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Sandy Sembler, recognized as the “Women’s Embodiment Expert,” weaves richly embodied life experiences, feminine and masculine dynamics, and trauma-informed somatics into her SakredShe™ MethodTM, guiding the modern-day woman to liberate her past, unapologetically reclaim and rewild her powerfully unique voice and intuition, and step out of the shadows to light up the world with her fullest expression.

SakredShe™ MethodTM is based on her own life’s journey and studies from world-renowned teachers, guides, and healing modalities after a 4-hour intervention with Tony Robbins, where he revealed her toxic relationship with her masculine and feminine energetics. Her mind was blown, and her heart was relieved at these answers about why she had immense business success but less than stellar interpersonal romantic relationships.

Her journey shaped her compassionate, no-nonsense mentoring style, enabling her to witness each woman as a unique soul – guiding them to collapse time, energy, and resources to create their desired life.

“Sandy has a unique way of waking women up to who they truly are. She has the bravery to ask the questions that every woman needs to ask themselves.”

What draws women worldwide to Sandy – and made SakredShe™ the global community it is?

To learn the answer to this is to experience Sandy Sembler – her story, triumph, and open heart.

Tell our readers a little about yourself, especially the parts not known from your online presence.

My journey toward abundance began at a young age. This wasn’t from any source of privilege – it was the opposite of it. My parents joined Amway, which meant attending every seminar with them. While I initially resented each conference, as it kept me away from my friends, I grew to love the mindset. Even though my parents

didn’t achieve success and eventually divorced, those seminars exposed me to a diverse range of people I might not have encountered otherwise. I absorbed it all, leaving an indelible mark on my heart.

I vividly recall couples taking the stage, sharing how they built a life together and making their wildest dreams come true. It was such a stark contrast to my childhood. They seemed deeply connected to something greater than themselves, and their stories impacted me. At the age of 18, I ventured into my own business. I immersed myself in tapes and books, positioning myself alongside those who had already achieved what I aspired to. Entrepreneurship runs in my blood; my grandfather owned a dry goods store, and the entrepreneurial spirit is a part of my heritage. Back then, it was about recognizing that there was more to life, even if I didn’t fully understand how to attain it. Crucially, this journey wasn’t driven by scarcity but by a deep belief that I was rewiring my DNA.

From this time, I learned a lesson that sticks with me today: “How we do anything is how we do everything.” I’ve distilled this over time into two key concepts – intention and awareness. Am I aware of what I desire? Am I setting an intention to receive it? Or am I caught up in the routine, being swept out to sea without realizing it?

What is the catalyst for stepping into this embodiment of power?

We have the choice to redefine our stories of the past. We can see the hardships as gifts and bless those that hurt us – including the misaligned versions of ourselves. I have been working since I was a 12-year-old girl when my Daddy left our family.

Observing my mom’s will and drive to care for my brother and me was a cornerstone of my work ethic. Although I did not have a picket fence childhood, it created stamina, hypervigilance, and street smarts to survive in ALL conditions, pinpoint what needs to get done, and get it done efficiently.

After yet another failed intimate relationship after a 2-year hiatus, twice-weekly counseling sessions, AND a hugely successful business sale, my best friend insisted I go to a Tony Robbins event. Tony “castrated” me – showing me that all the qualities I was so proud of – hypervigilance, stamina, street smarts – were masculine traits and potentially based on survival-based trauma responses. My brain was hardwired for strife, hustle, and men disappointing me.


Until then, I thought I focused on abundance. Yet, I quickly became aware that my early experiences of love, nurturing, and money left me with a deep fear of pending loss and abandonment, stemming from our foreclosed childhood home after my father’s exit.

My childhood led me to seek AND avoid men simultaneously. (Hello, FORMER anxious/avoidant attachment style.) I craved strong men to protect me, yet I also feared dependence. And the moment I saw ‘blood in the water’ (AKA passivity), my subconscious imagery of a weak man, I would attack, criticize, and emasculate from a place of deep, fear-based survival. It was a perfect storm – my mind telling me I attracted emotionally unavailable men, yet the truth was my subconscious traumas were running the show. Our brain wants to make us safe, not happy!

