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Jenny Fuller is a fitness guru and entrepreneur who founded Karma Fitness Studio out in Frisco, Texas. A mother of two, a wife and a spiritual leader, her work has become the standard in the industry with courses that focus on mind, body and soul. Although she’s been in the fitness world for over two decades, her entrepreneurial journey only began a decade ago and is at the tip of the iceberg. What’s to come next for Karma Fitness? Multiple locations scattered all over Texas, talks of expanding by franchise model as well as an online APP and virtual classes. Stay tuned for the evolution of Karma and the immeasurable success of Jenny, who is a force to be reckoned with.

Tell our readers how you got started in your fitness journey?

My journey started when I went to College in Texas  and became a special education school teacher, and always had a need for helping children who needed extra help so I studied them whatever I could do with their families, got trained in college for 14 years, elementary and high school. During that time I had my son, and still taught pregnant and then taught when he was a year old and then had my daughter – stayed at home. My husband back then worked abroad 80% of the time so I was basically alone at home with the kids – thought I was going to die. Hardest job ever. And I was kind of into fitness, nothing like I am now.

We would go on walks and that’s how I would get my training in. I took them to the gym when my daughter was 6 weeks old and my son was two years old -put them in daycare and I went to my first yoga class – it was hot yoga – I was crying on the mat – and I remember going to the teacher and saying : whatever you are doing, I want to do. It really connected to my soul and she said to me : we’ll I’m actually doing a teacher training next weekend! Come here a teacher – and I was like ok!

I had no idea what a yoga instructor training was like. It’s 200 hours of personal development and self reflection and I ate up every bit of it. That was a full semester. My husband would come in on the weekends and help. I started teaching yoga right after that in any location I could. I did fourteen different locations, I would take the kids with me, at night and on weekends. I did that for seven years, hopped around, built a community, got to know a lot of people around my area, I live out of a suburb out of Dallas.

During 2020, I ended up getting a divorce and opening up my own studio. It was a HUGE Year. I lost so much hair (laughs) most stressful year of my life but totally worth it in every way.

I am now newly married to the most amazing man, he’s just the right fit in every way. 

When did you decide to open Karma Fitness Studio?

I opened up, eleven months later last February – we’ve been open up for a year now. It’s karma fitness studio. I used to just teach yoga but I’m always using muscle training as well, so we put two studios one is “functional fitness” where you can lift weights and we have an infra-red studio for the yoga that we add weights to in that studio. 

I feel like so much has developed inside of you since you began this fitness journey. From fitness guru, yogi, entrepreneur and business women. What has been the biggest shift for you? 

I would have to say, my personal boundaries and I thought I had all these friend groups, and I felt very abandoned and alone. Getting thrown into this world, into the entrepreneurial side which has become my mission in life and purpose, has made me grow tremendously. I never thought this would happen in my life. It’s hard because you don’t relate to the yoga teachers anymore and you don’t really relate to just the business owners because you’re still doing both. There’s this HUGE growth happening inside of me to keep staying uncomfortable and I know the more uncomfortable I get the more I learn. I am building self confidence through all that and learning to trust myself in different roles.

What led you to open Karma during this time? 

It was something that just felt naturally. The location fell into my lap where it was like – it’s now or never. It was the best decision I’ve made. First I had to build the confidence, learn about myself, what I actually like and what brings me joy. Then once I had that foundation down, which is right now when I am in a flow. Living in alignment 100%.

When it comes to building the brand and the vision, what does that look like for the short term / long term? 

I don’t like the business as far as being the operations or being behind the desk – I hired very well and got two full time managers to operate while I can still be in the community and continue to network and meet people. We have an app for classes right now but I am now looking at building my own app – where people can go and do a Karma workout. In the next 3-5 years I would like 3 more locations within my area in Frisco, Dallas. North Texas, and in Dallas downtown area.

What has been the biggest challenge you had to face while being a business owner?

All of the gut punches is what I like to call them – like just things that you have no idea what to do with. Complains from people, managing staff, the financials behind it. For example today our water fountain broke and everything relies on you. No one cares as much as you do so you have to really be on top of everything. I have a private coach, I’m in a Mastermind now and my mission is to keep on learning and focus on what I need to do be doing. I don’t listen to people who have not done it before and I keep everything in check.

As you shifted that mentality, did things start to change?

Absolutely. My mentality is shifting because I am now doing what I should be doing. My position is more clear and this mastermind is helping me by seeing other business owners operate. My true passion is to impact as many people as I can! 

Anything coming up for 2022 we can talk about ; new projects for the brand?

I’m doing many speaking engagements, to put my brand out there – every month I am doing a talk, I just did one in LA. So just be on the lookout for my name, for Karma Fitness Studio as my vision for 2022 is to put myself out there, get uncomfortable and just bring everything I can to make us grow and expand. 

We also do yoga retreats every year, we went to Mexico and Jamaica and this year we are going to Los Cabos in Mexico which will be in May. I love to get like minded people together and we all get to grow with each other.

Photo Credit – JoAnn Snyder

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