Goss Club Celebrates 50,000 Social Kits Sold!

We’re overly thrilled to announce we have passed the benchmark for 50,000 new social kits in 2021! This concept is less than a year old and has disrupted the Canadian, American and European markets. We have interviewed over 50,000 women in or database and continue to grow individually each market from city to city, bringing you top producers of each industry. From the medical field, to Architect & Design, to Real Estate and of course Art in all forms ; we are GOSS Women. To celebrate our exponential growth over the last year, let’s take a look at some of our key moments that have made this possible…

GOSS Magazine, Print Issue

@JamieKernLima COVER Issue for Magazine No.6 – Being IT. In this issue we dive deep into what it takes to own a brand, to create a brand and to scale it to billions. This is what Jamie has done and we are all here for it. The rejections, the hard work, and motivation that goes in here is absolutely mind blowing. Tune in. Launching January 2022 on American Newsstands. 


Women In Art Series

This series will outline 101 Women In Art from pastel colours, paint, sculpturing, and everything that encompasses art. This catalogue will feel like a haute couture designer Look book, with never seen before art pieces as well as stories that have yet to be told in the public eye.

Billion Dollar Listing Realtors

A list of women who are producing at another level in the Big Apple. New York City is one of the most recognized real estate markets in the world, and to be known in this world is truly remarkable. Now, to be known as a woman, producing more than men that’s legendary. We welcome a list of women who are transcending all odds and showing what is possible. 

101 Ways to BeGossy – THE BOOK

The book will encompass 101 Tips on how to become a successful woman; from the ground up. These are the basics, the fundamentals, the absolute things that will connect you to things that you always knew, yet never really thought of in this way. Stay tuned, it will be sold everywhere books are sold in 2022.

& so much more that is coming out 

With gratitude and love always,

GOSS Team.

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