Alli Caudle | Making Dreams Come True with Caudle Real Estate Group

Making Dreams Come True with Caudle Real Estate Group

Meet the beautiful Alli Caudle @allicaudle a sensational woman with vast life experience that brought her from Author, screenwriter, Actor to the luxury market of residential real estate sales in Texas and state-wide. 

Alli alongside her mother @cindicaudle are a team to be reckoned with @caudlerealestategroup Together, they are using their mutual passion for design, service, diligence and love for home and what it means in all its forms. Alli is not only determined and hard working when it comes to real estate but she has firsthand experience working through investments for years. Her keen eye for all things design transcends into the service she provides. Here is her success journey! 

Let’s begin with your trajectory ; what was the path that brought you to real estate?

I was born in Dallas, Texas, lived on a ranch in Canadian, Texas, and went to junior high and high school in Lubbock, Texas. I then went to Texas Tech University (where my whole family went), and double majored in Public Relations and International Communications with a focus in Spanish. I studied abroad in Barcelona (where I met my best friends – who are still my closest friends to this day), returned to Texas Tech, and graduated early to work for Christian Dior PR in New York City. That led to becoming a fashion editor and marketing assistant at Bullett Magazine, hosting big events in the fashion industry. 

Ultimately, the fashion industry didn’t make me happy. So, I did a huge pivot and decided to become an actress (which had always been my secret dream). Serendipitously, I discovered Michael Howard Studios and studied acting in their well-established conservatory for nearly two years. Upon completing my dramatic studies, I signed with a manager, and worked professionally as an actress in NYC for four years. Eventually, I got into screenwriting while acting in NYC, and screenwriting led me to Hollywood. 

I’d say I experienced my greatest challenges and growth as a human in Los Angeles. After the move from New York to LA, I went through a big breakup. And as all breakups go, it led me to do some deep personal work and re-evaluate my purpose, goals and desires as I was approaching the end of my 20s. So, I went back to school to study neuroscience, psychology and quantum physics in a wellness coaching certification program, MentorPath with Dr. David Krueger. I studied by day and worked by night at one of the country’s best restaurants, Republique LA to support myself through the transition. 

As life would have it, I found myself as the Special Events Manager at Sunset Tower Hotel in LA. I ran the most exclusive events in LA for nearly a year, including the infamous Oscars after-parties, and then COVID happened. The hotel shutdown, events stopped in March, 2020, and by July 2020 I realized we weren’t going to go back to work for at least another year. A magical door opened, and I found myself moving back home to Texas after a decade living on both coasts. 

What brought you to Sotheby’s International Realty Briggs Freeman to pursue your real essay career?

My mother, Cindi Caudle. She has been in real estate for over fifteen years in: Lubbock, Dallas, Chicago, Midland, and now Dallas again. She offered me a position of partnership in her real estate empire (as we like to call it). It felt so right and I accepted immediately with great gratitude. I got my license while I was still living in LA, moved to Dallas, and was working alongside her by October of 2020 at Caudle Real Estate Group with Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty. 

Would you say that your mother was a mentor of yours in the industry?

Oh, yes! I owe this opportunity to my mother. She worked so hard to get where she is today. Cindi is so in love with her career. Real estate excites her, and it comes from being passionate about her people! Over the years I’ve watched her build her empire in multiple cities and states, always adapting and expanding. She’s my inspiration. She’s been the best mentor I could ever imagine. 

Cindy and I are on a team called Caudle Real Estate Group which is our last name, but it’s C, R, E, G and that my dad’s name’s Creg, so it’s kind like a wink at my dad. We didn’t even plan it. And then we’re like, Creg, ladies of Creg, I love my dad.

What is the one thing that she has really taught you? The most about her real estate career?

Wow! That’s a good question. Just, being of service to your clients. I mean, the woman is just so authentic, and cares so deeply about her clients – delivering them the best service she possibly can. It’s beautiful! 

