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Melanie Ann Layer is the founder of the Alpha Femme brand, a global coaching and mentoring company that launched in the online space in 2017. Her unconventional approach attracts women all around the world to lock arms and revolutionize what is possible for female entrepreneurs everywhere. Her unique vision, which she has coined “Business Artistry”, has taken the world by storm and has brought an essence of feminine power to the marketplace.

She models the effectiveness of her teachings in her own company that has demonstrated record growth since its inception just a few years ago, and in the company culture that celebrates all women, their dreams, their well-being, their joy, their purpose, their sisterhood. The buzz around Alpha Femme has created a whirlwind of change across a diverse range of industries world-wide.  Melanie walks alongside her clients who grow heart-centred companies of all sizes. In her words, “Success is a by-product of the woman we become.”

You’ve essentially re-invented the coaching industry for women. Do you recognize the impact you’ve had on transforming an archaic teaching into this magical / divine space?

First, I want to acknowledge the magnitude of that statement because simply receiving this as a question is a huge deal for me. So, thank you for your acknowledgment of the impact of my work, it means a lot. This is a vast industry, but I definitely recognize a monumental shift in my sphere of it. The embodiment and deep integration I am seeing in my clients is beyond anything I could have hoped for when I started leading women in life and business a decade ago. Alpha Femme balances idealism and realism in such an artful way, it acts as a catalyst for the dreamers who know they have it within them to live a similar experience in their lifetimes. The more evidence that is created within and around the brand… faster and greater are the results and life transformations for our clients.

Women who do business with us are so vocal about how coaching, the Alpha Femme way, is different than anything else they have ever experienced before. We receive countless messages every day from clients celebrating how the courses we offer change their lives and businesses. Long term and returning clients are so generous with their testimonials about how my mentorship has revolutionized the way they operate in business, both in the internal experience of their confidence, well-being, compassion, strength and fulfillment, and outwardly in their relationships, financial results, business successes, branding, marketing and sales. 

But the greatest testaments to the impact I have seen are the constant celebrations the community makes about… the community. Women celebrating women, helping each other, supporting one another, collaborating, co-creating, developing friendships, partnerships… 

The distinctions taught, led, and modelled by the Alpha Femme Brand are held as community standards which, over time, have curated a remarkable dynamic throughout free and paid AF groups and online platforms. Women are free to celebrate themselves and others, and do so…  generously. The work we do is deeply valued, by people who we deeply value…women who are devoted to their work, their own clients, their families, their passions, communities and their peers.

So, with the sheer volume of celebrations and the outpour of gratitude and kindness we are flooded with on a daily basis, it would be impossible for me not to notice the rebirth in this industry. Having said that, I have a deep feeling that the true representation the impact of my work will have on the world won’t be felt during my lifetime. The legacy of what is being put in motion will only be truly experienced the way I envision it long after I’m gone. So for every glimpse of the impact I get to see while I’m here, I am deeply grateful!

This is why It is so important for me not to get too caught up in how things are going right now, because there’s still so much to do. And we are so far from being done! So, I acknowledge it and I am grateful for it, but we haven’t even touched the surface yet.

What has been the biggest intuitive pull to continue down this path?

It is not the path I’m most committed to, it’s the destination. As long as I feel I am on the correct path I will continue walking it, but I have always been open to course-correcting and pivoting the path along the way. I feel it’s the duality of it all that keeps me going. If this had ever become too easy or simple, I might not have felt the fire so deeply. And if this were only ever difficult I don’t know that I would have been able to hold the mission. Because the journey is so intense in duality at all times, I always feel like I’m one inch away from cracking it and only just beginning to truly get it… all at the same time.

I have come to realize that the key to achieving any dream is the ability to walk with conviction through the duality of it all. So, the intuitive pull is awakened in the constant reminder of the darkness and the light that comes with anything worth doing. It’s the thank you’s, the “you’ve changed my life”, and “thank God for you” and on the same day… “you can do better” and “its not enough”.  Whatever it is I am receiving, it keeps me connected to the calling, either because it gives me something to celebrate and experience deep gratitude for, or because I am reminded that I am capable of so much more, and beyond that, that the world expects more from me. Which I have come to realize is truly extraordinary.

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