Tessa Cosentino’s Soaring Career in Luxury Real Estate

The Journey of a Multifaceted Entrepreneur Manifesting Big Visions with Intuition and Elegance

In the coastal paradise of Malibu, California, a trailblazing entrepreneur and lover of life, Tessa Cosentino, has woven a captivating tapestry of experiences, each thread reflecting her passion for nature, the grace of ballet, and the art of luxury real estate. Her journey is a testament to the transformative power of embracing diverse passions and pursuing a path that intertwines creativity, intellect, and a profound connection with people.

Born and raised amidst the scenic splendor of Malibu, Tessa’s childhood was enriched by her family’s thriving nursery and florist business, Cosentino’s. Growing up alongside her four sisters and brother, she nurtured a deep bond with her loved ones while immersing herself in the vibrant world of flowers and greenery. As she helped her grandmother in the flower shop and ran around the nursery, Tessa’s appreciation for nature’s beauty took root, becoming an enduring source of inspiration throughout her life.

Tessa’s love affair with ballet unfurled at a young age, revealing an innate passion for this graceful art form. Beyond the mere pursuit of dance, ballet granted her a sense of expression and empowerment, allowing her to transcend her inherent shyness. The skills she honed during those formative years continue to radiate in her present endeavors, guiding her towards profound self-assurance and grace.

The Path to Real Estate and Entrepreneurship

Her path into the realm of entrepreneurship was serendipitous, as Tessa was drawn to diverse opportunities and career possibilities. However, the allure of luxury real estate proved irresistible, largely due to the influence of her mother’s involvement in the industry. Fueled by her affinity for interior design and architecture, she found herself captivated by the process of touring homes with her mom on Broker’s Opens during her college years.

As Tessa embarked on a journey of self-discovery, her intellectual curiosity led her to pursue a BA in English at UCLA. Her thirst for knowledge and an adventurous spirit then led her abroad to Thailand, where she ventured into teaching while immersing herself in the alluring landscapes of Southeast Asia. These experiences enriched her understanding of the world and broadened her horizons, laying the foundation for her future endeavors.

Upon her return from abroad, fate stepped in when a conversation with her mother opened the doors to a new chapter in her life. Armed with determination and an eagerness to exercise her autonomy, Tessa obtained her real estate license and embraced a career that combined her passions harmoniously.

In the world of luxury real estate, Tessa thrives on the diversity of challenges and opportunities it presents. Her journey in the industry has been an organic progression, blending her creative flair, intellect, and dedication to exceptional service. Every day serves as a canvas upon which she skillfully crafts her clients’ dreams, adeptly leading them through the captivating journey of discovering their ideal home.

Tessa’s journey into luxury real estate led her to an extraordinary partnership with Compass—a decision inspired by both practicality and passion. Joining her mother’s team at Compass, Tessa felt an immediate connection to the brokerage’s values and ethos. The blend of cutting-edge technology and a genuine focus on fostering meaningful connections with clients and fellow agents resonated deeply with her and her mother. Moreover, being part of a community of top-tier agents fueled her motivation to excel further in her real estate career. Embracing Compass’ spirit of innovation and camaraderie, Tessa found a perfect home to nurture her entrepreneurial aspirations.

In a world that often whirls with chaos, Tessa finds her anchor in the quietude of solitude. Solitude allows her to access her inner voice, gain guidance, and find direction. Nature serves as a potent source of grounding and perspective, a place where she can replenish her soul. Her mornings are devoted to this sacred ritual, spent in serene communion with nature at the beach, particularly at Zuma Beach—a place etched in her heart. This practice sets her on a harmonious path for the day ahead, enabling her to gracefully navigate the unpredictable waves that life presents.

Her Blueprint for Success: Mornings of Meditation and Movement

Tessa’s daily routine is thoughtfully crafted to ensure she is primed for success. It commences with a gentle and reflective morning ritual of meditation and prayer, aligning her mind and heart. This spiritual foundation allows her to embrace each day with clarity and purpose. Following this soul-nurturing practice, she engages in ] breath work and movement —often carried out at her beloved beach. Whether it’s running, strength training, walking, yoga, or surfing, Tessa finds joy and vitality in these activities, which serve as the catalysts for her day’s productivity.

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A Dynamic Day: Embracing Diversity in Real Estate

No two days are the same in Tessa’s life as a luxury real estate entrepreneur. From morning to evening, her schedule brims with a myriad of activities that keep her days exciting and fulfilling. Showings, Broker’s Opens, administrative work, client meetings, marketing, prospecting—each day presents a unique blend of responsibilities. This diversity fosters her passion for real estate, as she relishes the opportunity to engage with a variety of tasks that keep her constantly on her toes.

Tessa Cosentino’s life embodies a harmonious blend of innovation, nature, and dynamic pursuits. Her journey as a luxury real estate entrepreneur has been shaped by the interplay of inner balance and relentless dedication, creating a radiant tapestry of success and fulfillment. In the ever-changing world of real estate, Tessa stands as an inspiring example of how embracing innovation, solitude, and the beauty of nature can lead to a life of boundless accomplishment.

For Tessa Cosentino, manifesting BIG visions is at the heart of her entrepreneurial journey. The driving force behind her aspirations lies in expanding her business on multiple fronts. With a resolute focus on growth, she envisions broadening her volume and reach, while nurturing connections that resonate with her clients in the most profound and meaningful ways. Each step she takes is anchored in a genuine desire to serve her clients with excellence and to foster lasting connections that leave a lasting impact.

The Superpower of Intuition and Energy

Tessa’s superpower lies in her unwavering connection to her intuition and her innate ability to follow its guiding light. This gift has been a true north in her real estate career and life in general. By trusting her intuition, she has made informed decisions and navigated through challenges with wisdom and grace. Moreover, her heightened sensitivity to energy allows her to read people and situations, providing invaluable insights that drive her interactions and elevate the client experience.

Coming up Next 

As the next three months unfurl, Tessa has an array of enticing prospects on the horizon. The spotlight shines on a couple of exquisite listings that are poised to captivate discerning buyers. Additionally, her website is set to receive exciting updates that will further enhance the user experience and showcase her distinct approach to luxury real estate.

Photography by Cecily Breeding / Brooke Brady

For more on Tessa and her listings, visit her website here.

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