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Embarking on a Magical Odyssey of Transformation & Growth 

During her years as an undergraduate, Danielle Amos experienced a pivotal moment that would go on to shape the profound trajectory of her life. Amidst a physics exam, an unexpected surge of panic immobilized her, compelling her to flee the examination room.

During the depth of her panic experience with her physics professor, Danielle was gifted with a revelation that would prove transformative. This insight unveiled the possibility that her subconscious mind was acting as an inadvertent barrier, impeding her ability to get her knowledge onto paper. Her physics professor claimed that Danielle had the knowledge inside her mind and told her that she would show her how to access it. Danielle was guided to relax and through a meditation, followed by being verbally asked the exam questions, Danielle astonishingly scored 98% on that exam. She always had the answers within, however her mind had sabotaged her in the exam room through panic. 

This marked the inception of her unwavering commitment to a journey of spirituality and personal evolution. She was led to Buddhist studies to further develop her mind through meditation, and found herself drawn to India, where she was granted an audience with His Holiness, the Dalai Lama. Subsequently, she immersed herself in the profound wisdom of Japanese Buddhist philosophy, embarking on a six-year journey of living overseas, traveling and personal growth. Eventually, Danielle returned home and went to work in the hospitality industry where she excelled and founded one of Canada’s top ten food festivals, Savour Stratford. She then went onto consult and help businesses expand their offerings through product development. The birth of her daughter, Elloise, would act as a catalyst to become focused once again on her purpose and desire to be an entrepreneur. It was through a network marketing opportunity, that Danielle found herself returning to her passion of personal development and spirituality.

However, despite the previous success she experienced in her career, she did not succeed at first in her network marketing business. In fact, she hustled hard and didn’t get very far. She was extremely frustrated and actually started to think something was wrong with her, and that she was not meant for leadership or success. After reading pretty much every self help book without much change, she prayed for an answer. It was not long after that her mother, Kim, introduced her to the teachings of Bob Proctor. It was through Bob that Danielle was able to actually apply the Universal Laws to her life and she immediately started winning. Her completion of Bob Proctor’s program, Thinking Into Results (which she now coaches), yielded a remarkable tripling of her income, earning her acclaim in her network marketing company as the third top sponsor in Canada at her management level. She turned her yearly sponsoring number of new team members into her monthly number in a few short months, challenging the conventional belief that success was achievable only through hard work and long hours.

Danielle’s quantum leap in results and visible change in confidence was shocking to those around her, and she immediately knew that she had to teach others what she had learned about how the mind works and how to apply the Universal Laws.

Danielle invested to become one of Bob Proctor’s Consultants, giving her the ability to coach his material. She used the same success principles to quickly become a distinguished top 1% Inner Circle Consultant within Bob Proctor’s sphere, where she earned the gift of receiving personal mentorship and coaching from Bob himself.

It was during this time that Danielle focused on the concept of self-image and improving her identity. She dove deep into understanding this one sentence that Bob Proctor would often say “you will never outperform your self-image”. During this time, she became known at the Proctor Gallagher Institute as the “self-image Queen”, she dissected the subject of self-image until she became an expert in this topic by first applying the principles to her own life, and then showing others how to do the same. She tracked the results of herself and her clients to create a reliable system to change one’s self-image. Danielle herself turned her yearly income into her monthly, she went from $10K months in revenue to $100K months. Bob Proctor had Danielle on stage to find out what she had done, Danielle’s response was “I wrote her, I became her.” She had changed her self-image, Danielle had created a new identity (or better yet remembered who she was) and became the embodiment of that truth. She now mentors others on how to do this, as you’ll never outperform the image that you have of yourself. It’s time for an upgrade!

Danielle’s influence has transcended geographical bounds. She works with leaders and companies all over the world and in many different industries. She has been successful at teaching others about the Universal Laws, self-image and success mindset principles, and most importantly she teaches her clients how to apply the success principles to their life and business. Her clients’ success is her personal measurement of her own success. She has been lovingly referred to as the “Millionaire Mentor” after mentoring a few dozen women to their first million.

Let’s begin by giving our readers a deeper glimpse into who you are. What are some lesser-known aspects of your personality that might not be readily apparent from your online presence?

There’s a dimension of spirituality that runs much deeper within me. This often surprises people who meet me in person. Behind the digital world, I’m inherently tranquil and grounded and quite calm. Contrary to my background in the business world and first succeeding in my career by leveraging masculine “work hard” energy, I easily surrender to my feminine side, having faith in my understanding of Universal Laws, and leaning into the meditation and spirituality practices that I leaned on at the beginning of my awakening journey over three decades ago.

