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Originally from Saskatchewan, Ashley grew up on a farm with three older brothers and decided to move to Vancouver city to follow her dreams. After getting a degree in business administration and marketing, she got licensed in real estate to pursue a career in the residential market under the Century 21 banner. In her own words “my goal is to learn about you, understand your needs and help you reach your real estate goals. Whether you are buying, selling a home, or looking to invest I have the knowledge, tools and drive to help you. I am devoted to understanding my client’s needs, providing exceptional real estate experiences, and ensuring the process of buying and selling a home is a positive one.

 I aim to make a huge transaction exciting but also very educational. I want you to leave every conversation we have more informed about the buying or selling process. I want you to feel like you understand the market. I take a very prepared, organized and efficient approach to every transaction and I will leave no detail untouched. I will take care of your best interests and make sure your needs are at the forefront.” 

She’s young, ambitious and has the right mindset and tools to succeed beyond her wildest dreams. Here is her success journey.

Did you always know you would end up in real estate?
I started off as a business coach with a company called student works painting so I got to work with students who wanted to run a profitable marketing and painting business and I did all of the recruiting, training I was their business coach and mentor throughout the process of running their business. I did that for four years after school and then I got into real estate.
What propelled you into real estate of all trades?
People. Honestly. One thing that I loved about my past career was working with people and achieve their goals and realize their dreams of being a business owner. I think I was ready for a change but wanted to continue to help people. Real estate is a massive transaction in somebody’s life so it’s a great way to build a relationship with someone, it’s a career of trust as well so I get to be a positive and fun resource in a sometimes stressful period in their life.
I got the opportunity to run a painting business before I was a coach so while I was in school, I ran a painting business so that was really my first time taking a risk at something it was a little bit more systematized to be successful – right away when I was 19 years old I was running a business so that was definitely a good first step to being an entrepreneur but then for real estate it is a bigger risk for sure but I know it’s something that I have the knowledge to do – whether in design, architecture, all that good stuff and I can definitely facilitate others through that too.

Were you always in business / entrepreneur? How did you get into it?
I have a natural ability for business – my father is a farmer so he is self employed as well – I’ve always just felt called to follow what I want to do and focus on working hard to make it happen. I’ve always had this innate confidence in myself and trust my abilities to thrive. It’s my first year in real estate and I’ve seen so much success already.
When it comes to investing in Vancouver BC market – what are key areas people should be looking at?
The biggest thing people are seeking these days is more space – people are working from home, adding a quarantine animal to their family so we’re definitely seeing an influx in town houses. Vancouver is a city that historically always appreciates. Great investment opportunities here lie in duplexes, triplexes, four-plexes and multifamily buildings

What is something you wish to accomplish in a near future?
I would say my big goal over the next couple years is to have a team of all female associates that share the same vision as me so that we can amplify the business and help more people. I also see myself owning properties that I can rent out short term like Airbnbs. That would be another goal of mine.
When it comes to your motivation, what inspires you to keep growing?
I value freedom and happiness in my life and also I want to continue to help people those are my three main driving forces and if I can improve myself and keep being a better version of myself in my personal life and in business than I can help more people and also have more time to enjoy my life.
What is something you do to put boundaries and have inner balance?
I have a morning routine! It’s my favorite part of the day. I wake up super early and usually sit and do nothing for a full hour, I drink my coffee. Depending on how I feel I’ll read or listen to a podcast as well but other times I’ll just watch the sunrise. Then I do some yoga or a workout. I do that on a daily basis and then I try to implement social time during the week and always look at the weather to pick the sunniest day to go outside and get fresh air and just wander or go for a hike.
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For all your real estate needs in Vancouver, contact Ashley directly at 778-839-9172

Follow her on Instagram, @AshleyHallVancouverRealty

Visit her website here

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