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Miracle Mindset : Empowering Leaders to Manifest their Dream Life by Unlocking their True Purpose because Our destiny is to come into alignment with our truth – this is how we manifest miracles

Katie Sol stands as the visionary force behind Mystical Living, where she serves as Founder and CEO. With a profound mission to elevate the consciousness of leaders, Katie empowers individuals to make a lasting impact on our world while collectively experiencing higher states of joy, love, and bliss. Remarkably, by the age of 26, Katie ascended to the role of Fortune 100 executive, overseeing teams of thousands. Throughout the subsequent decade, she spearheaded groundbreaking digital initiatives and orchestrated major international expansion endeavors, earning widespread recognition for her transformative leadership style and trailblazing spirit.

Simultaneously climbing the corporate ladder, Katie embarked on a parallel journey of spiritual exploration, traveling the globe on pilgrimages and learning from revered spiritual leaders. The convergence of her experiences in spirituality and leadership ultimately formed the foundation of her life’s work. As a highly sought-after speaker and coach, Katie delivers captivating keynotes that empower successful female leaders to follow their inner light and resonate with their highest frequency. Her impactful dialogues extend to her podcast, Mystical Living, where she shares practical wisdom on personal transformation, manifesting success, and elevating leadership.

Katie’s profound insights have graced the pages of esteemed publications such as Forbes, Medium, Shape, and other national platforms. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and an MBA in Entrepreneurship, Katie Sol emerges as a multifaceted entrepreneur and angel investor with a passion for nurturing early-stage companies. Her journey is enriched by collaborations with influential figures such as Sandra Walter, Kate Northrop, John Burgos, Philip Attar, and numerous others. Katie Sol embodies the harmonious fusion of business acumen and Mystery School wisdom, her life’s work and unwavering commitment to elevating consciousness and leadership solidifying her as the foremost authority for those striving to leave a transformative mark on their lives and the lives of others.

At the core of Katie’s passion lies a fervent desire to guide women ready to transcend the hustle and grind, ditch imposter syndrome for good, embracing their full authenticity, radiance and unlock their life purpose. She firmly believes that the time for radical change is upon us and extends an invitation to join her signature Mystical Living Group Program, empowering individuals to create their “too good to be true” lives and catalyze positive change in the world.  Katie designed the program for the former version of her that was burnt out, numb inside and unclear on her true purpose and it is her greatest joy to be a wayshower for other womens radical transformations.  The Mystical Living Group Program is for women ready to create accelerated change in their lives, gain clarity of their divine purpose and receive high touch support!

Anything that you feel you want to share about yourself that is not so known from your online presence, fun hobbies, passions?

Well, the truth is, I lived a double life for many decades. By day, I held the prestigious role of a Fortune 100 executive, while by night, I delved into the mysteries of the universe. Despite my seemingly optimistic demeanor, I found myself trapped in a facade of happiness, concealing the loneliness I felt within my marriage and my corporate career

I was out of sync with my body, disenchanted with my work, for it lacked the authenticity that resonated with my soul. I followed the societal script meticulously, checking off each expected milestone: the D1 athlete, the executive position attained by 26, the two children, the lavish suburban home, and the occasional fancy vacations. Yet, deep down, I knew I wasn’t living authentically. I wasn’t following my dharma, my destined path. Despite my exploration of the universe’s mysteries, studying astrology, gene keys, and human design, I remained disengaged from my true calling.

I recognized that my destiny lay in spiritual teaching, yet I found myself gravely out of alignment with that purpose.

When did you have that kind of realization? Was it an awakening that you really stepped fully into this work?

I’ve always had an open channel since I was quite young, so my spiritual awakening was different than most other people’s. I was always on, but societal norms encouraged me to suppress those innate psychic abilities and conform, to fit in and play by the rules. So for me, it wasn’t one big moment that happened. It was a gradual building of my own confidence to walk in my fully expressed truth.

