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Unleashing the Power of Authenticity, Feminine Energy, and Audacious Ambition in Business and Life

Introducing the magnetic force that is Leanne Lopez Mosley. Business Mentor and Wealth Activator, Leanne is a remarkable and dynamic force in the world of women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship. She is a visionary leader whose journey is nothing short of inspiring. Her impact reaches far and wide, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of countless women who have had the privilege of crossing her path.

As a passionate trailblazer, Leanne has redefined the boundaries of success, boldly advocating for authenticity, unapologetic self-expression, and the immense power of feminine energy in the business world. Her commitment to transformation and creating genuine connections within her community is unparalleled.

Leanne’s brand is a beacon of audacious ambition, and her influence has earned her the title “Rich Queen,” representing not only financial prosperity but also the wealth of knowledge, love, and inspiration she imparts to her devoted followers. In a world often driven by rigid definitions of success and conformity, Leanne is a breath of fresh air, inviting women from all walks of life to step into their true selves and unapologetically claim their space in the world. She challenges the status quo and champions the belief that every woman belongs, regardless of their past or present circumstances. In this interview, we dive deep into Leanne’s journey, her insights on embracing both masculine and feminine energies, her commitment to self-care and joy, and the profound impact she thrives to create in the lives of the women she touches. Leanne’s story is a testament to the boundless potential that resides within every individual, and her message is a reminder that success is not defined by others but by the audacity of one’s dreams and the unwavering belief in oneself. Leanne is a true visionary, a guiding light for women seeking authenticity, and an embodiment of audacious success in its purest form.

Let’s begin by giving us a bit of background on your growth and expansion in your world. So many things have aligned for you and quantum leaping at this level.

It has definitely become a new normal for us. This year has been such a transformational year for me and for our movement. It’s just gathered so much momentum. I believe our latest “Rich Queen” Event in Florida was a big part of that – it was a big part of the representation of not just what I’ve been building, but also what is coming from this moment onwards. We have experienced such big shifts and bigger and bigger months and more women inside my world in all of the ways and the event was just such an incredible success and such a beautiful visual representation of the movement and what it represents. We are growing exponentially and serving more and more women at a higher level than ever before. It just feels like a really powerful time inside my world.

What have been the biggest shifts you think inside of you as you continue to evolve and grow into your higher self?

Last year was such an interesting year for me because it was the year I had my second baby. It was the year that I did a million dollars in my business without actively intending to do a million dollars. I believe 2023 started with this feeling of almost like ‘what am I going to do this year?’. I laid a lot of the groundwork in 2022. But this year has really been building on that, building on that foundation that I really had spent the past couple of years doing within the business and within myself. 

I honestly think that 2023 has really been the year that I’ve stepped into my audacity of really owning being a trailblazer in this industry and giving myself the full permission to claim that and actually fully embody that. I’ve had moments where I felt that, but I didn’t feel like I was able to hold it at the same capacity that it now just feels like it’s who I am, not what I do. Some of the biggest shifts for me in 2023 have come from really being able to own that title and claim it in this industry, of being able to be seen as a trailblazer regardless of audience size or the things that you think that you need in order to actually be a trailblazer.

What has been the biggest pull to continue down this path?

I think for me, what’s been so transformational this year has been also combined with the fact that me and my husband have been talking more about and now actually coaching and helping people with building wealth through short term rental real estate investing. 

That’s a big part of how we’ve been able to grow our wealth outside of my coaching business. The vision around my movement has always been so much bigger than just teaching people how to have high cash months. It’s actually been teaching women about real financial empowerment and real financial wealth building, which is it doesn’t really matter what your cash months are. It’s what you actually do with the money that makes such a big difference.

This year has really cemented for me with what we’ve accomplished in my personal life together as a team and what we’ve built for our family and for future generations to come. I desire to see more women in this space talk about real wealth creation and use the term wealth in the way that actually is representative of above and beyond just the coaching business and the high income months. I live to see women celebrate high income milestones. I think it’s incredible, but I also think there’s a real need for the conversation around what are you doing with it? Like what are you doing with all this money? Let’s build something bigger than just the high income months and actually create and build wealth.

Love, love, love that. There’s been a divine shift happening in the industry that’s activating women to step fully into their power. 

Yes. I just love that we’re bringing the conversation of wealth and what we’ve done in real estate and again, we’re just getting started. What we’ve built is just scratching the surface of what we’re now doing and how we’re scaling it. I think it’s something that’s so powerful in this industry – bringing people in on your personal growth and your journey. There’s so much more power in having people witness you in your evolution than just seeing you at the end result. 

Are there any financial milestones that you are calling in at this point in your business?

You know, for me, it’s like what was interesting was I really fully released the income goal in 2022, and it worked so well, I mean I had my first million dollar year that same year.  I feel like this year I just have such a detachment from the income figures and that’s almost what’s helping me quantum leap. I just had my biggest month ever in September with over $564K in sales and yet at my event I didn’t even pitch one offer. When you are focused on transformation first, the money always follows. 

