The Millionaire Maven | The Modern Fairy Tale of Susie Romans

The Millionaire Maven | The Modern Fairy Tale of Susie Romans

Susie Romans fearlessly empowers women to create their own real life fairytale in a world where limitless potential lies within us all. Susie reshapes the conventional narrative as a mother and business trailblazer ruling both hearth and the throne of a building a multi-million dollar empire both online and offline. Unfazed by convention, this self-styled productivity queen secured a Media Communication degree by age 20 and crowned her journey with motherhood and a six-figure business by twenty six.  Now, with over ten years of entrepreneurship under her belt, Susie has transmuted pain into power and manifested a life most would consider a dream come true…

Tell us more about yourself, especially the parts that are not so known from your online presence?

Here’s an interesting part of my life that many people may not know ; I’m not just a mother to my own two biological children but also to my husband’s two kids. Over the past six years, we’ve been on a beautiful journey as a blended family, with its share of ups and downs. I typically keep my family life private, focusing my social media content on my business.

My story begins with my parents, who made a bold decision to immigrate from Poland to Chicago when they were in their twenties. I’m the first in my family to pursue higher education. My entrepreneurial spirit was kindled at an early age, influenced by my parents’ relentless work ethic as they juggled multiple low-paying jobs to make ends meet. Seeing their sacrifices ignited a strong desire in me to be independent and forge my own path.

Around the age of eleven, I set out on a journey toward self-reliance. I found creative ways to get the things I wanted, like dresses, watches, or trinkets, without burdening my parents. This was the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey. I created flyers offering dog-walking, babysitting, and gardening services and distributed them throughout the neighborhood. To my surprise, my phone started ringing off the hook with requests. My mom was amazed at how I could spot opportunities naturally. This entrepreneurial instinct continued to grow, leading me to college, where I completed my associate’s degree in just a year before diving into media and marketing communications during my junior and senior years.

My educational path aligned with my entry into social media marketing in the corporate world. However, the corporate life with its cubicles and rigid nine-to-five schedule felt stifling. I craved more autonomy and recognition.

Around the age of 22, my life took an unexpected turn with the birth of my first child and the birth of my first entrepreneurial venture – Stay at Home Susie, a mommy blog. This marked a significant turning point where I realized the incredible power of turning ideas into action. Some of my content became viral, attracting an astonishing 9 million page views. Riding on this newfound momentum, I ventured into creating digital courses and writing online eBooks. This captivating journey naturally led me into the realms of marketing consultancy and business coaching, fueled by the successes of my popular mommy blog.

As you embarked on the entrepreneurial journey, was there a pivotal moment, perhaps a night of soul-searching or a transformative realization, that forged the woman you are today?

Certainly, there was a pivotal moment in my career during my time working in sales at a marketing agency. As the success of my blog continued to grow, I began to wonder if I could achieve even more by going solo and breaking free from the constraints of corporate life. This internal reflection marked a turning point for me.

At that time, I was married to someone who was risk-averse and didn’t share my entrepreneurial spirit. It was a heartfelt conversation with my spouse that changed the course of my journey. I summoned the courage to say, “I’m leaving my job.” This decision was significant, as I was contributing around $4-5K a month, which was crucial for our mortgage and bills. I remember standing in the bathroom, tears welling up as I grappled with the fear of potentially destabilizing our family’s foundation. I worried about the possibility of losing our home.

It’s often in these challenging moments that we find our strength. I was determined in my approach and execution, even though I was under a lot of stress managing our home and being a wife and mother. I managed to transform my mommy blog into a successful marketing and branding company, generating over $100,000 in profits in its very first year.

What advice would you now give looking back at your younger self?

I would tell her to trust in herself, and listen to her intuition. Reflecting on that initial phase and onward, when I ventured into real estate investing and passive income streams, the bedrock remains trust in oneself. That unwavering conviction, that internal call to ascend beyond current circumstances—be it surroundings, vocations, or people—it’s a siren’s call that must be answered with audacious leaps into the unknown. 

In this time  of my journey, another challenging chapter unfolded— the dissolution of my marriage to my first husband. Growing up within a devout Catholic and deeply conservative family, the notion of divorce was foreign, inconceivable even. Yet, life has its own plans and sometimes we evolve in a separate direction than our partners’. 