This is why I use my teachings’ hypnosis, meditation, and brain mapping to rewire and replace old beliefs with new, empowering ones. My intervention became the catalyst for massive change. Being a fully immersive woman, I sought guides, teachers, and mentors around the globe because I saw an epidemic of women who were successful in business but not in love. Like me, all had a feminine core, yet my subconscious over-amplified my masculine energy – to protect and safeguard the heart. I grew to know that underneath this mask was a little girl who grew up too fast, craving to be loved, protected, and feel safe, a mom desiring to give her children the life she never had, and a lover desiring to give her heart to a man who would guard it and FULLY experience her.

This desire to reconnect with childlike wonder and open-hearted essence of who I already was BEFORE my Daddy’s departure. Little Sandy was ready to have me meet her again and protect her, giving her permission to feel ALL the FEELS! She had been abandoned for way too long. This is where healing my own masculine AND feminine energetics came into play!

Where do you see yourself now in this journey?

My top human needs are growth and contribution, forever written in my soul. “How we do anything is how we do everything,” right? For this reason, I was called to rebrand SakredShe™ last year after a monumental up-leveling in my personal life after remembering some forgotten moments in childhood and facing them head-on with intense trauma work. Since I teach from my personal experiences, I am still here shifting- looking in the mirror, giving myself permission to be curious about sacred devotion – to God, myself, my purpose, and my relationships. I have introduced myself to the sovereign power of slowing down and surrendered even more to the messiness of the present moment. Honoring your authentic voice, unique expression, and innate wisdom has never been more essential.

I 100% trust my instincts, will never apologize for living out loud, and honor my deep yearning for more profound love. I am witnessing myself living as an authentic feminine leader, fully liberated from the old patterns, and life is rising to meet ME.

Speaking of transformations, you and your husband, John, married after only 111 days! Was that a good idea in hindsight?

You went there, and I am here for it all! My life is my muse, and while dating, it was non-negotiable that my future partner would open up to my writing about our relationship. It would not be a true love story if I had done it any other way! I met John in 2018 after “intentionally dating,” a masculine cleanse, detox, and shifting my relationship with my masculine energy. On our 3rd date years ago, I invited him to the winter solstice celebration. Imagine the scene – a fully embodied feminine coaching taking a buttoned-up technology executive to his first ecstatic dance! Kudos to him for trying something completely out of his comfort zone! Match made in heaven, right?! My body felt relaxed with him – something different from my past experiences. But I still wondered if he’d respond the same as other men. “I love your wildness, but you may be too much,” or they loved it and later wanted to control me.

I promised myself to never hold back ever again and show up fully in life, so this was an invitation to dance wildly, sweaty, and allow John to witness me as he handsomely, yet awkwardly drummed with several other men with the band. When we got in the car, he said, “Sandy, I think I understand you,” he shared a childhood memory when he was in the Bahamas and walked through a garden late at night. He smelled and saw these beautiful white flowers on an archway glowing in the moonlight, and it made an impression.

He shared, “Sandy, I realized as beautiful as those flowers were, they weren’t alone. Underneath those flowers was a trellis that no one saw. Only the jasmine and the Creator knew the trellis was there.” Then he paused and said, “Sandy, I want to be the trellis to your jasmine. I want you to be as free and wild as you desire and know you’ve always got me there for you.”



Needless to say, I melted and leaned into this wild ride of a life we curate together! The last 5% of healing comes through a committed partnership. Nothing tests the spirit more than the person you love the most, triggering you; Your art becomes moving through these triggers once felt. It’s why I teach how we enter, maintain, repair, and even leave a relationship. These are growth opportunities and sacred in their own right.

Divinely designed and promised, we experienced our own dark nights of the soul last year. As I explored childhood trauma that led to my masculine guards, John saw my transformation and decided to do his own work around his past trauma. Unwarned, we both went through this transformation at the same time.

At times, I was the “trellis to his jasmine” as his little boy experienced, was seen, and healed through this journey. I teach women to honor their feminine and masculine – so allowing my masculine to hold space for John’s feminine as he processed these past emotions resulted in tremendous growth for us both. This is so needed in our culture – women should allow men to feel their feminine essence and be their oracles when they become unconscious.

