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Lauryn Bosstick is a world renown business babe who started her beauty empire with the launch of The Skinny Confidential back in 2013. Since then, the brand encompassed best-selling products, @TSCpodcast with over 100M downloads and new to the addition, a best-selling book ; Get the F*ck out of the Sun. Lauryn manages all while inspiring women worldwide, running a household to her beautiful daughter Zaza and maintaining #relationshipshipgoals with husband Michael Bossstick. She’s got a lot to teach us, and we’re all ears. Here’s the story of Lauryn Bosstick à la Gossy!

Bring us back to how you started the persona of Skinny Confidential? What drove you to launch your brand?

About thirteen years ago, I was going to San Diego University, checking all the boxes, and doing all the things that they tell us we were supposed to do like go to college and get a job. The problem was that I felt completely unfulfilled. I realized looking back, the reason I was feeling this way was because I have always been entrepreneurial I just didn’t know how to contextualize it at that time.

I had joined a sorority, again doing what I “was supposed to do” and when I got accepted, they told me I had to do a certain number of parties and various things and it was 800$ fee per semester. I was also bartending and working from 3pm to midnight five days a week and then I was also teaching Pilates, all while going to school full time. I really couldn’t afford that 800$ for the sorority and I couldn’t even believe they would charge me. 

I decided to quit and do the same thing but online and most importantly for free. In those days, blogging was not cool or even a thing. I knew that I really wanted to build a brand and a community and what better way than a blog. I started brainstorming ideas and that’s when skinny confidential came to me. The meaning behind the brand is “getting the skinny” on everything lifestyle-related for women. We can talk about everything from birth control to grief and everything in between in a safe and judgemental-free environment. The importance is that I’m not the star of the show, its all about the community.

I put extra care into the everything from the text font to the colors, it was all very specific and purposeful. I have tried to live by those principals throughout the years and what I ultimately wanted was when people leave any of my platforms, they can take what they found and apply it to their own lives and see positive changes. I didn’t want people to leave and feel bad like some Instagram pages that make you feel like you have so much of yourself to change. I never wanted people to leave and be thinking about me, it is strictly about them and how to improve their lives. I truly believe this philosophy of caring about others more really helped The Skinny Confidential get to where it’s at today.

Here we are, thirteen years later, with a long way to go. We’re big on podcast, product line and the community; those are our main pillars.

In one of your podcasts, you said you didn’t want to start by launching a product because you wanted to launch a community first; do you still believe that’s the same today?

Absolutely! I think people “pop their puss” way too quickly with products. The problem is that everyone is looking to make money right away. I’ve had this brand for thirteen years and only launched a product six months ago. There is a very logical reason for that. The product needs to be right for the community that you’re building or else you’re just selling anything to anyone without any proper intention and that’s just not the way to go. It needs to be aligned with what you’re doing and with the community itself. I think if you’re an influencer or a content creator, there are a lot of questions you need to consider before slapping your name to a product in my opinion. I’m not saying it can’t work I just don’t think it’s a long term strategy.

When you concentrate on the immediate reward instead of your community, the brand, and the overall benefits you are giving to your following it will always backfire in the end. People always feel when something is genuine and when it’s not. Let’s not forget that the quality of what you put out will not be the same either.

Looking back at all the success you have accomplished, what would you say was the hardest part?

I’ll be honest with you, I don’t spend too much time looking back. I try to always look forward and look ahead. I don’t like looking at things as what was your failures or the struggles you had to overcome and that’s where I’m different. I think everything that has happened in my life, had to happen for me to be exactly where I am today. I had talks to launch a certain product but that failed and now I have a better product, so it’s very hard for me to say what was bad or good, it all had one purpose and that was to get me exactly where I am today. 

To answer your question, I fail every single day. I put out fires every single day. You can look at them as micro failures and I believe it’s the people that don’t give failure that much importance, are the ones who break through the walls to success.

What was a challenge you had to overcome regarding The Skinny Confidential podcast?

The podcast has been very hard and challenging to do with my husband. People don’t realize, we were doing it in our closet, in our home, it’s very invasive to be working all the time in your home. He would come into my room at midnight and tell me I had to do an intro. It took us about five years before we got into a rhythm with it. There were times where I was very annoyed and so much more with him because he is the type of person that is constantly going, and I can’t be creative and as effective if I don’t remove myself from the space.

That’s why sometimes I get myself off Instagram stories for two days because I need to wrap my head around things. Other times I go to bed at nine o’clock and just watch Real Housewives. He is the type that is always on the go. He can wake up and start talking about work. It’s for that reason that navigating in between all that has been very challenging for me.

Conversely, it has also been very rewarding because now he has his media company, and we built this beautiful podcast together. I don’t get to work with him all day anymore but when I did it was fun. I love having him as my teammate and we realized to make a marriage work, we need to be pushing the same boulder up the same hill. There are so many marriages where each person is pushing their own boulder up an individual hill and they’re not reaching the peak together. If you’re in a business relationship with your partner you really must be doing it together and it requires sitting down and figuring out our five to ten year strategy and implementing it. Both partners must be implicated in the aspects of the business and have the right to their opinions but like I said, it must be the same boulder up the same hill. Who else is going to have your back if not your husband, right?!

On your podcast you always ask your guests their daily routine, what is your daily routine and how do you allocate your time between your professional and personal life?

I’m not very good with balance I should say. I have a different routine depending on where I am. My routine in Austin is completely different than when I’m in Los Angeles. The reason for this is that when you’re in LA it’s a city where you are always on the go, so I must adapt my routine to that vibe. I would put all my 30 podcasts in one week. In Austin however, I take a step back and I create so it’s way more of a sanctuary vibe and routine for me. 

I learned from the author Ryan Holiday that having a different routine depending on where you are is very important. It makes a lot of sense because I can’t have an hour and a half routine in LA, it’s just not going to happen. I do have some non-negotiable things that I implement in every single one of my routines no matter where I am like light movement hydration where I wake up and open the shades to immediately get the light in. Another one would be to immediately hydrate myself, with ice and mint and sometimes ginger and then I go walk. I don’t usually get a full workout in when I’m in LA because my days are just so hectic but just moving does the job for me. I also always try to do my breathwork, because I find it to be very effective and really gets me in the zone I need to be on. I also do a freezing cold shower for three minutes every single day. When people tell me “I don’t have time”, I always tell them it’s because they are wasting time. You would be surprised how much time you have when you optimize it. For example the concept of a three minute cold shower : it wakes up your lymphatic system and it’s very good for weight loss and tightening of the skin. It’s the hardest thing I must do in the day and makes everything else feel a lot easier and it allows me to listen to a three-minute stoicisms podcast because I always time the showers. That’s a lot of benefit for a little three minutes in the morning.

What inspired you to write your book “Get the f*ck out of the sun” and what will someone benefit from reading it?

I felt like I had learned so much over the past 13 years from all these incredible people that I have had access to. I asked myself how I can compile all these tips and talk about something I am super passionate about and give it to my audience. I didn’t want to launch a book on clothes when I’m launching products in the beauty space right? So the book came to me to be the uplift for other influencers and other celebrities and also pepper in my routine. I think the book went hand in hand with the product and it all made sense. I wanted that when someone reads the book and  they have a brand, it provides them with a full 360 degree approach. 

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