Now looking back at this younger version of you and the one that’s not as in her power as you are now, what would you tell her?

I’d tell her three things : The first, you do you. Second, everything looks better after a good night’s sleep. That’s courtesy of my dad, and I really believe in the power of everything does look better after a good night’s sleep. And the third would be to trust your psychic superpowers. 

And as you stepped into your intuitive gifts, was there any psychic superpowers that you really embodied?

I’m an open channel, so I have access to all of my psychic superpowers. Through the work I do, I help other women unlock those natural powers within. Because it’s funny, you know, in corporate America, I would be called something like “too sensitive” or “a too emotional.” And really, when we hear those labels, or even being called a “people pleaser”, as women, when we flip the script, the reality is we just have access to higher states of consciousness and we’re more psychically tuned in. That’s why we can do things like “read the room”.

So now we’re walking into an era, I mean, 2024 is a tremendous year of acceleration and abundance. And it’s time to really see these powers in a new way and not as weaknesses, but as our ultimate strengths.  Women who are sensitive, emotional, and can read the room are simply tapped into their psychic superpowers and it’s time to celebrate this magic in the boardroom, bedroom & the coffee shops!

Now when it comes to the work that you’re doing, Katie, can you walk us through either a soulmate client or the women that you’re really currently speaking to?

So there’s four ways into my Mystical Living world. Two are free through my podcast, “Mystical Living,” and my Instagram. You can find me on my personal Instagram at @mystic.katie.soul. We’re actually starting anew on our Instagram journey. We had a little challenge with Meta that was limiting our growth over the past eight months, and we decided to start fresh.  There’s something beautiful about surrendering all the old and starting fresh. So we’re just a couple of days into the new account. By the time you release this, I’m sure it’ll be much more robust. On the  podcast and IG, I share a lot of free high-value content.

The third way is through my online marketplace, mysticalliving.co. There we have beautiful products from conscious female entrepreneurs. I also showcase my clothing line there, Love Lillett . Created through my the codes I receive on  pilgrimages to different sacred sites around the world, which we then translated from my artwork onto mystical robes and caftans, which is so beautiful.

The forth way in is my signature program, which was created for the former version of me. It’s our Mystical Living Group Program, all about creating your “too good to be true” life. It blends my corporate practicality with my Mystery School wisdom. The teachings are  for women who are ready to step into their truth and create accelerated change with high-touch support. Because I truly believe that when we’re making big changes, we need big support!

Right now, in terms of your current offers and the work that you’re doing, can you walk us through the actual enrollment dates and what you have coming up for?

The iMystical Living Group Program  is the only program we’re running for 2024. It’s evergreen. So always enrolling and we welcome women who are ready to create big change, unlock their purpose and leave behind the imposter.  whenever they get the full body yes. 

As a mother of two, a mystic who’s living her dream now and who’s really embodying it, what are you currently manifesting?

Well, so 2023 for many of us was a year of rest, recalibration, and realignment. During that time, I truly felt the call to create even more space in my life for greater flow to come in. As a woman who’s ready to meet my divine counterpart, I’ve been in the preparatory process of coming into sacred union within myself in anticipation of this next phase of love.

As we step into 2024, this year has always, my entire life, felt like a significant turning point, not only for me but for the collective as well. We’re entering a new phase now with Pluto moving into Aquarius. Interestingly, the business I run happens to have Pluto in Aquarius in its astrological chart. While I didn’t intentionally set out to build a business aligned with this cosmic positioning, it’s fascinating to observe the synchronicity. Mystical Living isn’t just a business; it’s a lifestyle brand, a frequency, a movement. Our aim is to elevate the collective consciousness.

With Pluto’s transition into Aquarius on the 20th of January, it feels like everything is aligning perfectly, signaling the beginning of a much larger phase of impact that will unfold over the course of the next 20 years.