I am naturally an introvert, which often surprises people when they meet me. I have a bold and powerful online presence, which is part of the self-image that I developed for myself, however I’m quite reserved in social situations. 

My spirituality side may not always shine through online, however it forms an integral part of who I am. I do my best to embody the teachings of my mentors, for example, because of my studies of the Dalai Lama, who advocates an interconnectedness of all, that extends even to the smallest creatures, I have been known to coexist harmoniously with mosquitoes during meditation sessions in Mexico. A similar sentiment guides my interactions with spiders, much to the amusement of my daughter, Elloise. I prefer to release the spider to the outdoors rather than squashing it and I often say to her “this could have been my mother in a past life”.

Although the spirituality side may not come out online, it definitely is present in our in-person immersive experiences and retreats. Guests travel from all over the world to experience in-person healing sessions and activations with me. I use my drum and am guided by intuition to give powerful reminders and messages to our guests. The transformation happens within the event and our guests leave feeling completely shifted.

Your affinity for both luxury and the raw beauty of the outdoors is intriguing. Could you shed light on this dual nature and how it shapes your experiences?

This duality is fascinating to most people. It is not often seen online, actually it is one that unfolds behind the scenes. It’s a dichotomy that I’m sure comes from my childhood experiences. On one hand, I’m drawn to the allure of luxury, it was something I never had growing up and was always fascinated by wealth and wealthy people, yet on the other, I find immense solace in the simplicity of camping and wilderness. I grew up camping, and in my early twenties I learned how to survive in the wilderness on my own. There’s an unspoken harmony that arises from navigating these realms. I can envision myself thriving in the wilderness for weeks, meditating and hiking, and drawing from my traveling experience and Outward Bound skills.

I love luxury hotels, beautiful clothing and handbags and yet I can survive in the woods. To me there is a time and place for both. I get to have it all. 

This duality is perhaps most vividly epitomized by my experience hiking in the Everest region, carrying my own pack (which is almost unheard of, especially as a woman) and completing a 21 day trek with very little comfort. However, if you see me hiking, you may see me with my Gucci fanny pack! Why not? 

It’s an aspect of me that might not immediately resonate online but serves as a testament to my ability to embrace contrasting worlds. I relish the elegance of luxury as much as I revel in the rugged authenticity of nature. This intricate interplay, often concealed from the digital lens, contributes to the multifaceted person I am—a fusion of refined indulgence and an untamed spirit that finds solace in the untrodden paths of the wild.

You’ve mentioned your appreciation for both the opulent and the rugged. How do you reconcile these seemingly contrasting aspects of your identity?

Despite not having grown up in affluence, I’ve cultivated a genuine fondness for the finer things in life—perhaps from my experience working in hospitality, as I have a love for fine dining and a deep appreciation for the culinary world. One of my favorite things to do is eat, and this duality also exists in my love of food. I have a love for traveling for food. In a new destination, my first choice is to eat in street markets with the locals; I loved sitting on the plastic stools and eating with my hands, and on the same trip, you’ll find me at the top Michelin star restaurants and in fact have traveled to a destination just to go to lunch at one of these restaurants. 

This affinity for luxury seamlessly coexists with my penchant for immersing myself and roughing it in nature. Pivotal lessons I’ve learned are the art of embracing abundance in all its forms, finding joy in the duality of experiences, allowing myself to be fully self expressed and declaring that I can have it all. Just because I love high heels and fine hotels, doesn’t mean that I can’t survive in the wilderness and rough it.  This journey was one of self-discovery, as I transcended my initial hesitations of things having to look a certain way, especially to others. 

While my love for luxury manifests in experiencing fine dining restaurants, flying first class and wearing luxury brands, it’s not detached from my connection to spirituality and mindfulness. For years, I navigated the waters of concealing one facet or the other. Today, I celebrate the totality of my being without reservation. It’s an integrated embodiment of my true self—one that harmonizes the luxurious with the rugged, as I step into my queenly essence with authenticity.

Interestingly, this amalgamation draws individuals toward me in distinct ways. Some are drawn to me because they yearn to infuse luxury into their lives, yet grapple with unease around it. Guiding them to reconcile this desire with their authentic selves is a rewarding journey. Others resonate with my offerings through their shared affinity for spiritual practices, such as visualizations and meditations and desire to have more financial abundance in their life. Whichever path they take, it’s heartening to witness the transformative impact of embracing all facets of my identity, fostering connections that resonate at their core.

