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Caitelin McCoy | Operations Manager at BogardNY Team
Born and raised in New York, Caitelin McCoy is a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson and the Operations Manager for the BogardNY Team at SERHANT. In her role as Operations Manager, she helps grow new business, leads marketing and event planning, research properties and local markets, oversees team transactions, and fosters team synergy by ensuring teamwide organization. She also works closely with each team member, supporting individual agent development and growth.
As an agent, Caitelin specializes in residential sales in Manhattan and Brooklyn. She works with first-home buyers, sellers, and investors, guiding them through the emotional and logistical ups and downs of the New York City real estate market. She enjoys helping her clients get through tough decisions and building long-lasting relationships with them. Now in operations, she maintains contact with a broad range of clients and uses her experience as an agent to streamline processes involved with buying and selling homes.
Before her real estate career, Caitelin earned a B.A. in Drama and Psychology from Kenyon College. She has a passion for theatre and has worked extensively as an actor and in casting. She also loves children, working for twelve years as a childcare worker. Caitelin loves sports and the performing arts. She is an avid Yankees fan, a recreational soccer player, and plays the flute. Caitelin sees the city as “one big melting pot” and is still amazed by the people, places, and neighborhoods that New York has to offer.

Tell our readers about your path that led you to selling real estate.
I am a born and raised New Yorker. I was raised in the East Village and went to school in Chelsea. For most of my life I wanted to be an actor and so I went in pursuit of that goal. I went to Kenyon College in Ohio where I double majored in drama and neuro-psychology. In addition to my double major, I worked part time at the library, studied abroad in London, played club soccer, became vice president of Greek Counsel- the whole college experience. Upon graduating, I moved home to pursue my acting career, and that’s when I began working with my mom who is an award winning casting director. I worked as her executive assistant until the world, and theatre, shut down due to Covid. There was a lot of time to re-think and re-prioritize where I wanted to be focusing my energy. It was during that break, that I found a new path that led me to real estate.
My dad has worked in real estate the majority of my life, and it was never something toward which I felt particularly drawn. One night, I mentioned how fun it would be to show home and his response was that if it was something I’d like to learn more about, I should reach out to his friend who was just starting to build her own team with her husband. That someone was Mallory Brown Bogard. We met for coffee and what was supposed to be a quick introduction turned into a two hour talk about real estate in New York. We had an instant connection and as we were getting up to leave, Mallory recommended that I take the exam and, upon passing, come join her team. Our introductory chat turned into a mentorship, and a guiding light as I began an exciting new career path. Mallory’s drive motivated me and watching a woman succeed at her level was and is really inspiring to watch. I joined the Bogard NY Team in March of 2021, became her Operations Manager in December of 2021 and I haven’t looked back since.
I am in love with real estate. Everything about it excites me. I love the constant exploration and connections that are built. It is a really similar process to casting where you are given very specific criteria and you’re working with someone to find something that matches everything they’ve been dreaming of and working so hard to get. I really enjoy that process and working with people to find them their forever home.
Greenpoint is a really exciting neighborhood. People also always love the Cobble Hill/ Carroll Gardens area, and to be honest- so do I. Parts of Lower Manhattan are really exciting – Soho is an amazing neighborhood and we’re starting to see more lofts and artists spaces popping up for sale. In all honesty, my team does everything and works everywhere. We’ve been working on a lot of exciting new condo projects lately and we’re seeing things start to trend away from co-ops as there’s some more flexibility in resale value. It will be interesting to see where the market shifts in real estate housing regarding co-ops and condos.
My team is mainly focused on the Brooklyn Waterfront and Lower Manhattan. In December, I transitioned from full time real estate salesperson to the operations manager and transaction coordinator at our office. I am so glad I made this change, it feels great being able to have a hand in everything. I never knew working in ops could be so fun!

What areas would you note are up and coming?
Greenpoint is a great place. People love the Carrol Garden area. Parts of Lower Manhattan are really exciting – Soho is really cool. We do everything and work everywhere. We’ve been working on a lot of exciting new condo projects lately and we’re seeing things start to trend away from co-ops as there’s a lot more flexibility in resale value. It will be interesting to see where the market shifts in real estate housing in co-ops and condos.

What areas does your team focus on?
My team is focused on the Brooklyn waterfront and lower Manhattan. In December I transitioned from full time realtor to operations manager at our office, which is a position I really enjoy.
What is something you want to bring to life in the near future?
I would love to be able to buy my own home someday. Being in this world, and working with so many people to achieve their dream of homeownership has 100% rubbed off on me. My team is so amazing, I’d love to work with them to achieve this goal. I would also love to continue in my role and reach maximum potential for both myself and the Bogard NY team. We just moved to SERHANT. a new brokerage started by Ryan Serhant, and there are a lot of really incredible opportunities for us, I can’t wait to see what that will bring. 

What inspires you personally?
My family is a HUGE inspiration. They mean the world to me and their love, support, and senses of humor have instilled in me such a strong sense of passion and work ethic and to always make sure I love what I do. They always inspire me to keep going and pursuing whatever gives me joy at any moment. Additionally, my mom is a huge inspiration to me. She created her own business when she was in her 20’s and it’s amazing to see everything she has and continues to build.
Internally, I’m inspired by the drive to keep improving and growing. I love efficiency and organization. It makes me really happy to be able to create a streamlined process that helps everyone do their best work. 
Have you had any women mentors in the industry or in your life in general?
Definitely! As I just mentioned, my mother is a huge inspiration to me. She is also a really incredible mentor. Even though she’s my mom, she was also my boss for several years. Coming right out of college, I was super green and working with her, I gained invaluable knowledge about how to operate in an office, and how a successful business is run. Mallory is also an incredible mentor. Her guidance through the real estate world is a true gift, and not found very easily. She is such a champion for empowering women and especially women who buy on their own, which is a whole other world. I think that’s also why buying my own property is something I’ve set my sights on. It’s really hard to build financial stability on your own and there’s a lot more security having dual income but doing it all on your own is so exciting and Mallory is really amazing at being there every step of the way for everyone, and especially those first time home buyers doing it for themselves. In addition to watching her work, she is always providing helpful guidance, feedback, and insight. I definitely wouldn’t love what I do so much if it wasn’t for her.
When it comes to balance, what are things that you do to keep your inner peace and make sure you don’t have burnouts?
A night out with my boyfriend or my family and friends really helps me recharge as well. I have a rescue dog which has kept me balanced by walking outdoors, and having moments to reset and regroup. I also really like to go boxing, so scheduling those classes in makes me feel really good. Relationships with my boyfriend, my family my friends really helps me as well.
It’s not easy but it’s definitely necessary. It’s a work in progress but I am getting there!
Photo Credits: SERHANT Studios, Jim Fagan, Breffni Ward

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