I see how last year shifted my masculine support. Not in the way I used to be – controlling and distrustful. Instead, it is through devotion and love for the better good. “Is the world better if I serve this man now?” A very different way to relate, and our relationship is richer for it. So is the world!

There are a lot of contradictions in your life, starting with being a relationship coach who’s been divorced. What led you down that path?

I used to live where I always had to push against something for something to change. I always had to push off or have a conflict or strife to feel loved or to appreciate my success. Now, I feel like I’m swimming laps instead of jumping in and having to touch the bottom of the pool to push myself up. A lot of grace and ease comes from that – and that’s the space I teach from.

I can hold my head up high. It’s one of the reasons I am respected in this realm. There is nothing I am teaching that I have not lived. And my life is my own experiment. If I can help women collapse time, energy, heartbreak, time in their lives and live OUT LOUD, then my skinned knees and broken heart were worth it!

Many women share that they are touched by my open heart, “Wait a minute, you’ve been married before, and you keep picking yourself back up because you believe in love. You still believe in love after everything that’s happened to you.”

Forbes recently did an article about divorce. They said the number one reason most people divorce is not infidelity but because they don’t understand genuine commitment. Commitment is different from how I used to do it, white-knuckling it. “I will stay no matter what.” “I will help you no matter what.” I believe in love, and I live as love. I understand what commitment is now. I know that life GETS to be EASY! And that includes love! It took a few years into my marriage with John to fully understand it. It’s all about that last 5%, right? And this is why I’m so passionate about touching 12 million women, men, and children in the next five years – I know firsthand what this work does and how it can transform your life.

What message would you give your younger self?

I speak to her often! But, the first time I “met” her again after some deep shadow work with my mentor, I literally got on my knees, looked her in the eyes, embraced her in the biggest bear hug, and told her I would never abandon her again. I shared that she no longer needed to attempt to be so old. She gets to be a kid! She gets to be messy and imperfect. And the quality of life depends on how much uncertainty we can handle. Life is a beautiful playground that is to be savored and experienced fully.

Growing up in South Carolina, home of the best peaches in the South, when I want to come back home to myself, I imagine myself eating a juicy, delicious peach on a hot summer day – messy, sticky, sweet, and delightful! I go through each of my 5 senses of the experience and become grounded in my heart.

As I rewilded and rediscovered my feminine essence, I’ve learned to relish more and more of life’s delectable experiences. I teach women to do the same but make art out of their emotions – even the mundane act of going to the grocery store can be filled with wonder and awe. The opportunities are endless, and training the body to feel more emotions opens our hearts, healing the nervous system and any trauma that may have been stored in the body. A woman’s body holds so much strength, wisdom, and magic! One of my mantras is, “She who must be celebrated!”

I have stepped into the playful edge of vulnerability and raw emotions that allow my life’s journey to be my canvas-my muse. With this heart-connected mindset, teasing life with the fun, the pleasurable, and what is inspiring. I give myself grace when I notice I have disconnected from my Higher Self and “little girl” and then lovingly wake her up – reminding her of who she really is!

How do you believe women can reclaim their femininity and inner power?

This is such a great question. I studied 100 men over a year for one of my certifications. And 99 out of the 100 said they loved strong women who trusted themselves in choosing to be vulnerable. It helped me unpack how feminine freedom will rise when women end the war with men, and we reinvent feminism to mean we can stand shoulder to shoulder with men while also honoring them AND our true nature and wisdom within.

We must believe that femininity is not something that “needs” to be overcome. We have nothing to prove to the world. There is joy and peace in embracing our natural, instinctual pull as women. We must reject the idea that we must fight against our instincts, knowing we are ultimately only fighting against ourselves when we do this. The feminine reclamation is a FIRM reminder for women to reclaim their power.

We must lean into trusting we GET to surrender. We GET to be soft. It’s a choice. To live your life—confidently, assertively, and without remorse. It’s an open call to arms for women to flip conditioning on its lid and use what was wielded against them to their own will. It means we rise up and walk forward boldly and open-heartedly into our designed roles, embodying the Truth from righteous love. We get to redefine life on our terms while also honoring the calling of our hearts to come home. It’s a beautiful part of being a woman – we don’t have to be all things to everyone, yet we can be everything we desire to be.

