How To Maintain Balance In Your Life

A huge emphasis needs to be placed on the importance of maintaining ‘balance’, in our everyday lives. The reality is that we tend to underestimate the maintenance and effort that must go into creating the balance in our lives. Without the presence of a well-balanced life, our productivity, efficiency and success will decrease drastically over time.

We all come from different backgrounds, have different experiences and ultimately, have difficult involvements. However, one thing that links us all is the fact that we all have a handful of responsibilities that we must adhere to. No matter what the circumstance is, each and every single one of us have someone, or something that we must answer to, whether that be in reference to work, family, our passions, and so on.

The persisting challenge is that we must balance with extreme steadiness what we are required to do, with what we adore doing. This balance will allow for us to reduce the amount of stress, anxiety and physical/emotional consequences that we could experience and instead, engage in a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle.

At the end of the day, moderation is key and when you lack balance, you lose perspective. Maintaining balance is a hot conversation these days, and it can allow for you to focus your attention on taking the proper actions to living your life productively.

Let me be the first to tell you that this is much easier said than done. So, the question then becomes, how do we maintain balance in our everyday lives?

1. Prioritize

Jot it down! A well-balanced life is not characterized by ramming a week’s full of to-dos into one day. Ask yourself, “what should get done today, and what can get done tomorrow”. Depending on what stage in life you are at, your priorities will be different than your neighbors, and it is critical for you to understand that this is perfectly acceptable. Concentrate your energy on what is important to you. Attempting to juggle everything or multiple tasks at once is a recipe for disaster and more often than not will lead you on the wrong path to a well-balanced life. 

2. Be Spontaneous, Stay Positive and Accept Change

The fact of the matter is that our lives can be so regulated and well-organized at times that we fail to step outside of our comfort zones. We need to come to terms with the fact that many things in our lives will not go according to plan, and again, that is perfectly acceptable. As an event planner myself, I most certainly understand the frustrations that coincide with change. However, I have made a point in recognizing that change is inevitable, and although at times can appear scary and be overwhelmingly frustrating, it is a part of life. Learning how to react to uncertainty and overall change will reduce the level of stress you may experience. We can only control so many aspects of our lives, so welcome spontaneity with open arms when it greets you at your front door.

3. Stay Connected

Friends and family are the most significant people in our lives. It Is no secret that the vast majority of us live tremendously busy lives and struggle at times to ensure we are making sufficient effort. However, we should never be too busy to stay connected with those we love. Got toxic people taking up precious space in your life? Say goodbye! Your relationships MATTER – especially in today’s day in age. Don’t just plop yourself in front of your 60” TV and call it “quality time”. Communicate. Participate. Engage yourself. Stay connected!

4. Take Care Of YOU!

Know your limits. If you have to pass up on doing the laundry one evening, then so be it! Always ensure that you take some time to unwind and take care of yourself. The fact of the matter is that if you are unable to take care of yourself, you are most likely not going to be successful in taking care of others. Know yourself, know your body, and know what you can and cannot do in order to function at your best. What works for you, may not necessarily work for someone else, no matter how similar you may be.

5. Learn how to disconnect

One thing in particular that I am completely guilty of is mentally taking my work home with me after I’ve left the office. Although I may not physically be conducting work on my laptop at home, I am continually running lists through my head, determining what I have to complete the next day, freaking out over what I completely forgot to do the previous day, and the list goes on. Unfortunately for me, this has the powerful ability to give me significant feelings of anxiety, and overall fear. As a result of this, it is important for me to try my best to leave work at work and engage in other aspects of my life that I enjoy doing, such as watching crap reality television.

There is no denying that all of us have hectic schedules and tedious routines that we must adhere to, which is why it becomes very easy to lose a little bit of ourselves each and every day. I would define balance as having a firm grip on countless aspects of your life, without the feeling of being extremely overwhelmed or as if you are being pulled in a million directions.

No doubt there will be some days, months and even years that appear to be more stressful and demanding than others, but it is up to us to try our best to eliminate the amount of stress, pressure and tension that we feel as a result of it. Finding balance may not always be a walk in the park, but without its existence, no one wins.

Curious how other’s try to maintain balance in their lives? See below for some examples.

