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In the realm of holistic well-being and spiritual empowerment, Sarah Elora is not your typical mentor. Her journey, marked by a profound commitment to sacred healing, transcends conventional boundaries, and ushers in a new era of transformation. With a diverse array of credentials, including being a Certified Coach, Holistic Nutritionist, a RYT Yoga Instructor specializing in Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra, as well as a certified Reiki practitioner. Sarah is an Intuitive Business and Spiritual Mentor, which merely scratches the surface of her expertise. She is a proud mother of four and aligns her powerful journey with conscious motherhood.

In a world where buzzwords like “quantum leaping” and “shifting paradigms” often dominate the conversation around personal development, Sarah’s unique approach takes a refreshing detour. She believes in the incredible power of frequencies and how they shape our lives. Sarah asserts when we raise our personal vibrational frequencies, we experience a subtle yet profound shift in our reality, allowing our timelines to accelerate. It’s not about leaping into alternate realities or bending time and space; rather, it’s about elevating our inner frequencies to manifest transformation. Working with Hertz, Reiki, other forms of frequency technology one can also accelerate healing. Just as honeybees carry a healing frequency, so does every food, liquid, light, music, piece of the earth. 

Her work goes beyond traditional coaching, drawing from an eclectic toolkit that includes reiki, breathwork, and collaborative frequency work. Through these modalities, she assists her clients in creating a holistic & sustainable approach to their desired life outcomes, leading to a tangible ascension in their life journeys. As we delve into her holistic and frequency-based approach, we uncover the captivating story of Sarah’s own transformation and the impact she’s making in the lives of those who seek her guidance. One of Sarah’s clients recently called her “an electrician” and when she shared this story, it awakened us as to the tremendous power of her work.   He said, “You know, you come into someone’s life and you turn us on. You’re an electrician, you turn on the light and you spark this creative energy.”  Her client shared with her it started from the very first conversation!

We want to begin by telling our readers, especially the parts of you that are not so known from your online presence. Could you share more about your approach, which emphasizes leading with vulnerability and authenticity?

Something that sets me apart in the mentorship space is my emphasis on leading with vulnerability and authenticity. There isn’t much difference between who I am online and who I am in person. I want my clients, especially those I work with in person, to know the real me. Fresh faced, tears, vulnerability, strength, and aliveness. When they meet me, I want them to feel like they’ve known me forever. 

If there’s something not as prominent online as in my real life, it would be the severity of the trauma I’ve overcome. While I have experienced trauma throughout my life, I don’t lead with that online due to somatics and nervous system regulation of my audience. I believe in creating a sacred corner of the internet, especially in social media, where my story of overcoming inspires. I let my heart lead to build an integrity driven space. My trauma is not the center of my work because I believe it does not define me. We are all survivors of trauma, no matter how severe. It does not mean we are broken. It means we have overcome and ascended things that have ended many. This is the piece to be focused on. Being ALIVE. 

Are there any aspects of your journey that stand out as highlights of your transformation into this space?

I’ve been working in the coaching space for over 10 years, and this work is sacred. However, the transformative moment came when I survived a near-death experience in 2020. Lying in bed, facing my own mortality, I realized this wasn’t my purpose. It was just a sliver of it. I transformed into working on globally impactful projects, primarily with women in business who have socially impactful entities. I found my life’s work in holding these individuals and helping them embrace their entire selves so they can ascend into their missions and purposes. This transformation was a profound and beautiful experience. The opportunity to raise the voices of those often silenced, to create sacred allyship, and to design sustainable success with my clients that are impacting the world – it is everything to me. 

What drew you into the healing world, and how does this connect to your belief that healing one person can heal all?

Yes, I truly believe that healing one person can heal all, and I see healing ourselves as healing humanity because of the ripple effect we have on the world. When I heal a mother or anyone, I’m not the sole healer; they heal themselves. I guide them to remember who they are and that they are their best healers. They are their best mentors. Their best teachers. I merely turn on the electricity and remind them of their brilliance.

Through my work, I’ve seen the profound impact when we focus on one person’s heart and soul. My journey into the healing world came from a deep necessity – personal and global. The healing space can sometimes feel like mass production, but for me, it’s about the individual in front of me. It’s about deep, intimate, sacred work with each person, allowing them to heal and therefore change the world.