 What feels incredible to me is seeing the movement grow. The milestones are the growth. It’s seeing the numbers continue to go. And when I say numbers, I don’t even necessarily mean financial. I really care way more about recurring revenue and the wealth that we’re building, those figures increasing than the months. But also the movement itself, like seeing my movement grow with women coming into my world, whether it be just in my free spaces, but also in my paid spaces, seeing those figures increase month on month, month on month, being invited to speak on stages and get in front of more and more people and share more and more of this message and seeing my work in publications like GOSS and being part of this type of movement. That, to me, is the milestone. 

For me, it’s just about seeing it continue to grow and seeing our wealth grow and that recurring revenue grow and just trusting and knowing that, you know, as long as I continue to move from my vision, those numbers will always be there. There’s always more than enough money.

Can you share your perspective on the identity shifts that occurred as you became a mother for the second time?

I talk about Lennox being born – being one of the most empowering experiences that I’ve ever had. I think that having a baby is such a realization that you’re a superhero, and nobody told you so. You know, giving birth and actually being able to grow a human being, whether you decide to or not, being able to grow a human and birth a human and nurture human beings. Women are incredible.

I think there’s something so activating about motherhood, and it often gets a bad rep for the fact that it’s kind of like, you know, you’re exhausted, and the negative things often get spoken about. I feel more myself now and more in love with myself now, a deeper level of trust in myself, a deeper level of certainty in who I am, and it’s only been amplified by motherhood. I think that for me, it really created a big identity shift because, again, you know, observing what society will tell you around choosing between this or this, it’s an opportunity to say, and, and for me, that’s been such an incredible experience, and kids teach you, are mirrors to you and teach you so much about yourself. 

Motherhood has been an amplification of who I am, and it hasn’t taken anything from me. It’s just been such an incredible opportunity. So I think that it really helped me shift my identity because you just no longer have the bandwidth for the nonsense that you may have previously had. And all of a sudden, you just access parts of yourself that you didn’t previously know existed. So for me, motherhood has been a really big amplifier.

Now, when women enter your world, they come from various walks of life. What’s the most important thing you want them to take away from your work?

That’s one of the most beautiful aspects of my movement. My world is so diverse, and the fact that people come from various parts of the world and walks of life, it’s a powerful representation of how beautiful our differences are. The biggest thing I want every woman to find and take away is that being unapologetically themselves is the key to their success. My movement is about granting permission to be your most authentic self. That’s what it represents. 

The permission to be who you are without compromise. It’s about understanding that you belong here, regardless of past stories that may suggest otherwise. I need every woman to know deep within that they belong here. The event made many women feel that, and that feeling will create a ripple effect in their lives and businesses. That’s what my movement is all about.

That’s a powerful message of self-acceptance and authenticity. Speaking of energy, you seem to balance the masculine and feminine aspects quite effectively. Could you share your thoughts on integrating these energies into your business?

Balancing both masculine and feminine energies is key to achieving massive success. These energies are not separate; they’re both parts of you contributing to your power. You can have the go-getter, high-achiever masculine energy while also embracing your feminine side. I represent both these energies well. I’m very feminine, love fashion and beautiful things, but I also take massive action. My success in business has come from both my masculine and feminine energies. Don’t be afraid of either. Celebrate where they serve you and have self-awareness about when one might dominate the other. When you fully embrace all aspects of yourself, it becomes easier to navigate and use these energies effectively. It’s about understanding how you operate best, and both energies have their place.

That’s a great perspective on embracing the different aspects of oneself. Do you have specific daily or weekly practices to maintain your harmony and joy?

Absolutely. For me, working out in the mornings is essential. It helps me anchor into myself, slow down, and connect with my body. It’s an intentional time for self-care. I also have sacred days, like Fridays, where I don’t coach or deliver anything. This day can look different each week. It might involve self-care, a facial, or spending quality time with my husband. 

Having this day to myself is non-negotiable, and it keeps me anchored and focused on self-care. Having time for play and self-pampering is crucial. I also protect my mornings for me, allowing time for feminine energy before I dive into my work.

That’s a beautiful perspective on motherhood and personal growth. Now, what’s on the horizon for the next three months? Can you share any upcoming events, masterminds, or projects you have in the works?

So there have been several shifts, but the Rich Queen event will definitely be an annual experience, so there’ll definitely be another one next  year. I’ve got a number of big speaking engagements coming up in the next few months. I’m also launching my new Trailblazer program, which has never felt more timely. I’ve been waiting for the right moment, and it definitely feels like it’s time. Additionally, there’s the introduction of a new mastermind into my business. So, there are many exciting things coming in the fourth quarter.

What’s really powerful is that many women in September signed up for my high proximity spaces for the entire year of 2024, which I think is a strong testament to the brand and what we do. People were willing to commit to all of 2024 in September 2023. It’s about taking this movement to the next level, making next year’s event even bigger and more powerful. I’m also looking to speak on more stages and get this movement out there in different publications and women’s spaces that hold room for these conversations. So there are a lot of things coming up in 2024, both in the form of my existing spaces and new high proximity ways of working with me. The Trailblazer program launching in October is going to be a powerful addition that I’m excited to bring into the world.

“For me, it’s all about giving myself full permission to embrace my audacious energy. It’s a reminder to anchor into being a visionary woman, to claim it, and to do it with audacity. It motivates me on a daily basis and helps me step into my full power and potential.”

Editorial Notes | Stay tuned as Leanne Lopez Mosley will be gracing the cover of Manifest in 2024.


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