Unveiling the Journey of Hannah Andrews

From Struggles to Self-Made Millionaire and Intuitive Healer Healing the Immature Feminine

In a world filled with stories of rags to riches, the tale of Hannah Andrews is both inspiring and deeply transformative. Beyond the facade of success, lies a profound journey from darkness to light, from an immature feminine state to a mature, grounded self-made millionaire, and intuitive healer.

Hannah Andrews is not your typical self-made millionaire and intuitive healer. Behind her online presence, she’s a single mother, a lover of animals and surfing, and a passionate owner of a V8 car. These are the lesser-known facets of her life that make her story even more intriguing. Yes, not V8 tomato juice, but the V8 car – her love for the roar of a powerful engine is one of the things that might surprise her followers.

 Can you tell us a bit more about yourself, including some lesser-known facts?

Of course! I’m Hannah Andrews, and while many know me as a self-made millionaire and intuitive healer, there’s more to me than what you see online. I’m a single mother with a teenage daughter, and I live in the countryside. One quirky thing about me is my love for animals and surfing, despite my current rural setting. Oh, and I can’t forget my passion for my V8 car – not the tomato juice, but the car itself!

Could you walk us through your journey and how you entered the space of intuitive healing?

My journey has been quite a ride. I began this path back in 2005 when I hit rock bottom. I was working in a strip club, mainly to save money to visit my boyfriend overseas. However, we broke up while he was abroad, leaving me in a downward spiral. I was using recreational drugs, including crack, and my life felt like a chaotic mess. Then, a neighbor introduced me to Oracle cards, which opened up a whole new world for me. I quit the strip club and drugs at the same time, embraced spirituality, and enrolled in a year-long spiritual development course. That’s when my transformation truly began.

Looking back, what advice would you give your younger self now that you’ve experienced this journey?

I’d tell my younger self that every downfall is actually the catalyst to the right path. Our souls are always guiding us toward alignment, even when we can’t see it. It’s a lesson in trusting the journey and the process.

Could you share some details about your offerings and how women can engage with your work?

I have the “Life Purpose Accelerator,” a 12-month mentorship program that also grants access to all my courses and upcoming releases. For those looking to become certified healers, there’s the “Trust Your Intuition Certification Course,” a nine-month journey starting next year.

Who are your soulmate clients, and what kind of transformations do they seek when entering your spaces?

My soulmate clients are women who are eager to accelerate their psychic development and intuition. Many of them are at a crossroads in their lives, seeking to break free from toxic situations and completely transform their paths.

As a mother, what would you like your daughter to take away from your work and your journey?

I want my daughter to embrace her ability to stand up for herself, hold her ground, speak her truth, and live authentically. It’s about empowerment and finding her own path.

Can you tell us about your daily embodiment practices that help you step into your authentic self?

My embodiment practices are a mix of physical and spiritual activities. I enjoy walking, surfing, and practicing yoga. Journaling and meditation are crucial, too. It’s all about tuning into what feels aligned in the moment.

When it comes to wealth energetics and manifestation, what are your current goals and practices?

My approach to calling in abundance isn’t fixed in a specific ritual. It’s a constant inner conversation about how I’m showing up in my life. Right now, I’m manifesting land for my retreat center and a beachside mansion. There are also enrollment goals, like bringing in 40 students for the “Trust Intuition Certification Course” and 12 clients for the “Life Purpose Accelerator.”

You mentioned a transformation from the immature feminine to the mature feminine. Can you tell us more about that shift and its significance?

Absolutely. This transformation has been profound for me. Chasing the goal of becoming a self-made millionaire led me to grow up in ways I never anticipated. It forced me to confront and heal deep-seated wounds, like jealousy, envy, mother wounds, father wounds, and childhood trauma. I had to release all that emotional baggage. In essence, I transitioned from an emotionally hungry, unstable state to a more grounded, mature feminine.

Is there anything else you’d like to share that could help us better understand your journey and message?

Yes, to add to the concept of the immature feminine, it’s like being emotionally hungry. I was constantly chasing something to fill that void, and luxury and abundance were part of it. However, it wasn’t until I healed those emotional wounds that I could truly rise into abundance from a place of wholeness, rather than emptiness. It’s a journey of self-discovery and healing.

As a mother, what would you like your daughter to take away from your work and your journey?

I  want my daughter to embrace her ability to stand up for herself, hold her ground, speak her truth, and live authentically.

Styled by Michael Kors, Australia

Photography by Chris Li / SYDPHOTOS

Follow Hannah Andrews @RealityAwareness on Instagram.

For more information on Hannah’s programs and offers, head to realityawareness.com

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