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Megan Camille is a psychic and Intuitive Business Consultant who has crafted four 7-figure and multi-6-figure businesses from the ground up, drawing solely upon her intuition and inner guidance. As a mother who did not pursue a college education, Megan intimately understands the challenges of launching a business while raising children.

At the tender age of 19, she faced the grim reality of being sex trafficked and forced into prostitution. This traumatic experience exposed her to life’s darkest depths, but it also illuminated the potential for light and opportunity through entrepreneurship. Driven by an unwavering determination to rise above mediocrity, Megan harnessed her inherent intuition and psychic talents to establish a thriving consulting practice. Her mission is to empower clients to achieve their next 6 or 7-figure milestones while cultivating lives marked by sovereignty, joy, and abundance.

“Your desire to be of service is proof that there is demand for your services.”

Megan embodies her own principles and has since created her own “happily ever after” alongside her husband and their five children. She firmly contends that business is primarily about energetics, accounting for 80%, while strategy makes up the remaining 20%. Her clients have transitioned from corporate careers to develop successful multi-six-figure businesses, diversify their income streams, and even achieve their first million-dollar years.

In her own words: “I was really choosing between whether I was going to go work a minimum wage job and be away from my kids or learn how to work for myself and generate my own money, which is what set me on the path of entrepreneurship. Although I had had some self-employment experience, it was definitely my desire to be present for my kids.”

When considering your background and what led you to this point, is there a particular moment or experience that stands out as a significant catalyst in your personal growth journey?

I was sex trafficked and prostituted for four years in my late teens. That was a big catalyst because after I came back from that experience, I wasn’t employable. I had spent four years in the sex industry. Unfortunately, the women who experience that tend to be the ones who get into legal trouble not the actual people who are exploiting so it was on my record and I had no college education.

Years later I was getting divorced, so now I was a single mom and unemployable. I was unemployable and I had children to support and so it really catapulted me into learning how to use my intuition. I had always had my intuition but now, I would finally use it in a way that would support me and my children. Whereas for years prior I had been giving intuitive readings, but then I realized my intuition is something that I have that is specifically mine.

As I started creating businesses, I really realized that I could use my intuition for myself. I’ve since created four businesses in the last decade. I have an intuitive consulting business and I’ve been doing that for almost 3 years now.

As you reflect on your journey, are there specific experiences or moments that stand out as transformative, particularly in the context of your journey as a mother?

The most important thing for me was to empower my children to wholeheartedly pursue their dreams. I’ve noticed that many women tend to wait for their kids to reach a certain age, believing that they can’t balance being a present mother and achieving immense success in their businesses.

My commitment was and remains that my children would never bear the weight of being the excuse for why I didn’t chase my own dreams. Instead, they would serve as my inspiration and motivation to reach for the stars.

Could you please share any exciting offers or upcoming enrollment periods for what’s on the horizon and what we can anticipate launching in this issue?

I have an exciting offer called “The Intuitive Wealth Mastermind”. This is the group program that I support entrepreneurs in scaling to multiple six and seven figures.

We focus on strategies that are simple and comprehensible while also playing in the realm of energetics and intuition that allows for us to propel visions forward. So we don’t do the hustle and grind.

We also don’t like the manifestation mentality where we’re just like waiting around for the universe to deliver, but instead we’re really co-creating with our innate ability to lead business which women are phenomenal at.

Inside Intuitive Wealth Mastermind, we hit systems and strategies, energetic alignment, and personalized intuitive business. I also offer concierge mentorship, some private premium mentorship. That’s few and far between and it does require an interview and application process, but I do accept a handful of one-to-one mentorship clients each year.  The individuals I work with are passionate about using their intuition to create full time pay in part time hours.  They know they are meant to be financially and time sovereign and free.

When it comes to manifestation, is there anything that you want to co-create and bring to life in the work that you’re doing currently?

I believe it’s a combination of practicing what I preach and embodying the principles of impact, joy, and prosperity within our business. Our way of being is the catalyst for what unfolds in our journey. Instead of passively waiting for external circumstances to bring it to us, we proactively step into that energy, allowing it to manifest more abundantly in our lives.

Now, as you delve into embodying your empowered and purposeful self, what are your daily or weekly practices for preparing yourself for this journey? Do you engage in embodiment practices, journaling, or any other rituals to support this transformation?

