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Joining the Agency, Design and luxury real estate 

Introducing the one and only Marisa Braia, Luxury residential real estate broker with @TheAgencyRE who is taking Montreal by storm! A mother of two, Marisa always knew she was made for real estate. Everything from the design process, to customer service and sales acquisition has been a long time passion of hers. She started her journey in sales for a beauty company, and proved to be such an asset to them, it inspired her journey into real estate. “I never thought my sales experience would take me here, but I have lived the journey and everything about it” she exclaims. Now, years later she is thriving, speaks four languages and has plans to take over the International market by bridging the gap for investors in Italy. She is the first broker from the Agency to have her own listings in Italy from the North to the South of the boot.

Through her passion, she also has ignited her love of design, and development through building her very first cottage right near St Sauveur. The sky is not even the limit with this one, we are super excited to represent Marisa on her journey to climbing new heights in real estate and beyond. 

A dream without a plan is a wish so if you wish to make your dream come true then make a plan.

You have joined The Agency. Tell us about your goals and vision with the brand? 
I was ready to expand my business to the international market and the Agency was the perfect fit with an incredible opportunity to level up my skills in the industry and on a global scale. I loved the fact that they were the fastests – growing premier, boutique brands in the world. My wish was to expand my business internationally (Italy)  and offer my clients access to a valuable network and marketing exposure with professional guidance.  
My goal with the brand is to level up my skills and leverage the marketing, technology, experience, global network with the agents and clients. My goal and vision is to always be ready to listen, learn and grow. I want to be a reference in the real estate industry and serve my clients with the latest trends and highest industry standards.
Do you focus on more luxury properties now, and if so in which key areas?
I focus on luxury as an experience, not a price point.  I am selective with my clients and definitely focusing on quality versus quantity.  After over twenty years in the business I have learned what luxury really means to me and that is having the luxury to choose my clients and treat all my clients  with a boutique personalized service as real estate in itself is luxury.  
To complete my full circle of competencies in the real estate world I’m adding the international part of my business, just landed my first listing in Italy and many more to come. I went to Italy to explore the market and get more listings to be a reference for my clients.  My clients will benefit from having access to the high profile client base and cutting edge marketing and technology.  That’s value added. The collaborative spirit of the Agency is helping me spread my wings and connect on a global level which was very difficult to do on my own.  
How do you find balance and peace of mind in a hectic day?
I ride my bike every day. I set up an indoor interactive trainer for long winter months so no excuses. Life has many uncontrollable factors and unfortunately you need to learn how to move forward despite the struggle. My best advice is to create yourself a lifestyle to allow yourself to live. I embrace feeling alive everyday and find a purpose in everything I do, work, family, friends.  Passion, courage and resilience are my drives to living, loving and helping others live and enjoy la dolce vita

Photo Credits – Tanis Saucier

For more information, visit her website

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