Could you guide us through the path of awakening that led you to your current vocation?

My journey along the path of awakening began during my University days in Canada. As I mentioned previously, it was a time of profound transformation, marked by a pivotal panic attack that would indelibly shape my trajectory. Initially, I had embarked on studying life sciences, envisioning a future as an eye doctor. However, I found the first few years of University challenging. I was all of a sudden not one of the smartest kids in the class, and I found myself struggling to keep up and battled severe anxiety. I eventually had a panic attack during a physics exam. I explained earlier how that physics professor introduced me to meditation and recommended that I explore Buddhism to help me understand myself and the power within. I followed her recommendation and my entire world started to make sense. 

My new found understanding of Buddhism led me to study other world religions and philosophies. I started to remember and wake up. I found resonance with these studies and a memory that had etched itself in my consciousness during my high school years. It was a scene from the movie “The Doors,” where a Shaman in the desert shared a transcendent experience with Jim Morrison’s character. It captivated me. Although seemingly disparate at the time, the memory resurfaced and it was like my inner being had been guiding me all along. 

I spent the following few years traveling, learning about myself, studying meditation and reading a lot. This period of exploration and transformation continued my awakening journey. The veil that obscured a hidden realm of profound interconnectedness began to lift, and I embarked on a lifelong commitment to spiritual growth. 

I did get distracted in my late twenties while working in tourism, however it led to my career in food tourism for about a decade, which is where I gained incredible skills in leadership, consulting and product development. These skill have actually become a big part of my value as a coach. I help my private clients diversify their offerings, develop their products to significantly increase their bottom line. 

It’s interesting to connect the dots looking back, as Steve Jobs says. In high school I was fascinated by The Doors, which led to me reading the works of Aldous Huxley and William Blake. I then studied life sciences, with courses in quantum physics and psychology; then had a panic attack that led me to find meditation, leading me to Buddhism and then to India. I returned to Canada and got caught up in hospitality which led to a career in tourism, where I learned incredible skills of product development to help businesses diversify their offerings and meet the expectations of their customers. I then attracted network marketing into my life, which had me return to many of the self help books that were already on my shelf from my twenties. After being disappointed in my results from reading the books, I prayed for answers on how to apply the success principles to my life and I then got introduced in person to Bob Proctor in 2015. I am today, completely living my purpose of inspiring women to have it all by living in harmony with Universal Laws.

Looking back at your journey, what significant piece of advice would you offer your past self?

I would offer my past self the advice to take responsibility earlier, to give up being a victim to others or my circumstances, and to take my power back. I would tell her to be willing to stand out and be ahead of the curve, trusting yourself and what you know. I would tell myself that it is ok that others didn’t understand this material and think that you were crazy, over time others would understand and trust that my results would speak for themselves.

I would tell myself to embrace the journey without imposing undue pressures, permitting the ebb and flow of growth to unfold at its own pace. My advice would be to extend kindness and self-compassion, recognizing that there isn’t a single “right” way of navigating through life and its challenges. The realization that this journey is a gradual unfolding rather than a race to an arbitrary finish line is a wisdom I would dearly convey. In hindsight, I’d encourage myself to create space for exploration, to travel and glean experiences, and to acknowledge the seasons of life without judgment.

What avenues are available for women to engage with your transformative work and step into this realm with you?

I offer a variety of online programs that are both accessible through recorded sessions and live masterclasses. Additionally, I facilitate small group high level masterminds and offer select one-on-one coaching opportunities. For those seeking immersive experiences, our live immersion events and retreats are unique and blend both luxury and spirituality to provide a powerful platform. I also have the Prosperity Practice Podcast with over 150K downloads, as well as an online portal where like-minded women gather and network called the Success Society and I have a very soon to be released book.

Group coaching is extremely popular and effective in our community which is a combination of recorded videos from Bob Proctor himself (which shows the lineage of the work / ideas and proven concepts) plus my teachings and interpretations, plus live coaching with accountability structures and community – our community is a huge benefit as our accountability coaches keep our clients accountable to their goal.

Could you share some of the significant manifestations you’re currently drawing into your life and business?

My current focus is impact. I am here to impact millions of lives, reminding others not to settle, that they can be, do or have anything they desire by understanding the Laws of their being.