This transition was tough to navigate for our family. The identity I had woven—Susie, the paragon of perfection, radiating through the prism of white picket fences and idyllic scenes—underwent a seismic shift. This transformation was particularly poignant, given that the world perceived me through a lens of unblemished success. The TV screens, magazine spreads, and the accolades created an illusion of an enviable existence. This would become the catalyst that would leap me forward into my higher purpose.

When divorce entered the picture, it felt like my life had hit a fork in the road. I had to ask myself, could I still be the go-to expert in a world that was changing so fast? This period of introspection was a bit like a journey into uncharted waters, full of questions about who I was and where I was headed. As time went on, I found myself exploring new horizons. Even though doubt crept in, I started to see a vision taking shape. The divorce kindled a desire to rewrite my story, to create something fresh. It was a time of rebirth, a blank canvas where I reimagined my role in the world. This chapter was like the launching pad for my phoenix-like rise, an adventure into the unknown, weaving a new tapestry of resilience and possibility.

Going through such an arduous journey, what advice would you give now looking back to women who were experiencing this same transformation?

One piece of advice I often share is to find a quiet space, maybe in nature or at home, and journal about your perfect day in detail. I did this during that tough divorce chapter when things seemed pretty bleak. Raising two kids on my own while navigating the complexities of dividing assets and dealing with legal matters was no cakewalk. But I clung to a steadfast resolve to imagine what came next. Even in the midst of all the chaos, I believed in the seeds of opportunity I was sewing in my imagination. During all that mayhem, I clearly remember jotting down a vision in my journal. It was so vivid that it felt like I was conjuring it into existence. Every word painted a picture of a life filled with love, family warmth, and endless growth. I wrote about waking up next to a loving partner, sharing morning coffee, and living a life that balanced home life and entrepreneurship.

What happened next was like a fairy tale. A year after I’d written down those dreams, I met my current husband. It’s proof of the incredible power of visualizing and manifesting your dreams. Every detail I’d written down—every sweet moment of our partnership—came to life in a remarkable way. Our bond is more than just love; it’s a story woven with synchronicity. Our chemistry defies logic, and the similarity between what I’d written and our reality is just astonishing.

We’ve built a life that mirrors what I’d envisioned, from prospering through online courses to becoming an integral part of our community, and even enjoying moments of shared laughter during golf outings. It’s a testament to the power of setting intentions and letting the universe weave its intricate design. So, remember, when you send your dreams out into the universe and write your hopes in the pages of your life, the universe listens and aligns stars, hearts, and circumstances to make your dreams come true.

And about what has driven my growth in this journey, especially in the second chapter:

Without a doubt, my unwavering belief in fairy-tale-like possibilities has been the secret sauce. When my first marriage ended, I refused to settle for less. The absence of that intense passion made me realize I wanted more—a love story filled with magic and adventure.

My journey has been all about embracing the magic of romance rather than falling into the trap of complacency. Instead of following society’s script that says marriages inevitably become routine, I chose to chase the magic, nurture the spark, and live love as the grand adventure it truly is.

Your dedication to both personal and collective growth is evident. How does this vision encapsulate your ethos?

At its core, this vision embodies the power of unity and shared dreams. Whether through the online community of the “Passive Profit Empire” or the transformative experiences at the Ivy Chateau, it’s about creating spaces where individuals come together, nurturing each other’s aspirations, and finding strength in the collective journey toward growth and fulfillment.

I firmly believe that my journey has been all about growth and progress, always looking forward to the next phase. Just like our adventure in real estate, where we started small by buying a three-bedroom property at an auction for $100,000, which eventually sold for nearly $200,000. This initial success fueled our ambition, and we continued to acquire larger properties, pushing the boundaries of what we could achieve.

Of course, every journey has its share of challenges. We faced a major setback when Hurricane Ian caused significant damage to one of our Florida properties, submerging it in three feet of water. It was heart-wrenching to see a project that had generated an impressive income of $128,000 in a single year now underwater due to the unpredictable forces of nature. We went through a period of introspection and even dealt with depression for a couple of months.