You mentioned the impact embodiment has on our lives. Can you share more?

Embodiment is the direct pathway to healing and transformation through connecting the innate wisdom of the body, heart, and spirit. The issues are in the tissues! We have deeper access to our emotions, which bypasses the analytical, logical mind and taps into the feminine wisdom of the body. When I found the art of embodiment, all of the head knowledge was given permission to enter every cell of my being. I felt sensations I had not felt in years – if ever! I began to FEEL, and I felt more alive!

I learned our fully embodied, open-hearted presence is our gift to the world. Anything we do that is not from this place will have a limited and temporary impact on the world and those around us. Anything we do from a different place will leave us feeling limited in our own personal power. Learning how to open to love through our anger, joy, jealousy, resentment, grief, fear, anxiety (and other such emotions) allows life to meet and support us.

Why? Because we are more available for love because we trust our emotions and intuitive heart. We trust we can hold ourselves in whatever comes because our nervous systems have been upgraded to hold more. Our masculine energy sets the boundary for our full embodied expression. It takes practice and mastery of opening to love this way as your path to fully embodied, open-hearted presence – your moment-to-moment gift to the world and those around you. As we fully inhabit our body’s intelligence and allow it to attune to the world around us, we truly see the world through a different lens. Each breath literally becomes its own embodiment practice.

What do you mean by “release what’s stored in our bodies”?

As women, our hips hold so much of our story, and if our bodies are constricted, that limits what we can ultimately hold. The web of our feminine essence is woven with the art of receiving. Most women beginning their SakredShe™ journey have little access to unabashed joy and feeling worthy of receiving just for the sake of receiving.

When pent-up emotions, past trauma, and limiting beliefs are alchemized in healing energetically AND physically, money, love, orgasms, fulfillment, and fertility are easily accessible.

Being in constant “go mode,” our current culture insists upon creating a stress response that disconnects us from the sensations and feelings in our body, so learning simple, practical practices that focus on deepening the relationship with your body before connecting with and feeling others. By choosing practical embodiment practices of hip circles, non-linear movement, or simple S-walking with one foot over the other — like a supermodel walk, you can begin loosening up the hips, softening the jaw, and slowing down. Your body will thank you! You openly share the impact menopause had on you – and your relationship with your body. What’s that been like, and what would you share with other women?

I am glad you asked! This topic still needs more air time in our youth and age-obsessed culture. It is why I am such an advocate to share how cultivating the embodied wild woman in our early years so when the time comes, she evolves naturally into a woman who reveals herself as open, connected, intuitive, and free. This woman gives sage advice to others because she walks the walk and talks the talk. She has lived it!

By my personal and honest account of getting older and becoming a wise woman, I can speak candidly about the importance of reacquainting myself with my body and developing a deep intimacy with myself within the ups and downs of the emotional tidal waves I experienced. It was as if my body was telling me to “F” off, and I was being punished for the ways I abused my body when I was in high school struggling with an eating disorder. Obviously, I know better and used this as an opportunity to see the gift of not having “control” of my body and embrace this as nature’s way of having me learn to slow down even more.

I recorded a non-linear movement meditation for my Sirens-Advanced Practice Group, and before I distributed it to them, I did the practice. I remember being on my sheepskin in my movement. Slowly moving, hip circles, and allowing my hands to graze my body and, for the first time, feeling the fleshiness of my belly — something that I had not appreciated until that moment — and I gasped! Then I cried from a deep well of understanding that it’s okay to have the lumps, bumps, and” all the

things.” It was such an appreciation for the vessel God gave me. I have chosen to remember I am a woman who loves her changing body and that my body is enough as it is! I celebrate the compounded wisdom gleaned through my years and refuse to give way to society’s pressure that a woman over 50 has no place in polarity, pleasure, and sensuality.

How has your awareness of trauma shifted your coaching?

Remember, my intervention with Tony, pinpointed trauma from childhood, caused me to control and be in go mode because I was in a trauma response around losing security. I was not physically abused at home, but after my parent’s divorce, I was responsible for adulting at an early age!

So, understanding trauma’s definition and impact on our mind-body connection has been vital for me and my clients. Trauma doesn’t only mean big ‘T’ trauma like abuse or violence. It simply means something your nervous system couldn’t adapt to then, so it tucked it away in your body to unpack in the future.

