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On balance, medicine and life 

Introducing Dr. Andrea Herschorn, a passionate and dedicated cosmetic professional who has mastered the art of adaptation. Her love for her craft has been the driving force behind her success, allowing her to quickly adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the industry. 

With a focus on delivering natural and subtle enhancements, Dr. Andrea has gained recognition for her integrity and commitment to her patients’ well-being. As a busy mother running a thriving practice, she embodies resilience and balance. 

Her principles of prioritizing family, cherishing true friendships, and embracing a healthy lifestyle have shaped her journey. With an unwavering dedication to her patients, Dr. Andrea continues to evolve, perfect her techniques, and stay at the forefront of industry advancements, ensuring her practice remains a trusted destination for those seeking natural and transformative cosmetic treatments.

Can you please provide us with more details about your background, specifically anything that isn’t widely known through social media?

Certainly. I was born and raised in Toronto to parents who both have careers in the medical field. My father is a surgeon, while my mother is an occupational therapist. I am the middle child among three girls, and I’m the only one who decided to pursue a career in medicine, following in my parents’ footsteps. Despite my medical background, I have always had a deep passion for the arts and music. From a young age, I took dance lessons in jazz, tap, ballet, and hip hop. Additionally, I began piano lessons at the age of five, participating in exams and competitions. Some of my fondest memories involve playing the piano alongside my grandfather, who was also a talented musician. The arts played a significant role in shaping my upbringing. Throughout my life, I have embraced opportunities to challenge myself in extracurricular activities, academics, and now in my career. My love for the arts has greatly influenced my approach to cosmetic medicine as a cosmetic physician. When a patient sits in my chair, I relish the challenge of envisioning how I can enhance and refresh their appearance in a natural and subtle way. It’s not just about fixing lines or creases, but about improving overall balance and symmetry.

Your dedication to balancing the arts and medicine is admirable. Are you also a mother?

Yes, I am a mother. I have two children – an eight-year-old daughter and an almost five-year-old son.

That’s wonderful. Did you have children while you were in medical school, or did you start your family after becoming a physician?

I had children after completing my residency and already being in practice. I finished my residency in 2011, and my daughter was born in 2015, followed by my son in 2018. Juggling motherhood and my career has been a continuous challenge, but one that I embrace wholeheartedly.

It’s impressive how you managed to balance both aspects of your life. Now, could you share with us what inspired you to become a physician?

There are two significant factors that influenced my decision to pursue a career in medicine. Firstly, when I was born, I had a hole in my heart, which was surgically corrected when I was five years old. As a young child, I vividly remember being in the hospital, going through the recovery process. It was a frightening experience, and now as a parent myself, the thought of my own child undergoing such procedures is truly terrifying. However, my successful surgery left a lasting impact on me and fostered my interest in science and medicine. Secondly, my father, who is a world-renowned urologist, inspired me. Witnessing the gratitude expressed by patients who sought his specialized expertise was incredibly inspiring. I felt proud of him and aspired to make a similar positive impact through a career in medicine.

That’s a beautiful story of personal experience and family influence. Can you walk us through your journey into medicine and explain why you chose your particular specialty?

I attended medical school at the University of Toronto without a specific specialization in mind. However, I found myself deeply interested in ophthalmology and eye surgery. It is important to note that ophthalmology is a highly competitive field with limited residency spots in Canada. Despite my hard work, academic achievements, and research in ophthalmology, I did not secure a residency spot during my first attempt. It was a challenging and disheartening time for me, as I did not secure any residency spot initially. However, I refused to let this setback define my career path. I gathered my strength and applied again, this time for a residency in family medicine. Fortunately, I was accepted at Queen’s University.

During my residency at Queen’s, I had the opportunity to rotate through dermatology and plastic surgery departments. It was during this time that I became aware of cosmetic medicine and realized it aligned perfectly with my aspirations. Not getting into ophthalmology turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as cosmetic medicine encompassed the artistic and scientific elements I sought. I completed my family medicine residency in 2011 and immediately pursued certified training courses in injectable treatments to further specialize in cosmetic medicine.

For me, there is nothing more gratifying than helping my patients feel confident in their appearance and witnessing their tears of joy when they see the positive transformation. I also perform injectable treatments for medical purposes, such as addressing TMJ pain and excessive sweating, which can have life-changing effects for my patients. Being able to make a positive impact in their lives is truly remarkable.

It’s incredible how you turned a setback into an opportunity that led you to your true passion. Now, let’s shift the focus to your entrepreneurial journey. Do you own your own practice?

Yes, I do. I opened my own clinic, Dr. Andrea Cosmetic MD, just over three years ago. When I initially decided to open the clinic, I found the perfect location. After renovating it for four months, I was ready to open my doors in January 2020. However, two and a half months later, the COVID-19 pandemic struck, leading to a temporary closure. It was an unexpected challenge for all of us.

During the closure, I took the opportunity to post educational videos on Instagram, sharing insights about my work and my philosophy of achieving natural-looking results. When we reopened in June 2020, the hard work and dedication paid off, and my clinic has been thriving ever since.

As a woman in medicine, what has been one of your biggest challenges?

One of my biggest challenges is balancing motherhood with running a business. This challenge is not exclusive to women in medicine but applicable to any working mother. Juggling the responsibilities of being a dedicated professional and a present parent can be tough. Running a business, staying updated with the latest skills, and being there for my children all require careful coordination. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. I know that many other working moms can relate to this challenge.

Are there any specific strategies or practices you follow to maintain balance in your life?

Music plays a significant role in maintaining a positive atmosphere in my office. Whether it’s deep house music or R&B, it keeps the energy uplifted. Additionally, I enjoy my daily dose of coffee, which gives me a boost. But the most important non-negotiable for me is the time I spend with my children at the end of each day. It’s a special moment that brings joy and balance to my life.

Could you share your principles to live by in various aspects of life?

Family: Put your loved ones first and be honest with them even when it hurts.

Friends: True friends love you unconditionally.

Food: Don’t eat things that aren’t worth eating and be good to your body

Medicine: Uphold integrity, honesty, and prioritize the well-being of your patients.

Life: Live outside the box, trust your thoughts and feelings. You know what’s best for you.

Business: Follow your passion, and everything else will fall into place.

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