Barbie Layton | From Tragedy to Triumph

Helping CEO’s, companies, and individuals manifest their dreams with her unique intuitive healing abilities

Barbie is a sought after speaker, healer, author and coach. Her energy is contagious and elevating. She is transforming women’s lives by tapping into her intuitive gifts and helping people thrive in the areas of their lives where they are still stuck. Through her one on one sessions, to group offers and digital programs, she helps people release their core wounds and reach their full potential in their business and personal lives.

Her story is truly inspiring, teaching you to reach for the stars and never give up on your endless potential. As she says boldly, “Stay true to yourself and in integrity and you will achieve everything your heart desires”. 

I would like to begin by telling our readers more about you and go into details about things that are not so known from your online presence already. 

One thing people probably don’t know is that I really didn’t come into entrepreneurial spaces until the pandemic. I worked a traditional job for over twenty years, and I got amazing results, and would mentor people who always achieved their goals, but it was something where during the pandemic, I really hunkered down and I didn’t watch TV for over a year. I went to MindValley Live in February 2020, and met Vishen in person and then the whole world shut down thirteen days later! I was working three screens a day for 12-hour days, learning, growing, and connecting with others. I was in Vishen Lakhiani’s MindValley Premium Coaching for the inaugural year. There were around thirty of us that was very exclusive at the time, and now he has 20 million followers and to get a monthly private audience with him like that with stream of consciousness was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

There were millionaires, billionaires, and serial entrepreneurs, uber successful, that were teaching free courses. I feel like the pandemic was like this magic genie box that opened up all of these doors to being able to manifest all of these different circles, as people still wanted to connect and we hadn’t figured out how to monetize it yet.

The more circles that I got invited to, the more that I would come into the new circles, and then I would say, “Oh, I know 20 to 30% of the people in here. Hey, how’s it going?” And then from there it was just like all of these openings of
opportunities that I feel really blessed that I was able to manifest. Even though that was a very tragic time on our planet, I was able to capitalize on how I could make this the most positive experience of my life to be of service to others as opposed to letting this be a destroyer of my life.

It’s almost like it was a miracle in disguise in a sense because you were able to really tap into manifestation as a career path. Yes, and I had a very set schedule. Seven days a week, I got up at 6:00 AM and I went to bed at 10:00 PM without fail. Every single day. Self-discipline is a very important skill and steadfastly showing up wherever you’re invited to be is for you. Saying no when people or opportunities show up is the biggest blocker of your abundance. I didn’t stop any of the flow and as of this year, in June, I became a number one international bestselling author, and we were on four massive New York Times billboards as the wings of the famous Coca-Cola stack rotating with Kim Kardashian every 30 seconds!

These manifestations have been epic and beyond my wildest dreams but staying open to the fantastical and magical experiences and not shutting yourself down opens up so many new spaces! I was a speaker on Think and Grow Rich summit, The Neuroscience Summit with the Los Angeles Tribune with the representatives from NuCalm and a lot of other prominent people. It has truly been an honor and I am an instructor on the Mind Motion Academy and Xpansion Alchemy platform as well, as people love the results they get from my energetic frequency.

It’s like this has all been basically developed through staying in integrity with manifesting because, to me, manifesting is all about staying in a high frequency, but it has to be pure. And if it’s not pure, then you can’t manifest. It’s like one drop
of black ink poisons the well and keeping yourself to your own authentic truth is the most important thing you can do.

I would love to know your own personal journey of getting into this space and what things you had to heal or cleanse to come back into that natural state of who you are.

Well, I had a lot of extreme bullying growing up and a lot of people were not very nice to me, and that perpetuated into my work life in a lot of places as well. That created a chronic illness that I had to really focus on. I’ve always looked at signs and synchronicities. I just finished my online course, which I consider my life’s work, that I call The Science of Signs, and it’s literally about reading the signs and synchronicities that the universe is providing for you all the time.

I started reading those in a very intentional and deliberate way, and specifically in 2012, I started to actually track them. I started tracking and keeping a journal of all the different things that I was seeing on a regular basis, recurring songs or
recurring numbers, or recurring images or symbols or things that I would start to see.

I started to notice that I could start to weave in that a pattern of seeing that I was being given signs that were showing me that I was on the right track. I was also being given signs that I was on the wrong track based on symbols as well. Teaching
other people how to be able to do the same thing to be able to step into their own flow and manifest the best version of themselves brings me such joy!

What advice would you give to your younger self that was not as confident, that didn’t have all of these beautiful tools behind her?

I would say that being very different from other people — that is your superpower. Don’t give up on it. Stay true to yourself. The world needs unicorns. 

When it comes to stepping into this embodied successful version of yourself, what do your practices or routines look like on a daily basis?

I’m an intuitive energy coach and I have a lot of amazing testimonials from my clients over the years of being in remission from illnesses or manifesting their dream jobs, birthing babies, or their dream homes and things like that. So, it’s very
important to be intentional with your frequency. Every hour, on the hour, I try to re-center myself back into my frequency of staying in what I call 528 hertz frequency, that is toned or sung as the HU. By staying in that frame of mind, that
is the frequency scientifically proven of DNA, creativity, and love. By being able to do a self-clearing on the regular, that then allows me to come in on a high frequency to be able to help with other people with their healing.

Now when it comes to women that want to work with you, give us all your courses, offers, what does that look like now?

Oh my goodness, I’m so excited. It’s incredible to think by the time the first quarter of next year comes out, I will have been in three books; “Women Gone Wild”, “Ignite Humanity”, and “MindValley Heroes” and two documentaries, one that is with the Dalai Lama. It’s so amazing to see how far I have come and what is coming up next!

The “Women Gone Wild” Book, which is the one that I became an international bestseller from in June, is partnered with the United Nations, with a business organization for women called SheTrades, which has over 3 million women
entrepreneurs. We will be published by Brown in 2023 and it will be in 45 countries and 18 languages. I will also be in the documentary with Dr. John DeMartini called “Breakthrough”. My press releases have hit over 600 media
outlets internationally as well, which has been really exciting. And so, there’s quite a bit of momentum that’s happening. I was honored to be the cover girl for LiT magazine and I am part of the Get LiT Worldwide team that has a huge reach. I
will also be the model for All Love plus size athleisure wear. There is no limit when you are manifesting miracles!

When it comes to the women that are joining your world, what would you want them to retain the most from the work that you’re doing?

I think the most important thing would be to have the opportunity to work with women on an ongoing basis where we have the opportunity to, ten x either their earnings or focusing on what their dreams and desires are and open those back up. Really giving them the opportunity to become unstoppable and to have it where they can see that if I did it, then so can they. Being a role model in the sense of helping them release the limiting beliefs that they have, that they’re not able to achieve what they want to achieve.

What is your superpower?

I have a few, but one of my superpowers is that I’m a super connector. In addition to that, it’s being a super connector but a bold super connector. So, if I see the connection between people, I don’t hesitate. I will just state that, and it’s from a
perfect place of a hundred percent giving because I’m not doing that specifically so that I can get something back. I’m doing that just because it brings me an immense amount of joy.

Photo Credit – Pamela Leon / 28 Sunflowers Photography / Rhonda Swan Unstoppable Branding Agency

“The scars, the lumps, the bumps — those are the roadmap of your life’s journey and part of the package and that is truly what makes you beautiful.”


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