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Rebecca Wilson is a Globally known Womb Keeper pioneering the way in Embodied Womanhood, Feminine Leadership, Conscious Business. Rebecca is a Womb Healer, Conscious Business Coach, Creation Doula, Spiritual Midwife + feminine Awakener.

She supports women in all areas and aspects of life. She is the Founder of Embodied Awakening which has been birthed from her personal journey of Womb and Creation Awakening.

Rebecca guides women on a powerful journey into the creation portal of their body + womb to awaken the source of creation within.

Awakening your womb will change your life.

What is womb awakening?

Womb awakening is the process of returning to a deep relationship and connection with your womb space and feminine energy

Why do we need to awaken the womb?

When a woman lives disconnected from her womb space, she is living disconnected from the essence of life itself.

This disconnection prevents her from fully inhabiting her body and exploring the rich landscapes within. By denying her cyclical nature, she severs herself from her radiance and truest essence. This disconnection hinders her from expressing her potent magic and creative spark in the world, leaving her lacking nurture and living in a state of depletion.

When we take a journey of awakening the consciousness of our womb space we are better able to embody our wholeness. We reclaim what it means to be a woman rooted in her body.

Returning home to yourself and reconnecting with the womb empowers women to reclaim their true selves and create a life aligned with their deepest desires.

Through this process, women learn to nurture themselves and break free from the energy of depletion, stepping into a place of abundance.

It is from THIS place of Sovereign Reclamation that we as women remember we are the creators of all creation.

It is a profound journey of self-discovery and reconnection to the energy of creation within.

When a woman returns to her womb space and cultivates this physical and emotional connection, she will tap into her truest nature, reclaiming her power to create and anchor solid roots into her body. She returns to a deep connection with life itself.

She becomes the sovereign leader of her own life as she has reconnected to her primal nature which is cyclical in expression and interwoven in connection to the cycles of life, creation, death and renewal.

The Womb as the Seat of Creation:

The womb holds a sacred space for creativity, expression, and creation. It is where women learn to mother in all forms, birthing not only life but also their own creations into existence. Journeying through the energy of the womb allows women to access the portal of birth and transformation.

It is through this journey she reclaims aspects of herself. She rebirths herself over and over again, to reclaim and integrate all parts of the self lost or cast aside

The magnetic energy of an awakened womb holds power to activate and manifest in alignment with the Universe. When both heart and womb are aligned to your soul’s purpose and divine blueprint, Your womb can literally manifest whatever your heart desires.

As women walk this path of reclaiming their feminine energy and power, they begin to:

  • heal blocks that they have held to receive love, pleasure, sex, wealth, support, and connection

  • heal numbness within the body and begin to experience their inner world through a somatic felt sense, awakening their profound emotional landscape and remembering the vast nature of themselves

  • embrace all aspects of their being, they courageously allow previously shut down, denied, rejected, and abandoned parts, emotions, and expressions, including anger and grief, to resurface, finding solid ground within.

  • integrate their inner child, wounded maiden, and immature aspects of self that have not undergone natural maturation or rites of passage.feel safe to express their needs and set healthy boundaries from a grounded open-hearted space.

When a woman connects to her womb and awakens her energy, power, vitality and radiance, the armour will soften around her body. Her heart will soften, allowing her to give and receive love more freely.

She awakens to pleasure, creativity, and sexual energy from a centred and anchored place, accessing a heightened awareness of sensation and an awakened erotic energy body.

The healing of the womb space restores feminine energy from traumas such as abortion, miscarriages, still birth, birth trauma, sexual trauma and experiences

By anchoring and rooting yourself in the womb, you can support your nervous systems in feeling grounded, calm, and clear. You can also release ancestral patterns, imprints, beliefs, and systemic energy passed down through lineage, freeing yourself from historical limitations.

Returning to the womb and reclaiming your feminine essence, nature, and creative power opens you to a world of possibilities. You become more available for life, love, connection, intimacy, relationships, personal growth, abundance, work, missions, purposes, and creations.

Awakening the fertile energy within your womb

Awakening the fertile energy within your womb is a profound journey that goes beyond the physical realm. It is an invitation to connect with the creative power of your womb and align with the cycles of life and creation.

When you take the path of awakening your fertility energy, you are not only preparing yourself for the conception journey but also tapping into a deeper connection with your own innate ability to birth and nurture.

As you awaken your womb, you begin to seed your inspirations, visions, and creations, planting them firmly in the fertile soil of your womb. Just as a garden thrives when it is nourished and cared for, your womb becomes a sacred space where your future children, spirit babies, and dreams can gestate and grow.

How to explore your womb with awakening practices

Womb movement practices are a way to explore and deepen your feminine womb energy while simultaneously fertilising the soils of your womb’s creativity.

Womb practices support the feminine essence and nurture your fluid nature, supporting you to connect with your womb through an embodied state of flow

Embodied movement practices work with the fluid feminine nature of the body by opening and lubricating the hips, softening the belly, encouraging healthy circulation in the breasts and spine, as well as establishing a deep connection with the womb yoni and pelvic bowl.

Encouraging a supple vaginal canal and pelvic floor ensures circulation in your reproductive organs, womb health and overall vitality. When energy is in flow a woman is vibrant, radiant, luminous and at ease within her own body

Practices that support

  • Pelvic circles

  • Belly breathing

  • Pelvic tilts + rocks

  • Hip opening, circles and spirals

  • Spine undulating

  • Free flowing movements

  • Relaxation, rest and deep softening

    This profound journey of womb awakening is available to all women, regardless of whether they currently hold a physical womb or have reached the post-menopausal stage of life. The wisdom of the womb can be accessed at any age and any cycle of life. It is a sacred birthright, inviting all women to connect with the energy space within, transcending the limitations of the physical expression

    Where can I get support on this transformative journey of womb awakening? Y
    The Village: Join a supportive community of like-minded women who are on the same path

    of awakening.

    Individual Support: Dive deeper into your journey with one-on-one sessions that provide focused attention and support.

    Retreat Experience: Immerse yourself in a transformative retreat dedicated to womb awakening.

    Remember, you don’t have to walk this path alone. Support and guidance are available to you every step of the way.

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