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ELNA:  a medical network with an unparalleled offering, with services ranging from general health to esthetics and sexual wellness. With over 60 locations nationwide and counting, its newest development complex in The Rockland Centre will include it’s third esthetics clinic in Quebec and redefine medical esthetics, blending beauty, health and wellness in a beautiful modern setting. “Focusing on client care is our highest value and we pride ourselves on making sure that each customer’s needs are taken care of,” notes Director Jennifer Hakim. 

Tell us about the vision of the brand; it’s unique approach.

We want to reinvent the approach, or rather alter the stigma that says that medical esthetics are only skin deep. Elna Esthetics is a division of the largest network of medical clinics in Canada. Our reach goes beyond the facials, the lasers and the needles. Our experts are trained to identify what is causing certain discomforts that bring our clients to seek a medical esthetic approach. Meaning, if we believe that another medical approach is likely to contribute to the results that our clients are looking for, we have a whole network of experts to refer to and work with in tandem to get real results. The vision is and always will be, people first.

What services do you offer at ELNA Esthetics?

We offer all laser treatments (BBLs, Halo, hair removal) and customized facials and peelings done by our laser specialists. Our PRP treatments for hair restoration and vampire facials are performed by our nurses. Our injections, Botox and fillers, are mastered by our doctors and nurses. We also offer micro-blading and body contouring (TruSculpt ID) services.

In depth details of our services :

Forever Young BBL :Renew, restore and repairs your skin. A treatment that targets the signs of aging and sun damage through pulsed light therapy, while triggering collagen and elastin production. As a result, skin looks clearer, smoother and much younger. For more details : visit BBL Skin Rejuvenation

Halo Laser :The Halo laser addresses uneven skin tone, enlarged pores and focuses on the overall texture of your skin. More details Halo Fractional Laser.

PRP Treatments | Vampire Facial : Platelet Rich Plasma treatments are used to treat specific areas of the skin to promote collagen growth and regenerate tissue. This technology can be used to obtain naturally smoother and tighter skin but is also used as a non-surgical solution to hair restauration! More details at Platelet Rich Plasma Facial.

TruSculpt ID | TruSculpt iD is a body contouring technology that helps eliminate fat cells in stubborn areas that have been resistant to diet and exercise. More details at TruSculptID

ELNA Esthetics is one of the many specialties under the ELNA Medical umbrella, the largest network of medical clinics in Canada, which prides itself on offering their patients the best care available on the market thanks to investment in the most cutting-edge technologies.

Dr. Gabrielle Landry, Medical Director, and Jennifer Hakim, Clinic Director, give us an inside peek into their unique approach and the many services that make ELNA Esthetics a force to be reckoned with in medical esthetics.

When did you join the ELNA network?

Dr Landry: I joined as official Medical Director for ELNA Esthetics in early 2019. About ten years ago, I started really focusing on women’s health [in my practice]. Although I am foremost a generalist, having seen a lot of women and then transgender women, I eventually started to take more interest in anti-aging practices, as well as sexual wellness and hormones. The focus of my work is really to get to the core of the issue in order to find the most optimal treatment method. It was a natural progression that brought us to the practice you see today; an establishment that seeks the best treatment plan to obtain long-term solutions for our patients’ skin, body and often their mindset about medical esthetics. Feeling good about your body, about the way you look, has a direct impact on how you feel. And we love to help you not only look, but feel amazing!

Jennifer: As Dre. Landry mentioned, ELNA is all about a holistic approach to solving real issues. Yes, we offer the same services as most other esthetic clinics, but ELNA has the added value of an Avengers-style squad of specialists who go above and beyond, and try to identify how they can work as a team to propose the most complete offering possible.

How do you differentiate yourselves and how do you see its benefits actively with your patients?

Dr Landry : The holistic approach is definitely different from the majority of esthetics clinics. We have so many different ways to approach the situation, not just “oh you have this problem, we’ll fix it with this technology” but more like “if you have this issue let’s figure out what’s causing it and what is the best way to address it”. There’s a lot of talk therapy involved, underlining main issues is our priority. We take a closer look at our patients, and we focus on delivering the best approach. That’s really the ELNA approach. We’re able to see the human body as a whole and not just in systems, which gives us a closer look into the problem at hand and how to resolve it.

Constantly expanding and innovating, as a Director how do you lead the team with such a big vision?

Jennifer: I definitely lead with passion! I have so much love for this industry and I get such a sense of pride when our clients rave about our team. It is a privilege to work with such a wonderful and talented group of women. The formula is really as simple as finding the right combination of people, not just in terms of professional skills but in personality, as well. We’ve become a family and I’m truly grateful for that. We all work so incredibly well together and really compliment each other’s skillsets in a way that allows us to offer our patients the best care available. 

Where do you see ELNA Esthetics in the next 5-10 years? 

Dr Landry: We will need help, as we are growing really fast. I prefer to optimize before expanding. The demand is there, the patients are there. It’s just a matter of putting a system in place so we can grow organically. For me, training a staff and maintaining the quality that ELNA prides itself on is paramount. Our winning formula is our team, our expertise level and having so many passionate doctors onboard that are constantly evolving and building our practice. Finding more rare pearls to grow with is essential to our business model. 

Jennifer: We are so lucky to be surrounded every day by such motivated people, who are continuously striving to know more, learn new techniques, use new tools. I want to see my team continue to learn and grow, continue to add specialists and new services that will compliment our current offering. As a Director, I try to be selective with our treatment choices, making sure that the procedures we offer provide genuine results for our clients. I am motivated to lead my team and make ELNA Esthetics a household name not only in Montreal, but nationwide as we continue to expand the ELNA network.

What keeps you motivated and expanding professionally and personally? 

Dr Landry: I love what I do. It makes me feel alive. I get home with more energy not less and it makes me excited for the next day. I’m so grateful to be part of such a great team..

To book your next appointment, visit ELNA Esthetics at one of it’s 3 locations : elnaesthetics.com

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Photography by Ben Meir Ohayon

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