I know that I teach the success principles in a way that makes it easy for others to follow and apply to their own life. My clients’ results are my results, and I take this responsibility very seriously. A few dozen millionaires have been created since being in our Success Society, and it’s my vision that millions are created by understanding their truth.

A vision close to my heart involves harnessing the power of the mind to uplift women from impoverished settings, both within Canada and beyond. The dream of imparting the tools of mindset mastery and an understanding of Universal Laws to create boundless possibilities for these women excites me. It does not matter where one comes from or what one has or has not achieved so far in life, your future is unlimited if you choose it.  My heart’s desire also extends to India, where I envision working closely with other women to help women in villages, fostering empowerment and transformation.

What do you consider to be your unique superpower in this realm of transformation and empowerment?

My unique superpower lies in my intuitive ability to see a person’s fullest potential. I read a person’s vibration and boldly speak the truth. When engaging with others, I listen attentively, reading beyond their words. I love to deliver lessons or information with potent impact, and I convey truths that resonate at a deep level to many. It’s an awakening, a soulful nudge that propels them forward. I firmly believe that a single conversation with me has the potential to be life-altering.

I believe my gift transcends to speaking about the Universal Laws and truths in a way that allows others to apply them in their own lives – most people gain knowledge, and they are able listen and repeat a book, they know this information on a conscious level, however it is not embodied. They do not live in praxis with the Laws, the information is not part of their subconscious mind. My superpower is that I have applied these principles into my own life, and have created the steps possible for my clients to then apply it into theirs, and get tremendous results. This includes my understanding of self-image, I am able to easily mentor someone to upgrade their identity. Their inner beliefs about themselves change and their outer world improves as a result. 

I also believe that one of my superpowers was gifted through my close proximity to Bob Proctor and his teachings. There are very few people in the world that have the ability to teach his material the way that he did, and I am proud to be part of a long lineage of this work (which dates back to Andrew Carnegie and Napolean Hill).

What key message do you hope women take away from their interaction with you and your work?

I aspire for women who cross paths with me to internalize the profound truth that their history, background, and education are inconsequential compared to the limitless potential within them. My fervent message is that they possess the capacity to manifest, achieve, and become anything they desire once they unlock their inner power and wholeheartedly believe in it.

Could you share the rituals and practices that frame your daily routine for a successful day?

My mornings include a decision to embody my future self now. While applying makeup, I speak my self-image script and positive affirmations to myself in the mirror to remind myself of who I am committed to being and my purpose. I practice yoga and meditate with my husband, Paul, followed by a period of study and personal development. I journal gratitude and visualize, as well as connect and ground in nature. 

How do you embody the spiritual version of yourself, given your journey through different phases?

Embodying my spiritual self entails speaking heartfelt affirmations to my own reflection. I am also huge on using “cues” in my life – I wear a diamond ring that I bought for myself and it reminds me to embody my future self now, or I’ll put on red lipstick to remind me to respond to life from my goal achieved self. I address myself with conviction, declaring my remarkable qualities, my profound purpose, and my commitment to authentic impact. This is a ritual I do in front of the mirror, closing one eye and then the other to balance the masculine and feminine energies within me. The authenticity of these declarations often evokes a powerful emotional response, anchoring me in my truth. 

I take the time to set intentions before the different sections of my day, often giving myself the opportunity to hit the reset button through meditation or visualization when I feel off. I use gratitude throughout the day, blessing everything from food to the experiences I attract into my life. I have learned to clear my own energy throughout the day, and use tools to raise my vibration to stay on track. I also surround myself with a powerful team to support me. I not only have a powerful team in our company, I am also surrounded by a team of mentors and healers who are dedicated to my growth.

How vital is self-love, and how do you practice it in your daily life?

Self-love is vital. It is the way that we show respect to ourselves. When a person has a healthy self-image, they easily practice self-love. This is one of the reasons that self-image is so important to one’s success. 

Self-love is practiced through boundaries with yourself and others. It is also practiced by trusting yourself and listening to your intuition, allowing yourself space and time to surrender and let go. 

I often find that when I feel the desire to give myself space for nothing or a warm bath or a walk in the woods, it comes at the most inconvenient time. Perhaps I’m super busy with clients or traveling for work, my logical mind tells me that I don’t have the time, however I’ve learned to trust myself. I slow down to speed up, which is me loving myself and giving myself what I desire. Always saying YES to myself first, which often means I say no to others.  

“I expect abundance”

Photography by Katie Lintern, Kate Warren, Gabrielle Desmarchais

For more information, visit her website DanielleAmos.co

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