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Meet Jenika Trunzo, the Founder of Massage Therapy by Jen Trunzo a mobile and in-person massage service in Montreal, QC. Her passion developed over time, and she became one of the top massage therapists in the city. Her technique is unlike any other, with a blend of deep tissue for active clients to a relaxation technique taken from her Swedish approach. Innovating a dire industry, her goals for the future are big – and she is just getting started. In our interview, we discussed her upcoming plans to expand her business, as well as how many times should you actually get massaged for blood flow and better health. Check out her full interview below!

Tell me about yourself, how did you get into massage therapy?

I always wanted to do something therapeutic and I wanted to help people, so in 2014 I turned my passion into reality by signing up to Kine-Concept to study massotherapy. After that, I learned deep tissue, sports, pre-natal, and then I got more training to better my skills. The name of my company is Every body Massage so it’s really targeted for everyone – I can cater to mothers in prenatal stage, to performing athletes, to relaxation methods like Swedish massages for professionals and the every day person alike. 

How did you grow the concept into your very own mobile-business?

Three years ago, I decided to start portable massages at peoples homes. I went from massaging friends, family, friends of friends and then I started my Instagram page Massage Therapy by Jen Trunzo and it just blew up! It’s such a luxury to get a massage in the comfort of your own home. 

I started to work with my brothers girlfriend who’s also a massage therapist and we decided to collaborate so I refer clients to her and same with her. Thus I have colleagues in the industry that I refer to others so we can work together to create a better team so we can service all of Montreal. The opportunities just come to me, and I seize them. Since then, my practice has grown so much that I have reoccurring clients I see daily, others weekly and some monthly. I have my regular clients that really love to work with me, and when I am unavailable I refer them to other massage therapists.

Where do you see Every Body Massage in the next 5-10 years? 

I want to evolve and grow so that one day I can have my own store front with a multi-disciplinary clinic. I am an advocate for women and I would like to create a safe environment where women can get served while maintaining a high quality of service like I do already. I still want to be mobile, with some added services. I never want to be stagnant, I want to evolve and constantly grow.

Where did you develop your entrepreneurial spirit?

I’ve always been a leader. I enjoy my solitude and as much as I like to be around family and friends, I do like my own space. Which is why when I’m massaging someone, it’s really therapeutic for me as well. I have a silent communication with the receivers body and what is going on with them internally. I really enjoy what I do, and the recognition from my patients means everything to me. After a long day, or a busy week, when you are on my massage table you really disconnect from everything. I have athletes who train really hard and this is their “time off” where they can really relax and decompress. 

What are the benefits of getting a massage?

So many! It helps with increase blood flow, it reduces stress, improves your immune system and promotes elongation of muscle tissue. The benefits of Swedish massage go beyond relaxation. It can help increase the level of oxygen in the blood and improve circulation.

What motivates you as a business owner? 

I get so much confidence and feedback from my clients. I have a client who I see three times a week and he’s just so happy he says “you’re like a cup of coffee I need a massage every day, it’s essential”. I do not look at my clients as a dollar sign, I wish to see my clients happy and satisfied with my services. I want to be part of their wellness journey. I like to be consistent in my approach but stay out of my comfort zone to constantly grow. I think there’s so much more out there and I want to keep massaging one person at a time and improve my services. 

What do you recommend for first timers or people who don’t get massaged regularly? 

I think it’s important to shop for your therapist, and really see what each therapist has to offer. We all have a different touch. Some are better with a lighter touch, others prefer a deep tissue massage, therefore I think it’s really important to ask around, look at reviews and choose the one that resonates with you. Don’t feel like you need to stay with the same therapist, I encourage my clients to get a massage with me, and go to the spa, go on vacation and get it there, test out different techniques so you can really see what you like. 

How many times to get the benefits, should you get a massage?

I highly recommend getting it every week. Ideally, once a month works well. For your body and to really benefit from it, the more the better. I see some clients 3-4 times a week, others every two weeks, some once a month, others every two months. It really depends on you and your routine. 

What advice would you give yourself when you first started?

Keep doing a good job. Be authentic to yourself. One day at a time. As an entrepreneur, you can really just look out into the future, or wanting more so my best advice to myself is to take it day by day and just keep working at being the best I can be now. Also to be in the present moment and enjoy second by second every day. 

To book a mobile massage or on location at Massage Jenika Trunzo send a DM on Instagram @MassageTherapyJenTrunzo

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Models : Marvin Golding, Sarah Kate Glover

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