When I watch my mother in business, I learn so much about what it means to deliver an excellent client experience. For example, when she has challenging clients or moments, she always stays respectful and positive. And when we walk away all she’ll say is, “Send them some love, they’re having a challenging day.” And she moves on. 

I come from a high-level hospitality background, so it clicked with me that something I love most is offering extraordinary service to others. It’s definitely an art form, like choreography. And that’s why I love Sotheby’s International Realty. They know more than anyone else that luxury is not a price point, it’s an experience.

When it comes to you and your professional endeavours, where do you see yourself in the near future? Give us a short term and long term goal?

Cindi and I were recognized as Top Producers at our brokerage in 2021, and that is / was my goal. I want to maintain that level of production and continue to excel and expand past what we thought possible for ourselves every year. 

Do you see yourself always being residential? Do you see commercial being an option or something you would ever grow into?

I think I would want to do both eventually … maybe own a restaurant or a boutique hotel. But for now I’m focused on residential, because I love the personal aspect. I love working closely with people, guiding them to achieve their goals, and realize their dreams. I even enjoy the challenges, too. I don’t think people realize how emotional real estate can be, so I use my tools / apply my practice as a wellness coach to be able to properly hold space as my clients navigate all that unfolds throughout a huge decision-making process. 

When it comes to something that motivates you or just inspires you to think bigger and do more, what does that look like?

I am someone who is constantly striving to be better, read more, and do more. It’s just how I’m wired. I juggle a lot of passions and interests, because that’s how I stay balanced. My children’s book, Cinnamon Goes Over the Edge, is being published May 2022 with Archway Publishing & Simon and Schuster. I’ve also started a podcast, Welcome Home, that explores the emotional aspects of real estate. 

I always follow my heart. Even if it seems insane to someone else, I trust that I’m meant to embrace change and continue to evolve. I set clear goals and create long-term and short-term steps to take every day to achieve them. I enjoy new experiences and challenges, and I’ve found that as diverse as my background is – it’s made me the entrepreneur and artist I am today. And I needed every single twist and turn for the lessons they’ve delivered have only made me a better person and professional. 

How do you find your inner balance ; what are boundaries that you set to make sure that you don’t lose it and that you don’t burn out?

Love that question, it’s so important. I have to work hard at balance, and I’ve come really far. 

I meditate every day, I have positive affirmations that I say and write, journaling (10 min brain drain to be exact), I do yoga, I walk my dog in nature, I dance (ecstatic dance in my home most mornings), I pray, I put time in my calendar every week for joyful, nourishing time with the people I love. I’m in a book club, which helps me continue to study other topics of interest (i.e. self development and spirituality). I avoid drinking alcohol more than once or twice a week. I eat mindfully to empower my body. I set work / life boundaries when I can. I make sure that when I’m not working I’m present with my loved ones. My boyfriend and his love also keep me very balanced!! 

Setting boundaries can be hard, but it’s essential. And I think it looks different for everyone. I’ve been in jobs where there were no boundaries, and I’d become completely burned out and drained. I had nothing to give myself, and nothing to give to my relationships. And you see how it affects everything negatively when your mental and physical health start to suffer. Ultimately, it comes down to: work smarter, have better time management, set time into your calendar for joyful activities every week, communicate effectively with your team about what you need, and work in a job that brings you purpose and joy that’s in alignment with your gifts. And if it’s late at night and not an emergency, it can surely wait til the morning. 


I love Dallas. It’s beautiful, it has an entrepreneurial spirit, it’s global, and the food scene is blowing up! Since moving to Dallas in 2020, I feel a sense of peace and groundedness that I haven’t felt in my adult life thus far. I’m so grateful to be here, and I adore my community, family and friends (new and old). It can come across as a fancy place, but in reality, it’s whatever you want to make of it. It’s a special place where anyone can create their dream life in their dream home.

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