However, like the ebb and flow of tides, we emerged from this difficult time with resilience and determination. We decided to restore the property, even though it would take a different direction. We eventually chose to sell it to move past the uncertainties posed by its location and the unpredictable weather.

This story is a testament to our unwavering spirit of growth and progress. It’s not just about square footage or financial gains, but about our relentless pursuit of a grander vision, audacious leaps, and the determination to overcome every challenge in our path.

Our journey also faced its share of challenges, particularly with our vacation rental property in the neighborhood. There were noise complaints and disapproving neighbors, which made us question the path we had chosen. It felt like the universe was signaling that it was time for a new chapter.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian’s devastation, we reached a transformative decision. It seemed like fate had presented us with a crossroads, guiding us towards new horizons. We decided to part ways with the Florida property, despite the turmoil. We ended up making a profit of $300,000 from its sale. The property, which we had bought for $785,000, found a new owner at a price of $1.1 million, highlighting the flourishing real estate market.

This journey of growth, akin to an upward spiral, reflects our progress from humble beginnings. We started with a modest property of just a hundred thousand dollars and reached the pinnacle of a million-dollar sale. This journey culminated in the spring of 2023, marking years of hard work and dedication.

Our story continues as we move forward into the next phase, with new opportunities awaiting us. The tale of the Victorian property exudes an otherworldly charm, like something out of a fairy tale. Situated on a lakefront, this 11-bedroom former hotel emerged as a hidden gem, with its listing barely three days old, and its charm was irresistible.

We seized the opportunity and embarked on an ambitious project to renovate and transform this Victorian marvel, complete with 11 bedrooms and spanning three acres. Our vision was clear, and our goal was ambitious. This property now represents our new castle, a kingdom on the shores of a tranquil lake, where dreams are brought to life, and the tapestry of life continues to unfold in the most enchanting ways.

Do you have any financial goals?

My husband and I have set a financial goal that drives our real estate ventures. We aim to build a real estate portfolio worth $5 million, which would generate an annual income between half a million to a million dollars. We’ve made significant progress along this path, with real estate holdings currently totaling $2.5 million and an annual revenue of approximately $200,000.

In my coaching endeavors, I have ambitious financial goals as well. I envision a future where my courses and programs have a thriving community of a thousand to two thousand women. Through these platforms, I’m committed to helping them achieve their own dreams of financial freedom and create their unique real-life success stories.

What would you say are your rules or rituals for an abundance mindset?

Embracing an abundance mindset is all about being aware of what empowers you and what drains you. Gratitude and mindfulness are key. It’s about celebrating every step, whether it’s one sale or a handful of people on your waitlist. Even finding a neighborhood you’d like to invest in is worth celebrating. The idea is to keep a positive outlook, believing that everything is working out for you, no matter what.

When hiccups occur, like a house deal falling through, remind yourself it’s always “this or something better.” It’s about maintaining a sense of optimism and resilience. Spend time outdoors, take care of your body and mind, and try to stay on track as much as possible. Life can throw curveballs, but it’s about getting back on track and back in your place of power as quickly as possible.

Do you have non-negotiables for a brighter life?

My formula for a harmonious life revolves around building businesses that operate on leverage rather than the one-to-one model. It’s about going beyond trading hours for dollars and embracing a one-to-many approach where systems and teams replace frantic, one-dimensional efforts. Adopting a “queen mindset,” I orchestrate and create teams, not only in my professional life but also in my personal life.

Non-negotiables in my life involve clarity, support, and radical personal responsibility. In my relationship with my husband, regular date nights and dedicated weekends are a priority. Within our family, quality time and one-on-one moments foster strong connections. In my professional journey, radical personal responsibility means taking proactive control of my circumstances and course-correcting when things don’t go as planned.

How do you inspire others to create their own fairytale lives?

I firmly believe that everyone can create their own fairy tale life. It’s not just reserved for storybooks or special occasions. My mission is to show women and anyone seeking magic and wonder that they have the power to create their own fairy tale.

In a world where dreams come to life through intention and action, I aim to inspire others to be the authors of their own fairy tales. My story serves as an example of what’s possible when you take charge of your narrative and infuse it with the magic and wonder of your dreams. It’s about making conscious decisions and actively choosing to create your own fairy tale.

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