When it comes to this current work, I mean, it’s big work that you’re doing. Are there things that you’ll do for yourself to ground yourself into this energy and really step into and embody your work?

So this might be a little controversial, but I’m an anti-vision board manifester. Let me explain why. Manifestation is consciousness, alchemizing energy into form. When we attach expectations to our desires, we often create resistance that blocks the flow of energy.

With a vision board, you’re essentially creating a gap between yourself and the specific thing you desire. Instead, I believe—and this is a practice I advocate for with my clients—that the solution is to become a master of your energy.

That’s precisely what we focus on in my Mystical Living Group Program. Because the reality is, your destiny isn’t tied to one person or one specific experience. Your destiny is about coming into alignment with your truth. It’s when we align with our truth that we magnetize miracles. And part of our destiny is being open to these miracles, allowing them to unfold unrestrictedly.

I know this perspective might be controversial, especially since many people enjoy creating vision boards. However, from my experience working with clients over the years, I’ve noticed that some individuals find themselves frustrated with their vision boards. They put in all this effort into manifestation work, only to realize they’re inadvertently creating distance between themselves and their desires.

That said, I firmly believe that our dreams are seeded within us for a reason, and they are meant for us to live out. There’s a delicate balance between holding onto our dreams tightly and surrendering them to the collective consciousness to manifest naturally.

Do you have in that sense, Katie, then any rules or rituals for an abundance mindset, like perhaps your morning coffee or like certain things that you’ll do on a daily basis?

So I believe that we’re consciously creating our reality all the time, every minute of every day. It’s about walking through life with the intent of how we want to feel and show up in the world, and what frequency we want to emanate. We can achieve this by how we beam our light into the world on any given day, how we share our smile, and even how we adorn ourselves.

Having spent 20 years as a fashion executive, I haven’t let go of that part of myself, and I’ve since launched my own clothing line. I deeply believe that the colors and fabrics we wear emit vibrations into the world. So, even when you’re just standing in front of your closet contemplating your outfit for the day, consider what energy you want to emanate. You can choose a color that aligns with that intention. This is something we delve into in my group program as well because different colors carry different frequencies.

By consciously selecting the colors and styles that resonate with the energy you wish to embody, your clothing becomes a symbol throughout the day. For instance, choosing magenta might signify your intention to embody love and to radiate an open heart to the world. It’s a subtle yet powerful way to align your external expression with your internal frequency.

And in terms of the work that you’re doing, what would you want women to retain the most if they had to leave with something?

My life motto is “follow your light and you’ll light up the world.” Put simply, it’s about following your truth, and in doing so, you’ll illuminate the world around you.

Authenticity, I believe, is the highest frequency. In fact, the Spane Institute conducted a study on this very concept. While we often think of love as the highest frequency a human can vibrate at, the truth is it’s actually authenticity. When we embody our full authenticity and live our purpose, we become agents of change in consciousness. By walking in our truth, we inspire others to do the same, ultimately uplifting humanity as a whole.

What is your magical formula for living a harmonious life?

Several years ago, I engaged in an art swap with an artist who created a light language piece for me. She channeled it beautifully, depicting a circle resembling a pie divided into eight or nine slices. Upon viewing my life, she perceived it as segmented slices, each representing a different facet of my existence: relationships with my parents, children, friends, and work life. This insight was profound for me, resonating deeply as I recognized the truth within it. While I wouldn’t characterize it as achieving balance, over the years, I have been striving to align all aspects of my life so that I can express myself fully in every role.

Recently, someone close to me suggested that I should “be more vanilla,” which presented a valuable opportunity for reflection. With Uranus conjunct my ascendant in Sagittarius, I understand that conformity is not my path; I am not meant to play it safe or small. This conversation allowed me to articulate this truth to someone I care about deeply, explaining why I cannot compromise my authenticity. In the past, I might not have felt empowered enough to have such conversations, but now I embrace them as moments of growth and self-assertion.

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