the ability to change what you are doing to match your passion is true success. To me, creating and maintaining balance in my life. It’s important to work hard and accomplish goals but it is critical to remember to take care of yourself – eat well, spend time with family and loved ones. A balance mind is a smart mind that can allow for beautiful things to flourish.


作为一名在沪设计师􏰁我的创作将上海的美丽􏰂精致􏰂奢华与 都市休闲风结合在一起􏰁休闲又实用􏰃经典中带有俏皮􏰃对我 来说􏰁面料是一切的开端􏰁它就像艺术家或雕塑家一样􏰁可以 跟人交流􏰃设计衣服􏰁并手工缝制􏰁是我作品中所含的艺术的 一面􏰃我可以您的创作灵感来自哪里􏰀

作为一名在沪设计师􏰁我的创作将上海的美丽􏰂精致􏰂奢华与 都市休闲风结合在一起􏰁休闲又实用􏰃经典中带有俏皮􏰃对我 来说􏰁面料是一切的开端􏰁它就像艺术家或雕塑家一样􏰁可以 跟人交流􏰃设计衣服􏰁并手工缝制􏰁是我作品中所含的艺术的 一面􏰃我可以自豪地称其为高级定制􏰁因为每一件作品都含有 大量的手工刺绣􏰂缝纫和材质的层次变化􏰃


成功不是通过能赚多少钱等肤浅的指标来衡量的􏰃它是一种能 力􏰁让你每天都能做自己喜欢的事情􏰁也许随着时间迁移你的 喜好会改变􏰁但能够改变自己做的事情来找到自己的热情􏰁才 是真正的成功􏰃于我而言􏰁成功意味着创造和维持生活中的平 衡􏰃努力工作􏰁完成目标固然重要􏰁但是更为重要的是要照顾 好自己 􏰄 好好吃饭􏰂能够有时间陪伴家人和所爱之人􏰃工作生 活均衡的人􏰁也会很聪明􏰁可以去滋养美好的事物􏰃

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