We’ve forgotten the art of unpacking and learned to ruminate and bury instead. Our body stores it, our mind wraps a story around it, and we find ourselves living patterns from our past instead of freely in the present. We all come to the table with our beautiful cuts, bruises, and scars, even if we’ve had a life that, on the outside, no one would ever know. And, honestly, sometimes we don’t even know it ourselves.

It’s one reason we’ve lost our connection to our bodies as women and societal conditioning. We’re meant to have these deep, rich connections with our bodies, the bodies that bring life and creation to the world, but we teach ourselves to disconnect and disassociate because of shame, guilt, numbness, or something else. We lose touch with both emotions and the innate wisdom our body brings.

The healing I’ve seen when women reconnect and reclaim this power is mindblowing (or maybe, I should say, bodyblowing!). We’ve had women completely transform their relationships, reconnect with parents or siblings, see their business in an entirely new light, stop taking antidepressants, and even a mix of everything. This is why embodiment is so powerful; we MUST connect to our emotions and body. I the body to work with the body, we are coming into our shadows and depths. As we begin to come into enter those depths, we enter some of the darker, more disused, or even abandoned parts of ourselves, those really tender and vulnerable areas. Often, in these depths, in these darker or abandoned areas, we store the unintegrated, unprocessed, or incomplete previous lived experiences that we haven’t been able to fully metabolize. cannot imagine not having this knowledge as a part of my curriculum within SakredShe™.

You share the impact our subconscious mind has on us. How do you start to recognize this and break free of it?

I teach women that our mind is here to keep us safe – not happy. “Dancing in the field might make us happy, but a bear could attack us!!” Our brain is constantly scanning for what it thinks might harm us – and when we’ve experienced trauma in our past, it’s even more hyper-aware of perceived danger.

The key is realizing this is more than a thought pattern. Our BODY gets addicted to the chemicals of stress, disappointment, and shame. It’s the known, and the known is safe. They’ve done multiple studies showing how our mind-body connection can override our willpower. What our mind-body perceives is what it defines as reality. It’s why we stay too long, don’t defend our boundaries, or send that late-night text.

If we don’t address that holistically and in the correct order, we’ll get a reprieve and then slip back into the same patterns. We must connect with our bodies, release what’s stored, and reset our minds. This is why I’m not the first coach women see, but I’m very often the last – for this pattern, at least. And with my Sirens- advanced clients, we go even deeper – sometimes, there’s a shadowed kink from our recurring shadow that gives us pleasure, but that’s an entirely different discussion. It is quite fascinating!

You’ve also shared a lot of growth in your faith due to this work. What does that look like?

At the same Tony Robbins event where I had my intervention, I had a download of: “I’m a Beacon of Light for God, and I Share God’s Love in a Fun and Funky Way.” And this is so true. Women from all walks of life worldwide have been exposed to the SakredShe™ Method. They are closer to Source because, like me, their feminine wounds around worthiness, ability to receive love, and giving gratitude are shifted, elevated, and healed. It is impossible to be penetrated with Love and Light when we have deeply embedded subconscious programming that we must earn love. Hence, why do many women step into more of a “go mode” in their masculine versus the discerned surrendered “flow mode” only a woman walking in Truth would embody?

After visiting India in 2014, I began to view my Southern Baptist/Jewish roots upbringing very differently. The more I meditated on Truth, the more I lost my religion (pun intended). I started questioning the religion passed down to me and found these amazing seeds of faith among what was left behind. I could tap into the childlike wonder and curiosity lost from trauma and question everything, asking, “Is it better for the world for me to…?” rather than defaulting to legalism based on my upbringing. I leaned into a reverent, devoted relationship with God that still takes my breath away! Loving myself and God gets to be joyful, radiant, and exuberant while still being holy, devotional, and reverent.

I’m known for lovingly challenging many women to look at how they live their lives. If their actions match their words, whether their relationships bring them close to the Truth, and to do simple acts during the day they have taken for granted because they are mundane, make them holy and a devoted practice in sovereignty.

The way we choose moment to moment to show up in LOVE is our EMBODIED LIVING PRAYER!

