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Meet @EliandFur the iconic duo who has forever disrupted the EDM scene. A loyal friendship turned partnership when the two decided they would leave everything behind to begin their music career. “I didn’t have any prior music experience [before meeting Eliza]. I wouldn’t have been in the industry if it wasn’t for her.” recalls Jennifer. They are in perfect synergy, as their music rightfully show. Here is the story of how Eliza Noble and Jennifer Skillman became sensation ELI&FUR.

it’s been over eight years that you’ve been in the scene ; can you bring us back to when you first decided to work together in music?

It started when we were roommates. We went to school together and started partying and loved going out and listening to music. It was the inspiration we needed to start to DJ for fun. At the same time, we were also working in the music industry for a mainly song writing company, called Zenamania, that also dabbled in vocal recordings, engineering and production in the Pop space. So as we were working there full time and Dj’ing on the side, and our boss at the time wanted us to be signed as an act which was amazing but unfortunately didn’t end up working. We just didn’t agree on the genre so there came a time where we decided to take a different path for ourselves.

We remember the day we took that leap of faith very well. We felt terrified, questioning our abilities but we were going to give it our 100%. We had a couple of years building out our profile with Zenamania, so we had relationships with promoters and were not starting form scratch either. It was a small comfortable platform from which we were starting but overall we were about to embark on a new journey together and we were ready to grind. The most terrifying thing is  that we didn’t have the comfort of a salary coming into this and that was  always at the back of our minds.

The funny thing is that even if we hadn’t had the success we did, we would have still been glad we took the risk. In itself it helped us build our characters and it showed us what we are capable of. Luckily we are still doing it and having a blast every single day.

Photo Credit – Aaron Hurley 

Bring us to the transition to making and producing music as oppose to just DJ-ing?

We started around eight years ago. We always had that connection, going to festivals and talking about music since we were in school together.  We were always passionate about music. We always hoped that we would take it this far, and it wasn’t always the plan because we were kind of having fun and finding our way and carving our own path. Over the years, we really honed into the music that we wanted to make and found our particular sound. We didn’t rebrand or anything, we just became more aware of what type of music fits us best and went with it. We are so grateful that we still get to what we love and get paid for it.

What do you have coming up now in the near future?

It finally feels like things are getting back to normal. December of this year is probably our busiest month that we’ve had since Covid has started. On a side note, Covid has allowed us to make a lot of music and come out with an album. Furthermore, we made so much music that we have enough for another album/EP to be released somewhere in the beginning of 2022.

The album that is coming in December is an album of some of our favourite dj’s and producers that we remixed. We did a track with Brother Tiger called “She’s just a wonderer”. We also have a collaboration coming with Medusa, which is really exciting and we can’t wait for everyone to hear it. This particular one has been finished for a while now and we have been integrating it into our sets so we already saw an amazing reaction.

Photo Credit – Aaron Hurley 

Was music a big part of your childhood?

FUR: For me, it wasn’t at all. My inspiration for music came from my mom’s inspiration in music. She was into bands like Talking Heads and Depeche Mode and that genre. I took a liking to what she listened too but as far as music goes in my childhood, I loved the piano as a kid but that’s pretty much it. I don’t think I would have gotten into music if I Haden’t have met Eli.

ELI: I don’t think I would have gotten into Dj’ing if it wasn’t for FUR, because I was playing the guitar and other instruments and was more of a clubber.

We were such a perfect match because it wasn’t like we decided to start a band. It wouldn’t have made sense. We just draw inspiration from music that we love and mix it with our own style. The fact that we like song writing helped us merge that so we can produce our own music and mix it at events. All the elements made a perfect fit for us to be Dj’s and help create the duo that we are today.

Photo Credit – Ayu Moonbeam @Zouk Nightclub

Did the producing come after the Dj’ing?

FUR: We started dj’ing and when we started Eli was working at Zenomania doing production and song writing. She had mentioned to her boss that we started this side thing together and he wanted to meet me, the other half of the duo. At that stage, I was working in fashion and he basically said that he would match my salary if I came to work for him. Its important to note that I didn’t have a lot of music experience, I was literally thrown into the deep end. I took the risk and joined the company. I forced myself to learn everything as quickly as possible by watching and absorbing everything that I could. That gave us access to the studio, in which we basically lived and it all went up from there. Every night we would experiment with sounds and producing. We think every aspiring Dj should experiment that way and clock as many hours in a studio to be able to find what works for them and just gain the necessary skills to produce.

Where do you guys get your inspirations from?

We definitely think touring and the experiences that come with it, inspires us tremendously. Picture being in a hotel room in a beautiful city with that lonely vibe, it really helps to get the music and feelings pouring out.  Our songs end up being influenced by the locations they were written from and also being in clubs and seeing other performers do their thing helps merge all of it together.

Inspiration is a funny thing. Sometimes it just hits you and you start writing things down. It comes in waves.

What do you see for your futures?

We are really interested in implementing new instruments into our performances that are live shows. But it will be the odd special show that people can come and experience. Primarly, being able to Dj and tour with the setup that we have now is easy but as time goes, will be able to build onto that for our live shows and produce something special while bringing more elements into them.

What collaborations would you like to manifest?

We would love to collaborate with Rüfüs Du Sol. I just saw them love and it was spectacular. They are a band that have bee around for a while now and have the electronic and melodic sound. It was something to behold. To collaborate with such a band would be amazing. We are big fans and that would be a dream.

Cover Photo Credit – Aaron Hurley 

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