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Energy and Manifest Guide, Corin Harris is a 3x Double Board Certified Master Coach, Practitioner & Trainer of NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy, EFT, Life & Success coaching, and TIME Techniques TM. Her work helps hundreds of women connect back to their inner power and create magnificent brands with huge visions. Here is her success journey to full embodiment and reclaiming her truth.

Tell our readers how you got into this space.

My path into entrepreneurship, like most entrepreneurs, wasn’t linear. I worked part- time in the coaching industry from 2017 until I went full-time back in 2020. During that time I was working, doing the whole 9 to 5 thing and did that since College.

I had a lot of marketing experience and I was also juggling bikini competitions and it’s very different from what I do now, but you know, I was doing that and that’s kind of how I got into the health coaching space.

It all kind of started when my dad passed away and that’s when I started getting more into health, fitness and mindset. I stumbled upon NLP and manifestation and all the things that I do now since 2018 while I was still working corporate marketing. I just started to study it, started getting in closer proximity to people who had been studying it and were using it in their coaching. I decided I was going to get certified in all the things I was working with a mentor who had NLP training at the time.

Then I found out that I had a hypothyroidism and harsh Hashimotos and I refused to have a diagnosis, I didn’t want to label myself as someone who got this thing that was going to become a part of their identity.

What I had found was I had gotten so sucked up into the identity of being a bikini competitor, that I didn’t know who I was anymore, that’s why I loved NLP, because it started to open up my mind and the more I went in with it, I started to open up more to manifestation and intuition and spiritual gift development.

While I was getting certified, I used them a lot on myself to embody them and I saw it working for my clients that were transitioning from just being a health client over to being more of a mindset client.

What did you notice when you started to implement this into your own life?

I stopped having symptoms of Hashimotos and the autoimmune condition. So my fatigue was gone, I had a lot of headaches and brain fog that I had at that time that was gone. Even as far as just feeling really lethargic and tired all the time and not being able to manage my energy; with using these tools and really controlling how I wanted my outlook and my perspective on life to be, I found that they really helped. It was almost one of those things where once I stopped focusing on the diagnosis or stopped focusing on what my identity was, was when I felt enlightened.

I’ve just seen how much it’s changed, my life, my relationship to self, my relationship to my fiancé, and even like my relationship to money, like everything just did a complete like 180* turn.

The more I’m learning this and the more that I talk about it, the more that I use the tools. Using EFT or using time techniques on myself and then using it on clients, once those dots all started to click, I realized that these are really powerful and life changing tools.

What are the containers and different offerings that you provide in your world now to help women get to these tools?

I work primarily in a high level mastermind capacity, or I do the certifications. Occasionally I will take on a private one-on-one client, but I’ve set my business up the way that I want to have my life.

It has to be a very special someone for one to one. But the certification, so the high level mastermind, how it works is I always kind of say there’s like the non certification route in my world and then there’s the certification route.

The non certification route could be for someone who is already certified or isn’t looking to get certified, but they do want to enjoy the vast, techniques that I can use on them to help them recode and rewire their unconscious beliefs, thoughts, and even their nervous system and help regulate all of that.

That way they can open up their capacity to receive more money, more clients, more love. Then the certification route is you still get all of that and you get certified in it.

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So you’re learning a little bit more deeply the background, the history, the different things that I’ve found have really worked or different ways to use them.

The certification is board accredited, it’s internationally recognized, and the reason I went with the board, I went through it’s called IEA, they’re a Neuro Energetics and Neuro Linguistics Association. So they really allow me to work with energy work as well. So it’s not just like the mind, it’s also body and nervous system, and so what you get certified in is NLP, neurolinguistic programming, EFT, which is emotional freedom technique, hypnosis and then time techniques.

I have two different levels of the certification ; there’s Reiki levels one and two, and then life and success coaching, which now can also be classified as mindset and empowerment coaching, especially the way that I teach it.

Then you also learn like my methods, which is the magnetic abundance method, which really involves a little bit more of I would say somatic energetics as well as like inner child and shadow work. You can go through practitioner level and if you want, you can say like I’m all in and go from practitioner level all the way to master level, and then you’d also get master certified in all those things and you would be a master Reiki teacher, which means that you can certify others and teach Reiki as well.

You can fight for your limitations, or you can fight for your possibilities ; you can’t have both.

Since this is the Manifest issue, let’s manifest and bring something to life. What is something that you would like to see come to fruition in your business?

Something I have been working on and actively manifesting it and moving closer towards the goal every single day is by the end of 2022, I want to have certified 200 women. Like at minimum. 200 women certified and just taking radical responsibility and ownership of their life and like healing all parts of them, so that way they can be wildly wealthy in all their life, business and bank account.

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If you had one superpower…

I definitely have one! I’m able to deeply see and really energetically track and feel into my client’s energy. To see past their BS, so they can really transform and step into their higher selves.

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