What are you actively calling in right now?

SakredShe™ is an international women’s organization, and I aspire to continue its growth. I am here on Earth to liberate women’s generational patterns of repressed emotions and LIVE fully- allowing life to be their playground.

I have always dreamed of adopting, and I still have that on the horizon — to impact children in some way and adopt teenagers. My SakredShe™ Teens program and the number of clients’ children I have served thus far is an honor. I know I am making an indelible mark on who they are and how they perceive the world. I do NOT take this lightly. It is an honor and privilege.

In the next five years, I’m calling to impact 12 million lives through my SakredShe™ Method. My business is built as a legacy model, where it is not just the women in my programs that are elevated but the trickle-down effect gifted in their transformation. Simply by who they are now BEING-energetically, spiritually, and emotionally through the art of embodiment, I have witnessed all areas of their lives change for the better. She radiates and becomes a magnet for evolution and growth for herself and those she encounters directly and indirectly. There’s that Rumi quote, “We are here just to walk each other home.” I have a gift for seeing people where they are down the road before they even begin their journey.

Who is the ideal woman that you want to connect with?

Women from all walks of life – from 13 to 74 – are attracted to the SakredShe™ Method. She feels the faint longing in her heart for more but does not quite know what the more is. She feels “an itch that needs to be scratched” but cannot quite reach “it.” She feels burned out – in business, home, or love – because she knows she can do it all but has realized she does not want to. She dreads wondering if “this is all there is” as she takes her daily inventory at the end of her hustle and bustle day. She wants to begin living each day like it truly matters. She craves to feel desire and BE desired. She wants to magnetize her true purpose and open her heart to love again, whether with her current or new partner. Craving depth, connection, and passion. She wants freedom to be the woman she was before she allowed someone else to claim it for her.

Ultimately, I lead women from “my life looks great but…” to “my life & love is unbelievable.” I make my test a testimony and my mess a message, and the woman drawn to me is looking to move away from shame and blame and into a relationship that makes her toes curl, and her heart sing!

Walk us through your ritual for an abundance mindset.

It starts every day with my practice. My devotional practice is not just with my spiritual being but also with myself. I have set aside an hour daily to deepen my relationship with myself and God. This hour is sacred to me, and nothing gets in the middle. NOTHING

I am extremely perceptual and visualize what I am calling in as I move my body to how it would feel when I receive it, as if I already have it. If it’s an orgasm, a big contract, my book published, or I witness women in passionate partnerships worldwide, what does that feel like? I also envision what it would feel like to be inside their bodies and act as if it is done. =

It’s like improv. It sounds exhausting, but I have so much more energy now that I allow myself to feel more. Because it takes so much energy to attempt to control and squander my emotions! Again, I must live a fully experienced life while life is experiencing me. What is better for Sandy makes the world a better place!

“When she awakens her heart, she will move mountains.” ~ Sandy Sembler

What offers do you currently have for women to work with you?

What an exciting time creating my team and I have had, releasing my 30-day relationship reset- SakredRespect. No matter where you are in partnership, this course shifts the story – “I’m stuck because he won’t change” into becoming an oracle for men everywhere. We teach women to bypass conventional wisdom on sameness and step away from our defensive, victim-oriented relationship to our own womanhood to learn that we are indeed the secret sauce for our relationships to shift! And the results from SakredRespect have been nothing short of incredible.

My signature group program is the Sisterhood, where women are encouraged to embrace and liberate life’s magic by unapologetically taking up space! We journey to reacquaint ourselves with the energies of play, pleasure, and power to honor our range as fully embodied beings. A range of thoughtfully curated modules will inspire your movement into a healing journey for a nourishing, fun, supportive, empowering experience. Women make life-long friendships from around the globe in this deeply safe container. Transformation evolves while healing their relationship to their own bodies, masculine and feminine energies, and the terrorist in her head while navigating divorce, rekindling their marriage, starting new businesses or careers, or facing challenging medical situations. Each Sisterhood is as unique as the women in the group, yet the results are all magnificent one and the same!


Our couples program, the Art of Creative Relationships, is designed for couples ready to ignite passion, liberate their limitations, and invigorate their future through an immersive exploration of polarity and creating immediate communication.

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