Can you share more about the transformation and growth that led you into the space and what you’ve developed as you continue doing this work?

The transformation that brought me into mentorship, particularly in business and spiritual mentorship, stemmed from my own healing. I have a deep desire to help women recognize and embrace the empowerment I have discovered within myself. Being faced with my own mortality, I reflected on all I desire to accomplish in my finite time here. My miracle children are my legacy. Raising them to be good stewards of this world and humanity is my greatest privilege. Beyond my family, my whole purpose for being is simply to light the way, to support, to elevate the voices of humanity.  

My work is different because it focuses on the full spectrum of the individual, encompassing their health, relationships, and businesses, empowering them to co-create a life filled with lightness and brightness. I aim to challenge the coaching industry, which often offers more information without addressing the full spectrum of a person’s needs. My life has led me to this space of co-creation, and I am deeply invested in transformative work for my clients because I’ve witnessed its impact. This work is not just for my clients; it profoundly affects me too.

Looking back at your journey and growth, is there any advice you would give to your younger self, who didn’t have the tools or resources you have now?

I would tell her how deeply loved she is. That she’s so safe in this world. That everything that’s happening for her is what was meant to happen. That she knows the way, that her heart and her soul know the way forward. 

I would remind her that when she focuses inward and remembers her light and power, everything will come to her easily. With so much power from the universe backing it. That the universe fully supports her. I would remind her to lead with radical love. I would remind her to live her life with her heart fully open and vulnerable – and to always speak her truth.

“We all have gifts, a divine light, a spark from conception, a sacred bowl of light inside each of us.”

Can you walk us through the world of the Elora Empress brand and share how people can access your work and courses?

The Elora Empress brand was born from my rebirth, and it’s a reflection of the radiant light that resides within every woman. My work revolves around providing a transformational experience for business owners with socially impactful missions or global visions. I offer various courses and a full product suite, but the key is to initiate a conversation with me. 

I believe in manifesting through immersion, embodiment, and co-creation. Immersion includes one-on-one VIP days or luxury retreats. Embodiment means living the work. Co-creation begins with a personalized mentorship experience to meet each person’s needs. I am also starting a nonprofit for women in business, focusing on marginalized communities, to provide mentorship, branding, and more. Accessing my work starts with a conversation, and I can be reached through my website and Instagram. A year of mentorship with me entails more than just buying products; it’s about co-creating and manifesting your desired life. My mentorship is a true partnership, and I’m committed to co-creating solutions that serve their needs. This type of support is different from many online coaching experiences; it’s about having a dedicated partner in their corner, rooting for their success.

As someone deeply involved in frequency work, can you share more about your approach to raising frequencies and how it impacts your work and the lives of your clients?

My work involves supporting my clients in the full spectrum of their individual needs. We examine every area of their life to find inefficiency. Approaching the whole person to create more capacity in every area of their life. Modalities of professional coaching, reiki, frequency balancing, breathwork, and business strategy offer improvements in my client’s life. I don’t refer to this ascension as “quantum leaping” because I believe it’s more about increasing one’s capacity to take action. All it takes is one second of courage to take action towards your dreams. The faster one takes action in their lives, the faster they operate at a higher vibration. In turn, their timeline accelerates and attracts positive opportunities. This work is about empowering individuals to resonate at their highest level. Balancing frequencies allows my clients to experience rapid personal and professional growth. These principles guide my work and underline the importance of deep, intimate, and sacred space that I create for each of my clients.

The place of knowing that if women experience the empowerment that I have — if they’re able to remember how bright and radiant their light is, acknowledge what is dimming of their light, if they’re able to come home to themselves — they can experience their own transformation. 

What I have experienced in the coaching industry made me want to challenge the status quo. There are so many people saying, “Here’s more information…” but very few people are holding the full spectrum of the person from their health to their relationships to their businesses. Allowing them to co-create a life for themselves with the universe that is empowering. A life that brings lightness and radiance to my clients.

I grew into this space of transformative work for my clients because I experienced it for myself. I know what it means to strip away the lies that had been put on me, to release the trauma that defined me for so long, and to step fully into my beingness and my full purpose in life. And this work is incredibly profound, not only for the women that I support but for myself as well. It deeply impacts me. 

“vulnerability without borders, accountability without judgment, and love without conditions.” 

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