“I like to spend 30-60 minutes a few times a week to exercise my creativity on paper, even if it is just doodling because that is what makes me happy.” – Alysha, 28

“What works when it comes to maintaining balance in my life is making a conscious effort to stick to a routine that suits my day-to-day schedule and needs. This way I can accomplish what I need to, and still have time for the things and people I love.” – Chloe, 25

“I find myself the happiest when I have an equal balance between work and play, and I really strategize on how to achieve that every day. Today I worked all day but am going home to watch some of my favorite tv shows.” – Thea, 26

“I make sure I have time to spend with the important people in my life. I try not to take things too seriously, and I try not to bring my work home with me.” – Jordan, 27

“Living healthy has become an addiction for me, but I also know that I need to keep everything in moderation. Balance is key – eating healthy and exercising makes me feel great both mentally and physically, but it is also important to reward yourself.” – Jamiee, 24

“Everything in moderation! I use to be the person who would beat myself up for not sticking to a plan, whether that be eating too much junk food, not going to the gym 5 days/week, or spending too much money. Now I realize that doing things in moderation helps balance me out and makes me a much happier person.” – Brittany, 26

“I achieve a healthy balanced life by ensuring that my calendar is up to date and that personal time is blocked off. Making the time for things that are important to me is a must.” – Kylie, 29

“I maintain balance by understanding my different priorities at different stages of my life and being able to control my limitations within their boundaries.” – Andrew, 26

“I set goals – monthly, quarterly and yearly. These goals are physical, mental, creative and social. Being creative satisfies my ability to be productive in a way that is fun, versus something that is work related, or a chore. In a world where we are so busy, I set these goals to talk to people instead of just thinking about it or liking a photo on Instagram.” – Melissa, 27

“A balanced life is an internal feeling that needs to be created over time and in your own reality. No one can tell you how to achieve a balanced life. Sometimes your life may consist of 80% work and 20% fun. It will continuously change day by day, month by month, year by year depending on what you truly want and need in your life. You paint the picture of your life and you do it every day by your actions, ambitions, mood and vibe.” – Myles, 27

“To achieve a healthy and balanced life, you need good habits that can reject any additional stress. Be positive and strive for goals that give you a feeling of accomplishment.” – Reed, 29

“Maintaining a healthy balance is an ongoing process. You’re bound to have some months that are crazy at work, but it’s important to offset them with periods where you can focus on yourself by taking vacations for example or finding time for the gym!” – Mackenzie, 23

“In my profession, it’s very easy to take my job home with me. I taught myself early on to leave work at work, and focus on my personal relationships, goals, and interests once I leave. I’d rather go in early or stay later to deal with something than have the stress or anxiety of it cross over and negatively affect my personal life.” – Stephanie, 27

“Having a healthy, balanced lifestyle for me means making sure I make time to exercise and eat well, but also letting myself enjoy dinner and drinks, or a Netflix-binging Sunday on the couch without feeling guilty. If I restrict myself too much, I end up just giving up, and not feeling healthy nor balanced.” – Jacquie, 32

“I have to look long term to demonstrate balance. Some days I work long hours, some I socialize a ton and others I spend totally with my family. It never all fits into a single day, so I readjust constantly. I’m a completely dedicated employee when I’m at work but I make an effort to put the phone away and be fully present with friends and family when I’m with them. There are never enough hours in the day, but I feel much better after giving each part of my life dedicated attention. – Stefanie, 33

“You are a glass and the hours in a day represent the water. Let’s say 8 hours of the day is work, and then if you add time for commuting, it becomes 11 hours. You only have so many hours left before your glass overflows. You can’t do everything you want to do so you have to be selective in what you choose to do such as grocery shop, sell and move into a new home, cleaning, or errands. Right now for me is planning a wedding while balancing being a great partner, daughter and friend.” – Kristen, 24

“A balanced life is an important ingredient to achieving a happy life. For me, making time before work for hockey and/or the gym wakes me up and starts my day. Making time for friends and family on the off hours gives me the ability to unwind and relax. That is my recipe!” – Brandon, 28

“I listen to what my body needs, whether it’s working out twice a day, taking a rest day or going to bed at 8:00pm. I also make sure to plan ahead and make time to organize my schedule for the week.” – Rachael, 27

“I set realistic goals so that I don’t disappoint myself and so that I never feel as though I am underachieving. I drink plenty of water, eat lots of green leaves and I do yoga 3 times a week to relax my mind.” – Summer, 24

“In order to be healthy, you have to be happy first. Balance starts within, and then you can implement that externally.” – Jamie, 26

How do you maintain balance in your life ? Tell us in the comments!

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