My morning routine has evolved over the years, and it’s quite relative to the current phase I’m in. There was a time when I focused on manifestation practices, gratitude lists, and journaling. However, now my practice centers around expanded states of consciousness. I may incorporate experiences like sitting with plant medicines, such as Hapé, or engage in breathwork to tune into these heightened states. In these moments, I feel a sense of connection with a broader reality, where I simultaneously experience unity and individuality.

This expanded consciousness can take various forms. Some days, it’s as simple as sitting outdoors under the trees with a cup of tea, while other days, it involves ecstatic dance or even taking a nap. Engaging in meaningful conversations or going live to share wisdom is also part of my routine. It’s important to note that my practice has shifted because I now operate predominantly from my true self, making certain modalities less crucial. Instead, what matters most is the intentional time I dedicate to myself, much like the quality time we spend with loved ones.

Just as we slow down to connect deeply with a partner or friend, I prioritize slowing down, connecting with myself, and genuinely listening to my thoughts and feelings. This deliberate self-connection is the cornerstone of my daily practice, allowing me to attune to my inner world and stay in touch with what’s happening within me. It’s through this practice that I’ve discovered and embraced various insights and quotes that resonate with my journey.

Now, considering that you are not only a mother but also a dedicated entrepreneur with ambitious goals, could you share your strategies for cultivating harmony and balance in your life?

Harmony is absolutely essential, and I wouldn’t describe it as a rigid balance between work and family time. It’s more about recognizing the ebb and flow of business. Generally, I allocate three to four hours a day, three to four days a week for work. This rhythm naturally aligns with my flow and allows me to be fully present and highly focused during those hours.

During work hours, I’m entirely immersed in my business, giving it my undivided attention. Conversely, when I shift into family time, I am fully present with my loved ones, avoiding distractions like checking Voxer and email. Finally, when I dedicate time to myself, I focus solely on self-care and self-reflection.

This intentional division of my time has expanded my overall well-being and brought about a sense of harmony. Interestingly, I’ve discovered that by doing less and being more present in each moment, I’ve created a more harmonious and fulfilling life.

Could you please provide further insights or elaborate on this?

Embracing a more purpose-driven approach means doing less while focusing on activities that align with my true calling and ignite my passion. I’ve consciously chosen to minimize my involvement with social media and the creation of social media posts, as they do not resonate with me. Instead, I channel my energy into activities I adore.

Consulting with my clients brings me immense joy, and I take great pride in being fully present for them. To streamline my efforts, I delegate tasks that do not spark my enthusiasm. This approach exemplifies “doing less” for me. Often, people tend to expend their energy on tasks that do not significantly impact their goals.

The key is gaining clarity about what truly matters. It’s about recognizing that accomplishment doesn’t solely hinge on ticking off numerous tasks from a list. Instead, it’s about focusing on one thing, executing it exceptionally well, and witnessing the profound impact, joy, and prosperity it brings into my life. The essence lies in refining one’s focus, concentrating on what truly holds importance, and resisting the urge to juggle an abundance of tasks.

What would you really want women to retain the most from the work that you’re bringing to the table?

That leadership is an innate quality for women. It’s innate in women to lead business, to lead family, that we’re really built to do this naturally and to find your own natural rhythm, which we’re not going to find in corporate and we’re not going to find in the old paradigm of business that is trading time for money or heavily in the masculine.

We absolutely need to have that masculine energy within our business, but each person has their own natural rhythm.  I want them to know that they can trust their intuition in that natural rhythm, that business does not have to look like template coaching or an old school business plan.  In actuality, most of these women and their businesses are much bigger than a business plan.

As we gaze into the future, would you be willing to provide us with insights into your ongoing initiatives and forthcoming launches? In addition to the offerings you’ve already highlighted, are there any exciting projects on the horizon, such as an upcoming book or podcast, that we can eagerly anticipate supporting and promoting?

The next significant venture for Megan Camille Enterprises is making it globally known that there is a new paradigm of business.  One where we are led by Source Consciousness through our Intuition, where we are fully supported in living our missions, dreams and service to the world.  This New paradigm of business means we can have it all, if that’s what you desire.  

It’s my mission to make this information and way of business accessible to whomever feels called to combine their spiritual evolution with their business endeavors.  

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